Explore Incredible Kerala

Come and Explore in Kerala, situated in South India with all its variety and beauty attracts the tourists from far and corner. The hills, the beaches, the backwaters and the waterfalls take the tourists to a painted world where they can relax, breathe in the fresh oxygen and can enjoy far from the hustle of urban life.



Kerela: Stands for Pristine Beauty tinged in History

Come and Explore in Kerala, situated in South India with all its variety and beauty attracts the tourists from far and corner. The world famous Ayurvedic Massage centers of Kerala not only rejuvenate but also cure many diseases related with joint pains, back pain and so on. The beautiful beaches all around of Kerala facilitate many water sports activities which provide immense joy and fun to the tourists.

Tourist Destinations of Kerala:

Alappuzzha Tourism: Alappuzzha, the Venice of the East is popular for beaches, marine products, boat races, back water holidays and coir industries. It is an all time favorite picnic spot to the visitors who also enjoy the Vijaya Beach Park nearby. Those who plan to visit Alappuzha go for houseboat cruise at least for once. The houseboats have all the facilities including modern toilets, furnished bedrooms, kitchen, living room and even a balcony.

Bekal Tourism: Situated 16 km south of Kasargod on National Highway Bekal is famous for the biggest and the best retained fort of Kerala. Nearby Bekal Fort Beach, fostered by Bekal Resorts Development Corporation is another attraction to the tourists. Moreover the chisels of Theyyam and the murals created by some artificers from Nilambar have increased the beauty of the beach. An artificial rock garden at the parking area also needs a mention. The beautiful walkway of Bekal Fort provides a fair opportunity to enjoy the comprehensive view of the fort to the tourists. Apart from the walkway the place has Eru Madam and Multi Shed where the visitors can enjoy the sea breeze. Seating arrangements are made from locally available material. In Bekal there is also a 7000sq meters parking area which has been constructed under the supervision of BRDC. There is a continuous effort of BRDC to develop the Bekal Fort Beach for which it has taken into account 19 acres of land.

Fort Kochi Tour: Located 13 km away from Ernakulam town this island has its own opulent history that attracts the travelers again and again. Constructed in 1503 and fortifying in 1538 the fort of Immanuel carries with it the history of ancient time when imperative treaty has been made between the Maharaja of Cochin and the Monarch of Portugal.

Visit to David Hall: Constructed around 1695 by the Dutch East India Company David Hall is another illustration of the colonial structure. It is related with Hendrik Adriaan van Reed tot Drakeston.

Thakur House Travel: Previously famous as Kunal or Hill Bunglow Thakur House is another beautiful building of the Colonial era. During the British realm it has been a house of the managers of the National Bank of India but now the popular tea trading farm Thakur and Company has taken it.

Tour to Bastion Bungalow: Constructed in 1667 Bastion Bungalow is a wonderful example of the Indo-European structure. In present time it is an official residence of the sub collector.

Cochin Club, Parade Ground, Vasco-Da-Gama Square, Bishop's House are also the worth visiting places of Fort Kochi.

Tour to Kovalam Kerala: Since 1930s the beauty of internationally accepted beach with three carved beaches of Kovalam continues to spread among the tourists who visit Kovalam to enjoy the calm water of bay. The beach complex comprises of the Ayurvedic Health Resort, budget cottages, yoga and ayurvedic massage centre, swimming pool and convention facilities. This beach is perfectly used by the visitors by sunbathing, herbal body toning message and swimming and so on.

Kumarakom Tourism: Kumarakom is a small village with the combination of bunch of islands on the Vembanad Lake. Spread over 14 acres the bird sanctuary has varities of fascinating migratory birds to entertain the visitors. Teals, herons, egrets, derters, wild duck, cuckoo and many more birds are the center of attractions here. Kumarakom is also popular for back water destination. The ancient bunglow turned resort the Taj Garden Retreat has all the amenities to make the tourists comfortable there. Traditional Kettuvallams and houseboats offer great package tour on holidays.

Munnar Tour: A Splendid Hill Station of Kerala

Located at the convergence of the three mountain streams Kundala, Mathirapuzha and Nallathanni and uplifted from 1600 meter above the sea level Munnar is one the most attractive hill stations of the country and successfully draw tourists from all over the world. The splendid tea plantation, waterfalls, rivulet and colonial bungalows are the prime attractions of the place.

Visit to Eravikulam Wildlife National Park: Situated 15 km away from Munnar this wildlife park has gained popularity for its endangered conservation inhabitants of Nilgiri Tahr. Streached over an area of 97 sq km this Eravikulam Wildlife National park not only houses the rare species of butterflies and animals but also provides ample scope for adventure trekking. A panoramic view to the tea plantation is worth watching and the Neelakurinji flowers which engulf the hill slopes in a blue carpet enhance the beauty of this Munnar hill station of Kerala.

Trip to Anamudi Peak of Kerala: The highest summit in south India Anamudi Peak is situated in the Eravikulam National Park. Adventure Trekking Tours are allowed with the permission from the Forest and Wildlife Authorities of Kerala.

Travel to Mattupetty Kerala: Uplifted 1700 meter from the sea level Mattupetty is popular for the dam and the lake which provide boat rides around the hilly landscapes. A dairy farm run by the Indo Swiss Livestock project has contributed something to make the place a popular one.

Tour to Pallivasal: Situated 3 km away from Chithirapuram in Munnar. Tour to Pallivasal Kerala is the place where the first hydro electric project in Kerala has taken place. This beautiful place also is a favourite picnic spot to the tourists.

Chinnakanal Travel:Chinnakanal is popular with the panoramic view of the ranges of Western Ghat and the waterfalls known as power house waterfall.

