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Big Data Application Development and maintenance Services from Rose India Technologies

Big Data Application Development Services - Rose India

We are Technology Company into development of Big Data applications using latest technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Mahout and other latest technologies.

Our Big Data Application Development service helps organizations to manage and analyze large data sets in real-time basis.

We apply latest technologies to analyze and extract the hidden information in the business data, which will help you in taking your business decision quickly. Big data technologies can be applied to analyze the data real-time to take instant business decision. We install, manage and upgrade large Big Data environment. We have experience with Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Apache Ambari, Hbase, Apache Mahout, Pig, Oozie, Apache Gora, Apache Graph, Titan Graph, Cassandra and other software packages of Hadoop.

You can use Big Data for analyzing CRM Data, Weblogs and other data sets for maximizing the business profits for growing your business. Big Data allows you to manage process and analyze your business data to get the real value of data. Big Data Analytics are very fast and it can also run in real-time.

For example in a shopping portal you can analyze the E-commerce portal on the following major points:

  • Peoples behavior
  • Present trends
  • Most bought items
  • Most searched items
  • Analyze sales trends

A lot of things can be achieved with Big Data technologies to add real value to the business and monitor its day to day progress with real time data analysis.

Our Strength in Big Data Application Development

We are Rose India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are experienced Big Data Software Company with years of experience in development and maintenance of high quality Big Data application using latest programming technologies in this filed.

Our application development and maintenance team is well experienced in development of various types of Big Data management applications. We develop Big Data handling and analytics software system to generate business reports in real-time.

Big Data applications Development service for various industries

We offer Big Data application planning, development, support and maintenance for the following industries/services:

  • Big Data solution for Healthcare Services
  • Big Data solution for Learning Services.
  • Big Data solution for Insurance Services.
  • Big Data solution for Industrialized and Natural Resources.
  • Big Data solution for Transportation Services.
  • Big Data solution for Banking Sectors and Fraud Detection

We offer Big Data application development, maintenance and support for the following businesses:

  • Big Data applications for Politics - Analytics of public data, prediction and users mood analysis
  • Big Data applications for Retail business - Analyze customer data, behaviors, products and sales trends.
  • Big Data applications for eCommerce - Analyze your online store and keeps yourself ahead in the market
  • Big Data applications for Healthcare/ Public Health - Analyze various health data and come up with valuable data
  • Big Data applications for Entertainment industry - Application for processing and analyzing huge data sets.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected] discuss your Big Data Application Development needs.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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