India Eco Tourism

With various delicately balanced ecosystems, and equally great number of threat to it, eco tourism in India is need of the hour where tourists visit these naturally beautiful spots without spoiling the fragile ecosystem.



Eco Tourism in India

Far from the allure of luxury holidays, excitement of adventurous escapades, eco-tourism in India is getting prominence as next big thing in travel. With awareness among masses about preservation of nature and natural resources eco-tourism is fast catching up as one of the new trends in tourism in India. Gone are the days when the youngsters were considered solely concerned about their fun and concern for nature was last thing on their mind. The youth of today are living amidst the dangers of global warming and adverse effects of ecological imbalance so they know the importance of responsible tourism.

Before emphasizing on the importance of eco-tours we should understand that what the eco-tourism is? Eco-tourism India may be defined as way of travel with responsibility and due care to fragile, pristine, and delicately balanced ecosystem. The whole concept of such kind of tourism is dedicated to educate the visitors, get funds for conservation of nature and develop the means of livelihood for the communities residing in those areas.

The entire emphasis is placed on to make your travel plans exactly in sync with the present ecosystem of the region and desist from meddling with it. In other words, it can be said ecologically sustainable tourism where we try to preserve the nature in its raw from and don't try to affect it with our activities in any way.

This kind of travel may be new to the world but it was always the part of Indian culture where sage taught the lessons to preserve the flora and fauna. The country where nature worship is part of the tradition, the concept of eco-friendly tourism is nothing new to India. In the recent years due to adverse effects of industrial pollution, the Indian subcontinent has faced threat to ecosystem.

With numerous enamoring places to its kitty like snow capped hills of Himalayas to serene backwaters of Kerala to immaculate beauty of north east there are various options of eco-friendly tourism in India. In addition island destinations like Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshdweep are hot destinations for cool souls. Recently Uttarakhand Government is promoting eco-tourism.

To support this sincere and pious effort various eco-friendly hotels and resorts have sprung up giving tourist a whole lot of new accommodation options perfectly in tune with the nature. So make your plan for eco-friendly vacation and salute the bounties of Mother Nature showered on Indian landscape.