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The Abode of Clouds, Meghalaya is known for the torrential rainfall in its mountainous region. The rippling river, splendid mountain streams, bursting waterfalls and deep gorges are the rich varieties of nature, history and culture, tribes that decorate the tourism of Meghalaya.



Meghalaya Tourism: The Abode of Clouds with the Serene Beauty of the Mountains

The Abode of Clouds, Meghalaya is known for the torrential rainfall in its mountainous region. It is the place where the highest amount of rainfall happens all through the year. The rippling river, splendid mountain streams, bursting waterfalls and deep gorges are the rich varieties of nature that decorate Meghalaya.

Tourist Destinations of Meghalaya:

Visit to Khasi Hills of Meghalaya:

Khasi Hills is mostly known for Shilong one of the exotic hill stations in India. The entire Khasi region occupies the middlemost part of Meghalaya and enchants the tourists with its ceaseless natural beauty.

Shilong Tourism in Meghalaya:

Located at an apex of 1,491 metre above the sea level Shilong is the capital of the state and the head quarter of the East Khasi Hills Districts. Shilong is named after U Shyllong, the supreme deity. Many reputed educational institutions of Shillong have made the place a seat of education for the entire north east region. The prime tourist attractions like Lady Hydari Park, Ward's Lake, Cathedral Catholic Church, Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, Capt. William Sangma State Museum, Sweet Falls, Golf Course, Elephant Falls and Shillong Peak.

Tour to Smit Meghalaya :

Situated 17 km south of Shillong city, Smit is considered as the hub of Khasi culture which includes the popular Nongkrem dance executed in November. A hundred years old traditional house of Lyngdoh near Nongkrem village needs a special mention.

Travel to Mawphlang of Meghalaya :

The well preserved holy forest of Khasi Hills by the traditional religious sanction is one of the noteworthy features of the Khasi Hills. Situated 25 km away from Shillong; Mawphlang one of the sacred forests of the region, is popular for the different plants, orchids, butterflies and flowering trees. Interestingly the holy groves which circumscribed the whole area, protects the Pinus Kasia, the pine of Khasia. Different aroids, ferns, pipers, orchids, fern allies have filled the dense groves. The outer rims of the groves are sometimes refered as the natural museum and attract the tourists to visit the unseen groves of India.

Sohra Tour of Meghalaya :

Earlier referred as Cherrapunjee, Sohra a sub division in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya is popular for its splendid natural beauty. Set upon a plateau on the southern slopes of the state Sohra is marked for waterfalls down rushing over deep chasm. The attractive tourist spots of Sohra are Mawkdok Dympep Valley View, Sa-I Mica Park, Dain Thlen Falls, Noh Kalikai Falls, Nongsawlia, Ka Kper Syiem Sohra, Mawmluh Cave and Eco Park and so on.

Laitkynsew Travel in Meghalaya:

Situated 15 km away from Sohra the Laitkynsew resort provides the tourists numerous facilities such as trekking around the exotic hills, spring baths, caving and so on. Nearby living root bridge across an exuberant stream is very popular among the tourists. The other two same bridges in the village of Nongriat are worth visiting too.

MawsynramTourism :

The wettest place on the earth Mawsynram, a tiny village, is situated on the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. The sliding slopes, green mountains and steeps always have been the matter of attraction to the nature lovers. Mawjymbuin one of the renowned caves of Meghalaya, is popular for the natural Shivalinga (stalagmites) which is a result of weathering, deposition of calcium carbonate and mineralized solutions. Apart from geological research the natural beauty of these stalagmites attracts a large number of curious tourists every year.

Trip to Mawlynnong Village of Meghalaya:

The cleanest village in India Mawlynnong is located 90 km further from Shilong and successfully attracts tourists with all its natural beauty , living root bridge and many more. The cleanliness of the village is worth praising. The villagers make sure that the dirt and the waste are gathered in the bamboo made dustbin. The villagers now have taken a mission to ban plastic in order to keep the environment clean. This village will definitely be the inspiration for other rural areas as well as the urban areas.

Visit to Umiam Lake:

The largest artificial lake in the state of Meghalaya, Umiam Lake is often regarded as Barapani. The beauty of Umiam Lake has been increased by the surrounding rustic hills and the splendid assorted green Khasi Pines. Water sports like water scooters, cruise boats, sail boats, row boats, speed boats are encouraged in the Water Sports Complex which has been developed upon the backlog of the Hydro Electric Project. This place is famous as an ideal picnic spot.

The other prime tourists spots of Khasi Hills are Lum Sohpetbneng, Diengiei Park, Dwarksuid, Mairang, Jakrem, Mawkyrwat, Mawthadraishan, Nongkhnum Island, the second largest river island in India and Ranikor. These locations are also invested with the different forms of nature and cater peace, happiness and relaxation.

Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya:

Jaintia Hills is widely acclaimed for its rich mineral deposits. The presence of of rich Coal and Limestone deposits catches the attentions of enterprenuer who wish to start industrial venture based on these twin mineral resources. As these minerals are bases fo manufacture of Portland cement a venture based on this could be highly productive. The hills adorned with lush greenery and a huge tribal population this hill is a paradise for the visitors who want to go for exotic vacations.

