Mizoram Tourism Information

Mizoram Tourism, offers the opportunity to explore in the famous tourism destination of Mizoram, that is home of deep bamboo forests and beautiful floras. The history and rich culture of mizo people is the real essence of its rich culture and tradition of Mizoram.



Mizoram Tourism: Enriched with Diversified Forms of Nature

Situated in the southernmost ridge of North Eastern India Mizoram is a home of deep bamboo forests and beautiful floras. The serene hills, electrifying waterfalls running through the chasm, gushing rivers have their own appeal and together they create the mesmerizing view for which Mizoram is famous for.

Aizawl Tourism Mizoram :

The capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl one of the alluring hill stations of India, is marked for the pristine beauty of the nature and the temperate climate althrough the year. Situated on the parapet at an altitude of 4000 ft above the sea level Aizal the bygone city of Mizoram presents a pictorial view to the timber houses as well as plenty of flowers. Moreover the fabulous weather with its clear blue sky, steamy mornings and sunny days welcome the tourists throughout the year. Turial river valley in the east and Tlawng River Valley in the west are popular for the stunning widespread view enjoyed by the tourists. The splendid scabrous hill of Durtlang in north is a must visited place.

Zarkwath, the state museum on Mc Donald hill, is famous for its accumulation of artificers, historical remnants and costumes that silently speaks of the Mizo culture and tradition.

Travel to Tamdil of Mizoram:

Located at the driving distance of 85 km from Aizal, Tamdil is a natural lake with abundance of fishes and prawns. Driving to the way to Tamdil from Aizal will provide the exotic view of the sight seeing of Tamdil. To get the best of relaxation in tranquility one can hire a boat and spend some time in the Lake water. The nearby captivating forest of flora and fauna is an added tourist attractions of Mizoram. The tourists can stay over night in the nearby resort village of Saituai.

Champai Sightseeing Tour in Mizoram:

Champai city is located 200 km from Aizal, the beautiful panorama of the widespread rice fields of Champai are fringed by the fumy hills of Myanamar. The popular commercial centre on the Indo Myanamar borderline is frequently visited by the nature lovers.

Tour to Vantawang Mizoram:

The highest waterfall of Mizoram, Vantawang is surrounded by a dense bamboo forest near to Thenzawl hill station of Mizoram. This Toruist place is adorned with a cafetaria and a cottage where the tourists can stay overnight.

Places to Visit in Phawngpui Mizoram:

Being the highest peak of Mizoram; Phawngpui is one of the greatest tourist attractions for the adventure lovers and trekkers. Situated 300 km from Aizal; Phawngpui is the home of balmy herbs, rhododendrons and rare species of orchids.

Though picnickers, trekkers and campers are allowed here but the entry of the visitors are strictly monitored by the state govt conservation programme. Sangau and Vawmbuk village are there to provide accommodation.

SaihaTour in Mizoram:
Saiha, the broadest river of Mizoram the most favorite place to the anglers on the Chhimtuipui, is 378 km from Aizal. 45 km further Palak Lake is the largest lake of Mizoram and the home of crabs, large fish and wild ducks. Wild Life park around the lake is also worth visiting.

Travel to Lunglei of Mizoram:

This hill station is located in south Mizoram and famous for its charming natural beauty.

Wildlife Sanctuaries & Wildlife National Parks of Mizoram :

  • Dampa Tiger Reserve.
  • Murlen National Park.
  • Ngenpui Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Blue Mountain National Park.

Mizoram Festivals and Events: Constitute the Flavor of Mizo Culture

The juxtaposition of cross cultures of different centuries constitutes the real essence of the culture and tradition of Mizoram. It is a state of festivals which are related mainly with agriculture. The popular festivals of Mizoram i.e. Chapchar Kut, Pawl Kut, Mim Kut and Thalfavang Kut.

Thus Mizoram is dotted with different forms of nature where the tourists can relax far from the adding crowd of the urban life. The Mizo culture and tradition will be an added attractions to the visitors who can sense the different culture of this mountainous region.