Getting started with Hibernate 5


Getting started with Hibernate 5

Welcome to the getting started guide of Hibernate 5, learn and master Hibernate 5 framework.

Welcome to the getting started guide of Hibernate 5, learn and master Hibernate 5 framework.

Hibernate 5 Getting Started - Learn and master Hibernate 5

Hibernate 5 is the latest innovation in the Hibernate ORM framework series. Yet again Hibernate came us with its latest release of ORM framework with many new features and improvements. Hibernate now supports NoSQL database and you can use any such database with your Hibernate 5 application.

Hibernate 5 also fully supports the features of JDK 8 and you can use JDK date/time improvements in you Hibernate applications. Hibernate is powerful framework and with little effort you can build complex database driven applications.

Learning curve of Hibernate is little high but if you spend time and learn Hibernate you won't go back again to the traditional means of coding using JDBC. Hibernate framework hides the complexity of JDBC and provides clean API for developers to use in their applications.

In these tutorials series we will be explaining you the theory and provide you examples. Through Hibernate 5 examples you will be able to learn it quickly and master ORM API of Hibernate. Learning through examples will provide you confidence of using the framework in real-life projects.

Pre requisites of learning Hibernate

Hibernate is one layer above the traditional JDBC programming, so you must know JDBC programming. You should have solid understanding of JDBC, SQL and Database server such as MySQL. In this tutorial we using MySQL database as a backend of the application.

You should know following technologies:

  • Core Java
  • JDBC
  • Database Server such as MySQL or Oracle
  • SQL Queries
  • Prior experience in database application development with JDBC

In Hibernate 5 tutorials series we using Open Source Software and there is no need to buy license of any software to learn it. We will use:

  • Java 8
  • Hibernate 5.2.x
  • Eclipse IDE

So, you can learn Hibernate 5 without spending any money on other software.

What you will learn?

We have organized tutorials in increasing order of complexity. So that a beginner starts with zero knowledge of Hibernate and gradually learns advanced topics of Hibernate 5. By following all the tutorials the series you can master it.

  1. Fundamentals of Hibernate
  2. Steps of create Hibernate program
  3. Generating Database schema from POJO class
  4. Understand Hibernate lifecycle
  5. Hibernate associations
  6. Hibernate Query Language
  7. Hibernate Native Query
  8. Introducing JPA
  9. Hibernate Criteria API
  10. Hibernate OGM to work with NoSQL database
  11. Hibernate Filter API
  12. Hibernate Envers

After learning all these thing you will be in a better position to start working on Hibernate projects. Hibernate framework is used in the software industry to develop enterprise applications. We hope these tutorials will help you in learning Hibernate quickly

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