Shillong Hill Station India

The hill station of Shillong is widely acclaimed for its pleasant ambiance and loads of incredibly scenic places in the vicinity that makes stay amidst the hills an experience to rejoice forever.

Shillong Hill Station India

Fondly crowned with the epithets of 'Scotland of the East', the capital of Indian state of Meghalaya is one of the most enamoring hill stations in Shillong India. The city of Shillong has a special appeal that gives it an upper edge over other Indian summer destinations. Pleasant climate is one of the major USP's of the city, which is an eclectic mix of nature's bounties with modernity. This hill station Tourism in Shillong is getting popular among Indians and foreign tourists with every passing day. The city receives thousands of footfalls during the summer as it provides tourist an oasis in the mirage with pleasant climate.

The tourists and vacationers looking for a summer gateway can find a perfect tourist place to visit in Shillong as it is generously blessed with natural beauty and a population that is highly hospitable. The majority of population here is of Khasi tribe, which is matrilineal by tradition. There are various legends and tales attached to the name of Shillong. During their trip to Shillong, the tourist will come across the various aspects of the culture of Shillong.

Verdant green hills, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and rich flora and fauna no hills station can offer that much variety in a single platter. Over the years the city has developed as a darling destination for honeymooners and natures buffs. To add colors to the tour to Shillong there are numerous tourist attractions and recreational options in and around the city. Some of the major tourist attractions places in Shillong are Shillong Peak, Sohpetbneng Peak, Ward's Lake, Shillong Cathedral and Nartiang among others. So explore this summer destination of Shillong and relish the beauty of this wonder from the northeast India.