What is Generative AI in Simple Terms?

In this section we are going to understand Generative AI or Gen AI in very simple terms. Everyone should be able to understand Generative AI from this tutorial.

What is Generative AI in Simple Terms?

Generative AI - What is Generative AI in Simple Terms?

Here in this post I will explain Generative AI in very simple terms, even if you are a non-programmer you will be able to understand it well. If you are a programmer you can also go through this page to refresh your general knowledge about Generative AI.

First of all you should understand that the Generative AI is a part or sub-set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AI/ML/DL field. Generative AI evolved from the previous experimentations/products of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In the past we were using Machine Learning and Deep Learning for distinguishing the images, finding the users comments positivity from a social media post, or simply translating one language to another. From these applications development we have learned a lot and now highly intelligent models are developed which can answer the user input, and we are calling these models as generative models. This process of generating contents/other media from the user input is based on AI intelligence and we are calling this Generative AI.

What is Generative AI in Simple Terms?

Now we will understand Generative AI in very simple terms. In very simple terms the Generative AI is a type of AI model that can be used to generate new contents such as text, image, video and even voice samples. So, Generative AI will help users in generating new contents by asking the model to do so. For example you have to write an email for customer support then you can ask the model to generate customer support email for XYZ (your requirements).

Generative AI is a highly intelligent Deep Learning model already trained with a large dataset, which can be used to create new text and other types of content. This model can be used to generate text, images, audio voice over, and videos. Generative AI is a very advanced topic of Deep Learning and as per the experts this technology is still in its early stage. There is a lot of potential in Generate AI in various industries like education, programming, healthcare, entertainment, science and product designing.

Generate AI models for example ChatGPT is so powerful that it can generate high quality contents without grammatical errors without any human interventions. There are Generative AI models that can generate images, videos, voice samples and even books. So, there is a lot of potential for Generative AI in today's world. These days people are using ChatGPT for generating contents, reply for email, for researching keywords for articles and many more.

How Generative AI Models developed?

Generative AI models are highly intelligent AI models that are developed with complex mathematical calculations and use large datasets for training the models. These models are trained to learn from the large data set. The AI model discovers the patterns and characteristics in the data, enabling the model to learn from the supplied large dataset. After learning from the supplied large dataset, models gain the ability to generate the text, stories, emails etc. for the user based on the user input. So, these models are complex and require a large number of servers to train. Training costs of these models are very high and only large companies such as Google, OpenAI, Microsoft will be able to handle such high training costs. Other companies can use these models to develop their own AI program.

These models are not simple and use a very complex set of mathematical algorithms. For example it may use many complex algorithms and statistical techniques. These trained models will be able to generate the text by sampling the given user input and use the previous learning.

What are the uses/applications of Generative AI?

There are many use cases of Generative AI in today's world ranging from text generation to drug discovery. So, Generative AI can be used by general users as well as high end researchers. It can be used in scientific research and the medical field. It can be used to generate synthetic data for the model training and testing.

For general business Generative AI can be used to generate text, emails, photos, videos, voice etc.. It can also be used in the fashion designing and garment designing. So, the use of Generative AI is unlimited and people are coming up with the various use cases of Generative AI.

Issues with Generative AI

Generative AI is trained on the large amount of internet, books and other data. So, there is no human-like intelligence in such a model. So, it might generate fake, wrong misleading content and this may lead to business loss or any such issues. The Generative AI should be used ethically and should not depend fully on the Generative AI.

For example deepfakes is another Generative AI model which is able to generate fake information. Developers and businesses should use Generative AI models with much care.

Example of Generative AI

Here are a few use cases of Generative AI.

Generating Text Content

Generative AI such as GPT-3, GPT-4 and Google Bard are well known models which are being used to generate text. Text content could be news articles, blog posts, books, papers and even music. More importantly, these contents are human-like and humans can't distinguish such contents. But there are many models that can detect AI generated continents. It seems Google is using a model to distinguish human and non-human content. So, if you are doing SEO for your website then you should not add machine generated contents to websites.

Generating Images using Generative AI Model

Generative AI models such as DALL-E-2 are trained with a large amount of images and it can be used to generate images. This model is so powerful that it can be used to generate paintings, photographs, graphics, human-like painting and even the 3D images for websites. So, these models are very useful for the website designer and product designers. AI generated images can also be used in sales and marketing.

Generating Audio Content

Generative AI trained with the audio content is very useful and it can be used in industries for various use cases. For example if you want to generate music for your marketing content then you can use this model for generating the music for you. Even people are using this model to generate podcasts and audiobooks.

In this section we have understood Generative AI in very simple terms. We have also explained the various use cases of the Generative AI model in today's environment.

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