Hibernate beginner tutorial

This is a getting started tutorial for beginner in Hibernate framework. The Hibernate beginner tutorial will acquaint you with the basics of Hibernate framework and teach you how to develop simple applications using the ORM framework.

Hibernate beginner tutorial

Hibernate the beginner tutorial - Essential Hibernate tutorials for beginner

Hibernate: This beginning tutorial on Hibernate has been design to fulfill the need to understand the Hibernate so that you can find yourself a moderate level of expertise in using the same. It provides you the content and expertise so that you can take yourself to the next level and be acquainted with the various advanced developments with Hibernate and many more.

In this section you will be illustrated how one can easily map Java objects with relational database using Hibernate.

What is Hibernate: Hibernate is a high performance object and Relational query system, which solves the object-relational mapping (ORM) and mismatched problems by replacing the resultant database and also with high lever handling functions.

Hibernate initial function is to provide the data query and other facilities which collects the retrieval and other benefits.

Here are the tutorial for Beginners in Hibernate:

Above tutorials will help you in starting with the Hibernate framework. As a beginner in Hibernate you will learn the most important concepts of Hibernate ORM framework in shortest possible time


Theory: It is helpful in mapping the objects in the Java with the tables with efficiency and it also provides you the way by which you can use its data query maximum way and thus by using the Hibernate in the ongoing project, one can save useful time and also effort to meet the target.

Hibernate simplifies a code related to interaction of an application as it is not difficult to understand that using pure JDBC means numerous lines of code with your program. Needless to say, today all the modern applications, which has some domain models, also represent some special objects and table exists in data base for each and every domain.

Following diagram shows the working of Hibernate framework.

Working of Hibernate framework

Hibernate takes care of the mapping from Java classes to data base tables, it also provides data query and other facilities and makes used of persistent objects which has been called as POJO (Plain Old Java Objects.)

There is another feature for the process as the instances of this interface are lightweight and are inexpensive to create and destroy. You should know that Hibernate sessions are thread safe and allows you to create query objects to retrieve persistent objects. It also allows to JDBC connection Factory for Transaction, which holds a mandatory (first-level) cache of persistent objects, used when navigating by identifier.


Needless to say, Hibernate is an ORM tool, which helps you in mapping the database structures to java objects. Apart from this, Hibernate also allows developers to focus on their application development rather than SQL queries, JDBC Code and manual writing of JDBC related code.

However these contents are just a initial concepts regarding Hibernate for beginners, and there are a lot of details topics are available extensively. You can read all the concepts at out Hibernate tutorial section.

What Next?

Now after learning the beginner Hibernate tutorials you can start learning the advanced concepts of Hibernate framework at the Hibernate tutorial home page.