Hadoop Tutorials

Hadoop is Open Source Big Data platform to handle and process large amount of data over distributed cluster. Learn Hadoop from these tutorials and master Hadoop programming.

Hadoop Tutorials

Hadoop Tutorials and Examples

In this section we are providing you best tutorials to learn Hadoop and its components. Hadoop is one of the Big Data platform for handling data in a Big Data environment. It comes with the distributed stored system the HDFS file system which stores data on distributed nodes. Hadoop also provides many Big Data components for handling processing in distributed parallel processing environment.

Hadoop is highly scalable platform which can scale from single node to thousands of nodes to meet business requirement. Hadoop provides MapRedue programming model to process data over distributed nodes in the cluster.

It also comes with the Apache Spark framework for fast in-memory processing of data over Spark Cluster. Spark Cluster can be install on the same Hadoop cluster or in separate network to meet exact business needs.

Pre-requisite for this Hadoop tutorial

Learn Hadoop requires prior programming experience such as Java, Scala, Python, Scripting languages and the database concepts. You should have experience in working with the Linux system like Ubuntu, Centos etc... Prior experience in database concept is also a plus.

Hadoop Platform Tutorials

Here are the tutorials of Hadoop and Hadoop eco-system components. Let's start with the basics of Big Data:

Getting Started with Hadoop

Here are the tutorials of beginners for getting started with the Hadoop Big Data platform:



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