Tour to Anayirangal: Located just 22 km away from Munnar. Tour to Anayirangal is popular for the extended view of the green tea plants. The dam covered with tea plantation and ever green forests of Anyirangal also have its own appeal.

Top Station Tour of Kerala: Situated 32 km from Munnar Top Station Touri in Kerala, is a popular view point which offers a pleasant view of Tamilnadu. It is also a home of the rare flower Neelakurinji which make the place worth visiting.

Thekkaddy Tourism Kerala: It is mainly popular for Periyar one of the finest wildlife reserves of India. The hills, elephants and the spice scented tea plantation constitute the very essence of Thekkaddy Tourism in Kerala.

Varkala Tour: A Sacred Place to Bow at

Situated 51 km north of the Tiruvananthapuram city in Tiruvananthapuram district. Varkala Tour is a small town which houses an alluring beach, a 2000 year old Vishnu Mandir, Sivagari Mutt, an Ashram nearby to the beach.

The holy beach of Varkala is named as Papasanam beach as a dip to this water is believed to be the purest of all. The beach also has a sea resort which is rich in mineral water springs.

The Janardhanswamy temple and the Sivagari Mutt Ashram are the two main attractions of the place. The ashram has been initiated by the great Hindu philosopher and reformer Sri Narayana Guru. It is the final resting place of the guru and from 30th December to 1st January the ashram remains crowded by the thousands of devotees.

The Ayurvedic Massage Centre of Varkala is also gaining popularity with the time.

Tour to Wayanad: A Source of Joy

The primal natural beauty of Wayanad is the source of peace and happiness to the tourists. Stretched across 2132 sq km on the skyscraping Western Ghats Wayanad tour the sub tropical Savannah region is opulent in the dense forests, draping spice plantation, in exotic hill stations and in traditional culture. Interestingly the first pre historic sculpture of Mesolithic Age is found at the bottom of Edakkal and Ambukuthimala.

Muzhapilangad Tour:

The isolated beach of Muzhapilangad is the source of calmness and serenity. Large black rocks restrict the beach from the deep currents and have created a balmy pool which has become an ideal place for the swimmers. On the other the Palm Groves save the beach from the scorching heat of the tropical sun.

Famous Beaches of Kerala:

Trip to South Kerala Beaches:

  • Alappuzzha Beach .
  • Valiathura Beach.
  • Samudra Beach.
  • Kovalam Beach.
  • Sankhamugham Beach.
  • Poovar Beach.
  • Varkala Beach.
  • Thirumullavaram Beach.
  • Kappil Beach and Back Waters.
  • Papanasham Beach and so on.

Tour to Central Kerala Beaches:

  • Cherai Beach.
  • Vallikunnu Beach.
  • Padinjarikara Beach.

Travel to North Kerala Beaches:

  • Valapattnam Beach.
  • Kappil Beach.
  • Payyambalam Beach.
  • Vadakara Sand Bank Beach.
  • Bekal Beach
  • Kozhikode Beach.
  • Kappad Beach.
  • Payyoli Beach.
  • Beypore Beach.
  • Meenkunnu Beach.
  • Thikkoti Beach.

Popular Hills of Kerala :

South Kerala Hill Stations:

  • Ponmudi Hill Station.
  • Vazhikkadavu Hills.
  • Charalkunnu Hill Station visit.
  • Maniyumkunnu Hills.
  • Agasthyakoodam Hill Station

Central Kerala Hill Stations:

  • Ramakalmedu Hill Station.
  • Nilambar Hills.
  • Thrissanku Hills.
  • Munnar. Hill Station
  • Pattumala Hills.
  • Rajamala Hills.
  • Vattavada Hill Stations.
  • Mattupetty Hills
  • Peermede Hills
  • Pullumedu.Hill Station
  • Kundala Hill Station.
  • Dhoni Hills tour .
  • Neelakurinji Bloom Hills.
  • Vagamon Hills.

North Kerala Hills:-

  • Neelimala Hills
  • Ranipuram. Hill Station
  • Vellari Mala. Must to See in Kerala
  • Wayanad Hill Station Tourism.
  • Vellari Mala and Iringal Tour.

Pilgrims Destinations of Kerala :

South Kerala Pilgrim Centers:-

  • Kurisumala Tour.
  • Thangalppara Tour.
  • Parumala Tour.
  • Aranmula Tour.
  • Sabarimala Tour.
  • Swami Padmanabha Temple of Kerala
  • Maramon Tour.
  • Manjanikara Church Tour.
  • Chavara Bhawan.
  • Erumeli.
  • Beemapalli.
  • Sivagiri Mutt and so on.

Central Kerala Pilgrimage Centers:

  • Thirunavaya.
  • Arattupuzha.
  • Mamburam.
  • Trikanduyur Shiva Temple.
  • Vadakkumnatham Temple.
  • Guruvayoor Temple Tour.
  • Kaladi Tour.
  • Vamanamurthy and so on.

North Kerala Pilgrims Center:

  • Manjeswaram Tour.
  • Lokanarkavu Temple.
  • Payyanur Subramanian Temple.
  • Malik Deenar Mosque
  • Jain Temple and so on.

Popular Waterfalls of Kerala:

South Kerala Waterfalls:-

  • Palaruvi Waterfall.
  • Mankayam.
  • Perunthenaruvi Falls.
  • Kaalakkayam Waterfalls.

Central Kerala Waterfalls:

  • Thommamkuttu.
  • Keezharkuth.
  • Power House Waterfall
  • Adyanpara Waterfalls and so on.

North Kerala Waterfalls:-

  • Thusharagiri Waterfalls.

Thus Kerala is popular for the pristine beauty of nature. The lush greenery pervades althrough the State. The hills, the beaches, the backwaters and the waterfalls take the tourists to a painted world where they can relax, breathe in the fresh oxygen and can enjoy far from the hustle of urban life.