Explore and enjoy the Lakshadweep Islands Tourism

Explore and enjoy the Lakshadweep Islands tourism, World's one of the most histrionic islands with the splendid ecology and culture need a special mention. The Amini, Andrott, Agatti, Bitra, Kalpeni, Kadmat, Chetlat, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy Islands of Lakshadweep are famous tourist destinations of this islands. Tourist from all over the world enjoy the cruise tour packages to these lakshadweep Islands.



Lakshadweep: A Home of Islands in Plenty

The smallest Union Territory of India, Lakshadweep Tourism comprises of 36 islands with the total land of 32 sq km and is a home of beautiful corals. World's one of the most histrionic islands with the splendid ecology and culture need a special mention. Among the 36 islands only ten islands including Amini, Andrott, Agatti, Bitra, Kalpeni, Kadmat, Chetlat, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy are inhabited. The inhabitants of Lakshadweep are primarily engaged in coconut cultivation and fishing. Lion portion of the population are Muslims and this place is almost crime free.

Though the same natural beauty runs through all of the islands but the services and the facilities differ from one island to another. In some of the islands water sports and diving are encouraged and on the other some of the islands promote the beauty of nature in all its aspects.

Different Islands of Lakshadweep: With Great Appeal

Kavaratti Tourism: Kavaratti, the administrative headquarter is the most prospered island of Lakshadweep and it houses 52 mosques among which Ujra Mosque is the most beautiful one. Kavaratti is mainly popular for its lagoon which encourages different water sports and swimming. Viewing marine life from a glass bottomed boat is a lifetime experience. Sailing Yachts and Kayaks can be hired for water sports.

Taratashi and Coral Reef Package are two popular packages for visiting Kavaratti.

Kalpeni Tour of Lakshadweep Islands: The largest lagoon of Lakshadweep is located in Kalpeni and it is ideal for all kinds of water sports. A strange huge tempest of coral dregs along the Southern and eastern shoreline of Kalpeni can be observed. Pitti, Tilakkam and deserted Cheriyum with the splendid lagoon are the charming islets of Lakshadweep. Koomel, the moulded bay is used for change rooms, bath huts and so on.

Four tourist cottages are allotted for the tourists. Coral Reef package includes this island too.

Tours to Minicoy Lakshadweep Islands: Being separated from other islands Minicoy, the southern most island of the group, is an example of the juxtaposition of the duo culture of Maldives and South India. Interestingly, this island unlike other islands celebrates the women power and often regarded as the Women's island. Minicoy consists of ten villages and shows great interest in performing art especially in Lava Dance during the festivities. Those who visit Minicoy must see the tuna canning factory and a light house constructed by the British in 1885. Visitors can enjoy a long drive through the alluring impenetrable coconut groves and winding village roads.

Mari time skills and carpentry are the popular forms of jobs to the men folks. Many of them also work in international shipping folk while the women indulge in house keeping work. Considering the demand of the accommodation a twenty bedded tourist resort is introduced. Both the Coral Reef package and Swaying Palm package include the tour to Minicoy.

Kadmat Tour: Kadmat is also popular for the lagoons on both the side which delivers peace in tranquility. Along with the splendid lagoons this place also has the facility for water sports and swimming that are thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists. Green Coconut Palm of this island provides a natural canopy to the islanders as well as the visitors to save them from the scorching sun. Those who love water sports must visit the place which has a Water Sports Institute and a Dive School with the trained and professional instructors. Apart from Agatti and Bangaram Kadmat is the only island where the foreigners are allowed. Dive package tours and daily package tour are available to encourage the tourists and the growing popularity of the spot tells the success story of the place. Dive tour packages can be arranged from Laccadives, Mumbai, India.

Agatti Tourism of Lakshadweep Islands: Agatti is considered as the gateway to Lakshadweep as the only airport of the islands is situated here. A twenty bedded tourist resort functions here. Unlike the other islands the tourists here can enjoy the beauties of nature as long or as short they want to and the entire credit for such arrangement goes to Indian Airlines Flight functioned from Kochi. Some nearby deserted islands like Thinnakara, Bangaram, Parali 1 and Parali 2 can also be visited from Agatti.

Bangaram Travel in Lakshadweep: Bangaram, the tear drop shaped island is the source of all idealistic imaginations. This uninhabited island is covered with the alluring coconut trees which provides shades and cool breezes throughout the day and delivers a kind of heavenly feelings to the visitors. The marine life of Indian Ocean provides awe some view to the unknown under water world and attracts for SCUBA diving. The formation of black coral and other coral and harmless fishes creates a wonderful world itself. Bangaram is well equipped with sixty bedded resort and can be proud of opening the first Dive School of Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep Adventure Water Sports Activities: A Treat To the Enthusiasts

The widespread Lagoons around Lakhadweep Islands have broadened the scope for adventure water activities. The Sports Department of Lakshadweep Islands has taken the initiatives to utilize the potentials of the vast range of water and is trying hard to elevate Lakshadweep to the international level in water sports. The Department has opened a water sports institute at Kadmat Island. This institute facilitates yachting; canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, SCUBA diving and many more. Kadmat Island and Kavaratti operate full fledged SCUBA diving.

Future Plans of Lakshadweep Islands:

  • Opening of more islands for domestic and international visitors.
  • Obtainment of the Cruise Ships exclusively for the tourists.
  • Construction of Lagoon Villas in Thinnakara, Bargaram, Suheli and Cheriyam.

Major Suggested Package Tours to Lakshadweep Islands:

Coral Reef Tour of Lakshadweep: This ship based 5 days tour covers three islands including Minicoy, Kalpeni and Kavaretti. The ship sails from Kochi in the afternoon and reaches one of its island 8:00 in the morning. The tourists can enjoy the whole day by sight seeing, sea bathing, playing water sports and so on. In the night the ship starts its voyage for another island and like this it completes its voyages and returns to Kochi on the fifth day.

Accommodation Options:

  • Tourist Class ? 100.
  • First Class -36.

Note: Group of fifteen students in tourist class will get concession on the charges.

  • Deluxe Class: air conditioned double berth cabins.
  • First Class Tourists: air conditioned four berth cabins.
  • Tourist Class: Air conditioned hall with push back seats.

Marine Wealth Awareness Programme:   A 6 day package by ship to Water Sports Institute and Kadmath Beach Resort. 3 days are allotted for different water sports activities at island and on the 5th day it sails to Kadmath and from there it starts its voyage for Kochi.

The executive class tourists get ac cabin in the ship and air conditioned cottages in the island whereas the first class tourists get air conditioned cabins in the ship but in island they get non ac cottage.

Note: With the extra charges one can avail SCUBA diving, para sailing and wind surfing along with the other water sports.

Accommodation Facilities :

  • Executive Class ? 22.
  • First Class ? 04.
  • Tourist Class ? 22.

Taratashi Tour of Lakshadweep Islands: It is also a 6 day package by ship to Kavaretti. The ship sails from Kochi on the first day and reaches its destination on the following day. It stays there for rest of the days for sight seeing, swimming and water sports and returns to Kochi on the 6th day around 9:00 am.

Accommodation Options at Taratashi Island:

First Class ? 10.

Note: The first class tourists get ac cabins in the ship and non ac cottage in the island.

Swaying Palm: three to four days trip to Minicoy.

Scuba Diving Package:

avaratti, Bangaram and Kadmath facilitate Scuba diving which is operated through Laccdives, Mumbai.

Islands of Lakshadweep are the constant sources of adventure which provide immense pleasure to the enthusiasts. The alluring beauties of nature also are a source of peace and delight.