Install Hortonworks sandbox on Virtual Box

In this tutorial you will learn the steps to Install Hortonworks sandbox on Virtual Box.

Install Hortonworks sandbox on Virtual Box

Installing Hortonworks sandbox on Virtual Box and using Hadoop

In this tutorial we are going to download the latest version of Hortonworks sandbox for Virtual Box and then installing it on the Virtual Box running on Windows Operating System. This is the first step in learning Hadoop and its components. After completion of the installation step you will be able to use Hadoop and start learning it. Hortonworks sandbox is preconfigured Hadoop box for developers for learning all the components of Hadoop.

This tutorial is an step by step guide to download Hortonworks sandbox and install it on Virtual Box. After installing it on the Oracle Virtual Box you can use this Hadoop distribution to learn and experiment with the many example programs given in our Hadoop Tutorials section. Our tutorials aims to make IT professional expert in Big Data and Hadoop technologies.

1. Where to download Hortonworks sandbox for Virtual Box?

The Hortonworks sandbox for Virtual Box is officially developed by Hortonworks  and they are distributing it from their website. Developers can visit Hortonworks official website and download it for learning.

Website to download Hortonworks Virtual Box .ova file:

Visit the above url and you will find link as shown below:

Download HDP 2.6.4

Click on the "DOWNLOAD FOR VIRTUALBOX" button and following registration screen displays:

Register and Download HDP

Now you can provide the registration detail, accept Terms of Use and click on the "SUBMIT" button. After this download will start. After downloading move the downloaded into any directory of your choice for using it for installation.

Here is the file after download:

HDP import OVA

Your version might different as there will be new version in the future. So, this is the file which we will import into Oracle VirtualBox.

2. Install Hortonworks sandbox on VirtualBox

Now we will go ahead with the installation of Hortonworks sandbox on VirtualBox. First of install VirtualBox if it is not installed on your computer. Open the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager from start menu of windows (Windows Start Menu --> Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager).

Here is the screen of Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager:

oracle vm virtualbox manager

Then click on the File-->Import Appliance as shown below: 

oracle vm virtualbox manager import appliances

Now import Import Virtual Appliance screen appears as shown below:

oracle virtualbox import appliance wizard

In this screen click on the import icon as marked in circle in the above screen.

In this screen browse the location of your .ova file as shown below:

HDP import OVA

Then click on the "Open" button. After this following screen will be displayed with the path of the selected .ova file as shown in the following screen shot:

HDP import OVA

Now click on the next and the Appliance settings screen will be displayed as shown below: 

HDP Import Appliance Settings

You can change the settings as per your system needs. After this click on the "Import" button. This will start import process as shown below:

HDP import OVA

After import completion you can see the VM in the list as shown below:

HDP import OVA Done

Now we have to do a little setting in the network interface of newly installed VM. Click on the "Settings" gear just below the Machine menu bar. Then browse to the "Network" --> "NAT" --> "Advanced" --> Expand Advanced section --> Check the "Cable Connected" check box.

VirtualBox network settings

Selecting the "Cable Connected" is necessary because if it is not checked then the VirtualBox VM won't able to connect to your Host Computer and you won't able to open Admin urls of the Hadoop components in browser.

Now Click on the "OK" button to complete settings. After this you can start your virtual box. In the next section we will see how to login to virtual box VM and then change the root passwords.

Read next section Hortonworks sandbox reset root password.