Jowai Tour of Meghalaya :

Located alongside the Myntdu River Jowai, the administrative headquarter and commercial centre of Jaintia Hills is situated 64 km away from Shilong.

Nartiang Trip in Meghalaya:

The Summer Palace of Nartiang village is the main attraction of the place. Located on a small hill the fragments of the palace bear the glories of the past days. The canon that is found from the Shiv Temple bears the mark of the skill in fire arms and metallurgy.

Visit to Durga Temple at Nartiang:

Alongside the remnants of the Summer Palace there is a Durga Temple made by the King of the Jaintia hills. The Durga Temple bears resemblance with the archetypal Khasi house having a core wooden pillar with the roof in thatch which has been replaced by rumpled tin roof and further modified with a steeple like a church.

Must to See Kiang Nongbah Monument of Meghalaya:

Situated on the shore of the Myntdu River in the Syntu Tsiar valley the Kiang Nongbah monument is dedicated to Kiang Nongbah a jaintia patriot who sacrificed his life during British rule to liberate India.

Travel to Umlawan Cave:

The deepest and longest cave in the sub continent Umlawan cave is located in Lumshnong village and is linked with two other caves namely Umscor caves and Kot Sati. This place is marked with number of caves and grotto with the formation of stalactite and stalagmite and yet to be explored.

Places to See in Meghalaya; Krang Suri Falls:

Situated in the Amlarem Civil Sub Division Krang Suri, one of the splendid waterfalls in the district is now under the supervision of the Administrative govt. to transform it in a beautiful place to visit at. Multi colored stones are in use to make the footpath look gorgeous.

The other awe inspiring location of Jayantia Hills are Looksi Park, Tyrshi Falls, Lalong Park, Borghat Temple, Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake, Lady of Good Health Shrine, U Lum Sunaraja, Ruparsor Bathing Ghat, Lawmusiang, Dawki, Umhang Lake and so on.

Garo Hills of Meghalaya:

Tour to Tura:

Located at the bottom of Tura Peak Tura the head quarter of West Garo Hill is 323 km from Shillong via Guahati. In the ancient time it has been believed that the peak is the home of a local god after which the name of the place was Dura. The mispronunciation of the name by British has made it Tura. This reserved forest is known for Cinchona plantation. This peak provides a magnanimous view to the vast valley of Brahmaputra and plains of Bangladesh as well.

Explore in Nokrek Biosphere of Meghalaya:

Situated only 2 km further from Tura peak Nokrek hill stores in it the flimsy species of Citrus narrowly known as Memang Narang which means Orange of the Spirits. Interestingly it is the most primordial and progenitor of all the varieties of Citrus plants.

Trip to Pelga falls:

Situated 7 km further from Tura Pelga Falls is very popular among the tourists for angling and picnicking. Under the initiation of the tourism department and view point and a footpath has been constructed. An archetypal Garo bamboo bridge over the Ganol River is also worth watching.

Baghmara Reserve Forest:

Situated 4 km away from the prime town of Baghmara the dense Baghmara reserve Forest is the home of the langurs, elephants, different species birds and so on. Herds of elephants can be observed on the way from Baghmara to Balpakram via Baghmara Reserve Forest.

Tour to Balpakram:

The land of perpetual wind Balpakram is popular for the deep chasm which is often compared to the Grand Canyon of U.S.A. This place is believed as the holy place to the garos as the dead spirits dwell here. Balpaknam also remains in lime light in Garo region for the uncanny unnatural phenomenon to the Garos that cannot be explained logically. Some of those uncanny sights are - Boldak matchu karam, Areng patal, Chidimak, Dikkini ring, Rongsobok Rongkol, Goncho Dare and so on.

Travel to Imilchang Dare:

An extremely beautiful waterfall can be observed near Tura Chok Pot road in west Garo Hills Districts. The sudden emergence of the stream on the wide chasm from a narrow deep winding bed of the rock has formed an invigorating waterfall which catches the attraction of the tourists from far and corner.

The other locations of Garo Hills are Simsang River, Dombeware, Siju, Nengkong, Napak, and Resubelpara and so on. All these places are rich in natural beauties or myth which enchants the tourists down the ages.

Meghalaya has a wide scope for adventure and water sports activities. The adventure Trekking is highly encouraged here; and archery and go golfing also draws the attention of the interested visitors.

The popular form of adventure water sports of Meghalaya with the rates are stated below:-

  • SKIING ? Rs200/PERSON ? 5 min ride.
  • River Bus ? Rs50/ person ? 20 min ride.
  • Yachting ? Rs100/ person ? 1 hr ride.
  • High speed Boat: - Rs75/person ? 5 min ride.
  • Scooter ? Rs50/ person ? 5 min ride.
  • Cruising Boat ? Rs20/person ? 20 min ride and so on.

Thus the beauties of Meghalaya not only lie in nature but also in the bygone myths that are believed by the simple rustic people of Meghalaya. For a change tourists can enjoy the water sports and explore the unexplored through trekking.