Hibernate 4.2 Tutorial

Hibernate 4.2 is the latest version of popular ORM tool. Hibernate 4.2 provides many new enhancements, features and bug fixes. Here we are using the Hibernate 4.2 for running the examples

Hibernate 4.2 Tutorial - Learn how to use Hibernate 4.2.8 in your

In this section you will find the latest tutorials of using Hibernate 4.2 for writing the persistence layer for applications. The Hibernate 4.2.x comes with many new features such as gradle build, ServiceRegistry, Multi-tenancy support,  "Services" API, Better logging with i18n, OSGI support,  cleanups/removal of deprecated code, Auditing support and feature enhancements.

Read the Hibernate 4 new features here.

Here in this section you will find the latest Hibernate 4.2 tutorials.

Here are the tutorials of Hibernate 4.2


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