Everything You Need To Know About Big Data


Everything You Need To Know About Big Data

In this article we are discussing everything you should know to understand the Big Data and its uses.

In this article we are discussing everything you should know to understand the Big Data and its uses.

Everything You Need To Know About Big Data

You must be familiar with the term 'Big Data' which is categorized as large volume of both structured and unstructured data that submerges any business around on an everyday basis.

But what you may not realize is the fact that it’s not the number which is important in data accumulation, but what the companies do with this data. The data when analyzed properly can help you with better insights that further let you take good decisions for business.

Why Do Businesses Need Big Data?

As aforementioned, what you actually do with the big data is what matters the most. The data can be taken from any source and analyzed to get answers that facilitate the following:

  • Cost reductions
  • Time reductions
  • New product development
  • Better decision making

With the help of big data and structured analytics of the same, you can get to know the root causes of your business failure, boost your sales, minimize the risks and avoid any type of fraudulent activity. It is indeed a great tool for businesses that allow them to grow and increase revenue.

Sources Of Big Data

The best thing about big data is that it can be fetched from countless reliable sources, and some of the common means are:

Streaming data

This has data that comes to your IT systems from a network of connected devices. This data type can be analyzed the moment it arrives. You can choose what part of data you want to keep for present use and what can be preserved for future purpose.

Social media data

It is becoming a progressively smart set of information, predominantly for businesses linked to marketing, sales as well as customer support. This data is normally found unstructured or which is the only challenge because structuring it takes time.

Public sources
Apart from these, there are some publicly available big data sources too such as the US government’s data, CIA World Factbook, to name a few.

Now, let us have a look at some of the industries that can or are using big data for boosting their business’ success graph.

Industries Using Big Data

Banking Sector

Banks get huge data from unlimited sources which apparently compel them to look for better ways of managing this data. Also, they need maximum security against fraud and have to abide by the regulatory conformity. The use of big data allows them to get better and bigger insights that help them plan high-end strategies.

Education Sector

Big data helps educators get useful insights which have noteworthy impact on education system, students as well as the curriculum. The data analytics helps them to come up with better education system and proper evaluation of teaching aids.


Accumulation of big data facilitates the different government bodies to connect analytics for gaining significant ground in running agencies, managing traffic jam or controlling crime.

Manufacturing Sector

It allows the manufacturers boost eminence and output while controlling waste. It even lets them solve problems quicker and come up with responsive business decisions.

How It Works

Once you have collected the data, the first thing is storing it for better usage in the long-term. There are various technologically advanced ways of storing your data, and it has become pretty easier than what it was several years ago.

The big data works the best when you analyze it thoroughly - it’s a completely different process and holds great significance in letting businesses use the collected data in a smart way. Result driven, and structured analytics is your way to implementing the data effectively.