Haryana Tourism India

Haryana the seat of culture and tradition is considered as one of the greatest tourist spots of India. The amalgamation of the different kinds of tourism like pilgrim tourism, golf tourism, adventure tourism and culture tourism have made Haryana a must visited place.



Haryana: A Hub of an Antithetic Tourism

Haryana the seat of culture and tradition is considered as one of the greatest tourist spots of India. The amalgamation of the different kinds of tourism like pilgrim tourism, golf tourism, adventure tourism and culture tourism have made Haryana a must visited place.

Haryana Pilgrim Tourism: A Belief of Thousands

Though there are number of pilgrims in Haryana that attract the devotees from far and corner but the progress of pilgrim movement lies in 48 kosas of land namely Kurukshetra. Surprisingly this area today covers 360 places of pilgrimages and is divided into places like Kurukshetra, Thanesar, Jyotisar and Pehowa Towns.

Kurukshetra Tourism:

Located between the two holy rivers Saraswati on the North and Drishadvati on the South Kurukshetra in bygone time encircled a broader area consisting 48 kosas enveloping the 5 districts of the state of Haryana Karnal, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Kaithal and Jind.

Tourist Places of Haryana:

Pilgrimage Tour to Brahma Sarovar: Since ancient time Kurukshetra is considered as one of the holiest places for seeking Moksha. It is believed that if a devotee takes a dip in the tanks of Kurukshetra on the solar eclipse then he will attain purgation that is equal to thousands of Ashwamedha Yajna. 19th March 2007 was the date when thousands of people gather at the bank of Brahma Sarovar to see the solar eclipse and to take a dip there. Brahma Sarovar also has got place in Abul Fazal's Akbarnama which has described the eclipse in Kurukshetra and the pilgrim's dip at Brahma Sarobar. The largest artificial water tank of India Brahma Sarobar is often described by Abul Fazal as a miniature ocean.

Kurukshetra City of Parks: There are number of parks in Kurukshetra which delivers fresh oxygen and a crystal clear environment. The popular parks or Gardens are Purushottam Park, Tapovan Park and Harsh Vardhan Park.

Tour to Sheikh Chehli's Tomb of Haryana:

A beautiful tomb of the medieval time Sheikh Chehli's tomb comprises the mortal's remains of Abudul Karim, the great Sufi popularly known as Sheikh Chehli, the divine teacher of Dara Shikoh, the son of Shah Jahan. Constructed by buff sandstone the tomb is coroneted by a pear shaped dome of marble. Like the other tombs of medieval period the memorial is situated at the centre of the chamber while the shrine rests lower. There is another tomb of sandstone with the dome of marble located on the western wall of it. It is the tomb of the wife of Sheikh Chehli and resembles Taj Mahal. Archaeological Survey of India has declared it as a "protected monument" of nation.

Visit to Harsh Ka Tila: An awe inspiring anthill near the fort complex is regarded as Harsh Ka Tila. Recent excavations have discovered many untold history of past till Mughol era. Few brahmical and Jain models are found.

Must to See Krishnan Museum of Haryana: As the name implies Sri Krishna museum preserves the paintings, beautiful engravings and other aesthetic creation related with Lord Krishna. It is set up by the Kurukshetra Govt. Board near Brahma Sarovar. The six galleries of the museum are filled with miniature paintings, metal castings, wood carvings, ivory carvings, illustrated manuscripts that show the growth of his life and exploits.

Tour to Haryana Buddhist Monuments: This tourist place is popular as one of the prime Buddhist pilgrimage place in Haryana India. The two famous Buddhist nuns Mittakali and Nanduttara have dwelled here. This place has a great history of Buddhist's activities.

Parakeet or Pipli and Neel kanti Yatri Niwas are the two luxurious resorts where the tourists' can stay while visiting Kurukshetra.

How to Reach Kurukshetra?

How to Reach Kurukshetra By Air: The airports which near to Kurukshetra are at Chandigarh and Delhi.

How to Reach Kurukshetra By Rail: A railway junction of Kurukshetra is well connected with the other renowned cities of India. Shatabdi Express stops here.

How to Reach Kurukshetra By Road: State Corporation and other buses of Kurukshetra connect it with Chandigarh, Delhi and other prime cities of India.

