Tourist Places of Odisha

Odisha, formally known, as Orrisa is one of the major tourist destinations of India, lies in eastern coast of India. Orissa is the land of famous and prestigious Konark Sun Temple, Jagannath Temple and the Lingaraj Temple that are famous in the world for its cultural and religious importance.



Tourist Places of Odisha

Odisha, formally known, as Orrisa is one of the major tourist destinations of India, lies in eastern coast of India. Orissa is the land of famous and prestigious Konark Sun Temple, Jagannath Temple and the Lingaraj Temple that are famous in the world for its cultural and religious importance. Orissa owns India's largest backwater lake i.e. Chilka lake and biggest cemented dam Hirakund Dam, built on Mahanadi, which are also very popular tourist destinations of the state.

Due to having a diversified geographical area, Odisha houses beautiful and virgin beaches, middle to high altitude mountains, large plateau, deep and vegetated valleys, sparkling lakes, gorges rivers, picturesque springs, adventurous wildlife sanctuaries and National parks, and gorgeous waterfalls. Besides nature's blessings, the Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Dhauligiri of Bhubaneshwar, Ashoka's famous Rock Edict at Jaugada near Berhampur city and the Barabati Fort of Cuttack are other major tourist attractions in Odisha.

Here is the list of major tourist destinations of Odisha given below:

Atri Tourism of Odisha: Hot water Springs, Hatkeshwar temple having bathing complex.

Balangir Tourism of Orissa: Historical town, Commercial centre.

Bargarh Tourism:  famous for textile work known as Sambalpuri.

Brahmapur/Berhampur Tourism Orissa: Commercial centre, Silk sarees & Handicrafts

Travel to Boudh ? Huge Buddha image.

Bhawanipatna Tourism:  Temples, Yogimath, Belkandi.

Bhubaneswar Tourism: Capital of Orissa , known as temple city of India, planned city on the pattern of Chandigarh; Lingraj, Mukteshwar, Rajarani, Parsurameshwar and other 500 temples of Odian architecture, Nandankanan ? White Tiger project.

Chandipur Tour of Odisha: Beaches seaside resort.

Must to Visit Chilika Lake:   India's largest lake, studded with small islands, sunrise and sunset fascinating. Bird Sanctuary.

Cuttack Travels: Historical and Commercial city on Mahanadi and Kathajodi rivers; Barabati fort, Katak Chandi and Paramahansanath Temple, Qadam-i-Rasool Mosque.

Dhavaleshwar Trip:  Dhavaleshwar Temple on a small island in Mahanadi.

Dhenkanal Tourism: Archaeological remains, Forth, Chandrashekhar Shiva temple on hill, Deer Park and Science Park at the foothill.

Must to See Duduma : Waterfalls on river Machhkund.

Tour to Gopalpur on sea : Ancient seaport, Modern Beach Resort.

Gupteshwar PilgrimageTour: Pilgrimage Destinations & Cave shrine of Shri Gupteshwar.

Haripur Travel : Ancient capital, Ruins, Rasika Raya brick temple is unique in Odian art.

Harishankar Tour: Pilgrim centre, Waterfalls.

Visit to Hirakund Dam of Odisha: 24 k.m. long. One of the longest dams in the world built on river Mahanadi near Sambalpur.

Tript to Hirapur: Yogini temple 65 images Bhubaneswar 15 k.m..

Huma Tour:  A leaning Shiva temple on river Mahanadi.

Jajpur Tour: Historical and religious place on the bank of river Baitarni, Shrines of Biraja Sveta Varaha, Sapta Matruka. It is called Navi Gaya Kshetra where pindas are offered to the ancestors.

Travel to Jaugarh:  Ashokan Rock Edicts.

Jeypore Toruism Orissa: Scenic beauty, wildlife Excursion Bagra, Duduma, Kolab Dam & Hydro Power Station.

Kantilo Tour : Neelmadhav temple on the top of two hills by the side of Mahanadi.

Kendrapara Tour : Known as Tulsi kshetra, Baladeva temple, annual car festival.

Kiching Trip : Ancient capital, Kichakeshwar temple having fascinating sculptures and architecture.

Kopilas Tour : Pilgrim centre and temple.

Keonjhar Tourism : Vishnu Jagannath, Siddha Jagannath Siddha Kali, panchabati temple.

Konark Tourism Orissa:  An Ancient Sun temple near sea beach, an ancient architectural marvel, Golden beaches, Chandrabhaga lake.

Maniabadh Tour:  Maniabadh and Naupatna are two villages where Buddhist Craftsmen are producing handicrafts and textile.

Nrasinghnath Tour : 15th century Vidal, Narsingh temple.

Paradeep Tourism:  Major Seaport.

Phulbani Tourism : Rich tribal culture Excursion Balakrumpa, Putudi, Daringbad, Belghar, H.Q. of Khandhamal District.

Puri Tourism Odisha : Exquisitely carved temple of Sri Jagannath in Oriya architecture, Car festival ( Rath Yatra) world renowned. Golden beach nearby Kenduli is the birthplace of Jaidave, the composer of immortal Geet Govind.

Pradhanpat Tour: Waterfalls, Sambalpur 95 k.m.

Visit to Raghurajpur : Artist's village.

Ranipur JhariaTour:  temple dedicated to 64 Yoginis.

Ratnagiri Lalitgiri Tourism:  Buddhist complex comprising three hills, Archaeological remains, the place of ancient Pushpagiri Buddhist University.

Raurkela Tourism: Steel plant, Park & Zoo, ed Vyas Mandir, Deodhar.

Sakshi Gopal Tour: A lifesize charming image of Sri Krishna of his childhood days, Located on khurda ? Puri Road.

Sambalpur Travel: Diamond trade centre, the tie and dye textiles; Flok dances & music internationally acclaimed.

Simlipal Tour : Tiger project, Barehipani and Joranda waterfalls.

Sonepur Travel : Located on Sangam of river Mahanadi and Taal.

Places to Visit Taptapani Orissa : Hot water springs (Brahmapur).

Tour to Tikarpara : wildlife Conservation.

Tour to Ushakothi : wildlife sanctuary (Sambalpur 58 km.)

How to reach Odisha?

Odisha is an eastern coastal state of India and the hub of south to east India, so from commutation point of view, it is very important state. Odisha is easily accessible from major cities of India by all the major means of commutations ? by air, by rail and by road.

How to get Odisha by Air?

The state capital Bhubaneshwar is well connected to most of the major cities of India by air.

How to get Odisha by Train/Rail?

The major cities of Odisha are well connected to other parts of the country through rail network. Bhubaneswar, Puri, Balasore, Cuttack, Khurda Road and Berhampur are major railheads on the East Coast Railway while Rourkela, Sambalpur, Talcher, Dheknanal and Koraput are other major cities linked by rail to the country.

How to get Odisha by road?

Odisha is easily accessible by Roads as it's major cities Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Cuttack, Behrampur, Rourkela, Sambalpur are connected to major cities of India. The intra-state road network is strong small towns are also interconnected to one another.