Generative AI Tutorials (Gen AI Tutorials)

Learn Generative Artificial Intelligence or Gen AI from the beginning. We have tutorials, examples and case studies of Gen AI for various industries.

Generative AI Tutorials (Gen AI Tutorials)

Gen AI - Generative AI Tutorials and Case studies

Generative Artificial Intelligence or Gen AI is the latest development in the field of ML/DL/AI, which is changing the way we are using AI. In this section you will find Generative AI Tutorials and many examples.

Generative AI is an advanced part of artificial intelligence (AI), which is very powerful and it is being used in every part of life. Generated AI is powerful which can generate text, images, videos and other media based on the user input. Users will be able to provide commands to the Gen AI program by typing on the prompt and then the AI program will generate the output as instructed. So, Generative AI is very powerful and it is being used in many different ways in the industry. In this section we will provide you with different use cases of Generative AI.

GhatGPT, Bing Chat and Google Bard are the most well known Generative AI language models being used these days. GTP-3 and GTP-4 are much advanced and used as a foundational large model by the industries to create applications for their enterprise. Google used the LaMDA foundation model for its Bard chatbot.

Other Generative AI models are Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and DALL-E. These models are also popular for enterprise applications development. In coming months/years we will see huge improvements in these Generative AI models and uses will see many innovative applications being flooded in the market.

There is lots of potential for Generative AI for a wide range of industries like art, writing, programming, health, finance, marketing and many others. If you are in the fashion industry then you can use the Generative AI as well in your industry. Large companies like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and others are investing heavily in the development of Generative AI models.

In this section we have Generative AI tutorials for developers and non-developers. Everyone will be able to find the things they should know about Generative AI.

Generative Artificial Intelligence Tutorials