Thanesar Tourism of Haryana:

Adjoined with Kurukshetra; Thanesar is popular for Sthaneswar Mahadev Temple and Ma Bhadra Kali Temple and often regarded as twin town. The implication of the Sthaneswar Shiva Linga temple not only is limited within the arena of religion but also the name of this place is decided after the Sthaneshwar temple which means the sthan i.e. the house of God. The big water body just before the temple increases the beauty of it. A Gurudwara of Guru Tegh Bahadur also lies opposite of the temple and needs a special mention. Remodeled with red sand stone Ma Bhadra Kali Temple, the Sidh Peeth is another famous temple which is devoted to Sati Mata. It is believed that the lower limb of Sati Mata has fallen here and thus it is considered one of the holiest places where the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled. Bulks of admirers visit Bhadra Kali Temple in Navaratre and in every Saturday.

Jyotisar Tourism:

As the name implies Jyotisar (Jyoti ? Light, SAR ? essence or tank) stands for the essence of enlightenment. It is believed that in Jyotisar under a banyan tree Lord Krishna has preached the perpetual message of Bhagbat Gita before the advent of the combat of Mahabharata. The eye catching marble chariot with Lord Krishna on it is worth watching. Sound and Light Show is the recent addition by ITDC.

Pehowa Tour: Situated 27 km west from Thaneshwar, Pehoya is popular for Prithu daka or the pool of Prithu, the king who on the death his father has sat on the shore of the river and has offered water to the visitors. The town known as Pehowa has derived its name from king Prithu and is considered as one of the holy places for pind daan. Shiva and Kartikaya temples Tour of Pehowa are worth visiting. Shiva temple preserves the idol of Panch Mukhi Shiva.

Panchkulla Travel:  Panchkulla is popular for the dwelling place for different forms of Mother Goddess like Durga, Mansa, Chandi, Kali, Ambika and Bhawani and so on. These temples have enhanced the beauty of Shiwalik foothills.

Visit to Chandi Mandir: Situated 10 km away from MA Mansa Devi Shrine Chandi Mandir is one the Sidh Peeths of India.

Constructed on the uplifted foothills of Shiwalik Mountains Bhima Devi Temple fall on Pinjore. The archaeological excavations have discovered the Panchayatan style that has been followed to build the temple.

Kalka Temple Tour: The end stretch in Haryana Kalka Temple is located on the Ambala Shimla highway. Constructed on austere lines Kalka Temple draws a large number of devotees during Navaratra.

Golf Tourism in Haryana: A Unique Initiative by the State

Along with the vivacious beauty of nature Haryana also has some of the renowned golf courses with facilities and ambience. Moreover the initiation taken by the Haryana Govt. to promote golf Tourism is worth praising.

Visit to Aravalli Golf Course of Haryana: The Aravallis that runs across Haryana is a perfect place for golf. The first golf course was set up in Faridabad, Haryana in the year of 1966. Joseph Allan Stein has designed the famous building and the renowned golf architect from the U.S.A Stephen Kay has designed the course. Spread over 75 acres the golf course has 12 holes in it. Apart from the golf course the Billiards, six luxurious rooms and a committee room have increased the facilities for golf enthusiasts.

Highway Golf Course: Situated on NH1 the Delhi the Highway Golf Course is stretched close to the Karna Lake. It is equipped with modern facilities and 9 holes to attract the golf lovers throughout the year.

Adventure Tourism in Haryana: The adventure Tourism club of Haryana, which has been established in November, 1991 is the ultimate source of encouragement to the adventure enthusiasts in Haryana as well as in India. The undertaken activities are:

  • Trekking and nature trail.
  • River Crossing.
  • Rock Climbing and Rappling.
  • Target Practice.
  • Boating, Kyoking and Kanoing.
  • Rural Games.
  • Green Practices and Ecology Balance.
  • Sustainable Tourism Practices.

Morni Hill Station of Haryana: With All its Variety in Nature

Situated 44 km from Chandigarh Morni hills is another pleasant hill stations amidst which river Ghaggar makes its way. Along with it there are the two mysterious beautiful lakes, one tiny hillock and a bygone fort. The unrevealed beauties of Morni Hills provide a larger scope to the trekkers who can easily trek to Ghaggar and Tikkar Taal to unravel the unexplored. The lush green dhak, jamun, pipal, neem, jacaranda, pines at the low hill tracts are worth watching. Lake side camping is very popular among the tourists who visit Morni Hills for relaxing for trekking.

Visit to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary in Haryana:

The famous bird sanctuary of Sultanpur Haryana was set in 1971 and has been upgraded in Wildlife National Park in 1991. It has a large variety of summer migratory and winter birds like Siberian cranes, ruddy shel duck, mallards, teals, pochard, greenshank, long billed pipit, yellow and white wagtail and many more.

Thus the different places of Haryana bear its mark for natural, historical as well as cultural beauty. The adventure tourism is on the other the exciting addition to entertain the visitors. This place is meant for all who love nature, religion, sport and culture as well.