Big Data Consulting

  • Big Data is technology of future which will see lot of growth in coming years. We offer Big Data Consulting for your Big Data management needs.

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Big Data Consulting

Big Data is technology of future which will see lot of growth in coming years. We offer Big Data Consulting for your Big Data management needs.

Big Data Consulting services

We offer quality Big Data Consulting services which includes end-to-end solution for your business. We help companies to setup Big Data system to ingest business data into Big Data lake. We work with AWS, Microsoft Azure, cloud and in house Hadoop installation. Our offering of Big Data Consulting service is helping organization around the world to manage and analyze their huge business data.

We are helping business in management of their data and analyzing data to get real insight of their data. We setup data ingestion framework to ingest data from various data sources into data lake. Our development team develops program to check data coming to system and then organize it in the format it can be used for analytics. Once data is formatted in a usable format it can be used for machine learning and data analytics.

Our team of expert Big Data Administrator, Big Data Developers and Data scientists constructs software system to help you get insight of your data real-time. For certain tasks batch process is also configured to analyze data overnight and present report once it is ready.

Big Data is powerful solution which can be configured to get data in real-time and batch process. So, as per client Big Data analytics needs we designs, develops and deploys system for Big Data analytics.

Big Data Consulting Services

There are many tools which can be used for presenting the data analytics. Most of these tools are free and open source. We have experience in using open-source and commercial tools for Big Data Analytics.

We worked with:

  • Tableau
  • Spotfire
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Azure
  • Hadoop
  • NoSQL (MarkLogic)

We have experience in work with:

  • Hadoop Big Data platform
  • AWS
  • Cloud
  • Microsoft HDInsight
  • Cloudera Hadoop
  • Hortonworks Hadoop Platform

Our Big Data Consulting services will help you in controlling your data. You will be able to analyze all your data at very fast speed. Critical business processes can be configured to monitor live data and alert when there is urgency.

Our Big Data Consulting services also include development of dashboard application which will have all the important business reports at one place. You will find all your critical data at once place. Reporting dashboard will help you in running various ad-hoc queries in real-time. Availability of critical data in real-time will help you in taking business decision quickly.

Our Big Data Consulting services includes but not limited to following industries:

  • Education - We are reshaping educational industry with Big Data
  • Finance - Various types of analysis and anomaly detection in financial data is main feature of our service
  • Gaming - Machine learning and predictive analysis is helping gaming industry.
  • Healthcare - Healthcare industries are using Big Data and analytics services to help society in better way.
  • Hitech - Big Data technologies and analytics helping Hitech industry better serve customers.
  • Manufacturing - Manufacturing  are using Big Data in better manage machine and machine process to get most out of the investments.
  • Media & Entertainment - Managing huge data sets and analyze data Media industry is using Big Data in big way.
  • Retails & Ecommerce- Retails and E-commerce firms are using Big Data for predicting customer behavior, which helps them suggest right products to customers.
  • Telecommunication - Telecommunication  are analyzing data in real-time to give better service to their customers.
  • Transportation & Logistics - Managing Transportation & Logistics is a Big task and Big Data helps this inustry.
  • Travel & Hospitality - Travel & Hospitality  is using advanced analytics solutions to keep their customers happy.

Our Big Data Consulting services include:

  • Big Data and Analytics services for planning Business Strategy
  • Data Integration Services to ingest data from all the sources - Design, develop and deploy data lake
  • Business Intelligence Services - Integrate business data from all the business points
  • Analytics & Data Science Services - Analyze data in real-time or in batch process
  • Security Services - Securing your data access from the data lake by defining various access level
  • File Storage and making it available for better Collaboration among organization

We are working with all the latest Big Data, Data Science and Business Analytics technologies. We offer high grade Big Data Consulting services to our clients around the world. We also develops mobile desktop for accessing the dashboard securely.

Contact us for all your Big Data application development requirements. Our representative will get back to you with relevant information and best quote for your business.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.