Hadoop for Business Analysts


Hadoop for Business Analysts

In this article we are going to teach you how Hadoop can be used by Business Analysts for analyzing business data.

In this article we are going to teach you how Hadoop can be used by Business Analysts for analyzing business data.

Hadoop for Business Analysts for analyzing Business data

These days' companies are using Big Data for saving all of the company data on HDFS. Hadoop in most used Big Data platform used in the world. Hadoop offers various tools and distributed processing capabilities for analyzing unlimited data at very high speed. In this article we are going to show you how Hadoop and its tools can be used by Business Analysts for getting insight of their data.

First of all we will tell you about Hadoop Big Data platform. Hadoop is a famous Big Data platform for using in Big Data environment. It provides environment and various Hadoop eco-system tools for data analytics.

Hadoop provides HDFS which is distributed fault tolerant system for storage and retrieval of data of any type. Hadoop can be used to store structured and un-structured data in HDFS. It provides many tools for searching and analyzing data.

Hadoop is used by organizations to collecting massive data of their business. It also includes social networking data related to the business which can be used for customer satisfaction analysis. Business analysts should be able to work with Hadoop and its Ecosystem components to analyze massive business data to the relevant information stored in it.

Business Analysts Job responsibility includes

  • Day to day analysis of data
  • Generation of various reports
  • Identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Analyze data with probability and statistics functions
  • Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Optimization and Analytics-driven Execution solutions by analysis of huge data sets
  • Use various reporting tools for reporting data
  • Analyzed can be imported in Excel for visualization or any server based tools can be used for reporting
  • Analyze data and report in dashboard format ( or in Excel)
  • Sometime you may have to upload data into HDFS for analysis

Business Analysts can use Hadoop tools for data analysis

To become Big Data business Analysts you have to learn following technologies:

1. Hadoop and MapReduce

You should learn the basics of Hadoop and then learn how to use Hadoop HDFS for uploading/downloading/deleting files. Mostly you will have to upload the text file and then write program to analyze the data stored in the text file. Topics to be learned:

  • Hadoop Introduction
  • HDFS Introduction
  • Working with Hadoop and HDFS
  • Understanding MapReduce
  • Creating and running MapReduce Job

2. Hive

Hive is SQL like database for Hadoop Big Data platform which allows storing data in columnar format. You can run SQL queries for adding, updating, searching and deleting data stored in the Hive tables. This is useful when you have to analyze huge set of structured data of business. You should learn:

  • Introduction to Hive
  • Creating tables in Hive
  • Inserting/updating/deleting/querying data stored in Hive tables
  • Importing and exporting data in Hive
  • Joins in Hive
  • Text analysis using Hive

3. Pig

Pig is software system in Hadoop Ecosystem which is used to easily write MapReduce query in Pig Latin language. Script written in Pig Latin is transformed into MapReduce job and executed on the Hadoop cluster. Pig provides many in built functions and query algebra which can be used to write advanced MapReduce job in less line of code as compared to Java programming code. So, Business Analysts should learn Pig Latin language and gain skills to analyze data on Hadoop cluster. You can learn following topics:

  • Introduction to Pig
  • Architecture of Pig
  • Writing and running Pig Latin code
  • Using analyzed data for reporting
  • Perform ETL workloads with pig
  • Joining multiple data sets with pig

4. BI Tools for Hadoop

Finally you have to learn the BI Tools available for Hadoop. You can use these tools for reporting your analyzed data in nice presentable format. Importing topics are:

  • BI Tools for Hadoop Platform
  • Using various BI Tools for data presentations

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