Bihar Tourism Information

Discover and Explore Bihar Tourism India, the most sacred destination of India. This holy religious and sacred destinations of bihar is an ecumenical guide to holy places, pilgrimage destinations, religious architecture and sacred art in and around the Bihar.



Bihar Tourism Information

Bihar Tourism: The Religious Essence of India that has Spreaded World Wide

Tourism in Bihar offers amazing natural beuty, Religion, history, culture and the kaleidoscopic wealth of the ancient cultivation constitutes the essence of Bihar as well as the greater and incredible India. This state has witnessed the accession and decline of many important dynasties of India like the Guptas, the Mauryas and the Palas. Amalgamation of different religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainism and the different sites carrying the features of all these religion have made Bihar a worth visiting place. Nalanda, the world's most ancient University, was situated in the state between the fifth to eleventh century, attracts a good number of visitors from far and corner.

Visit to Nalanda: An Ancient Model University of India for the World

Founded in the fifth century by Gupta Emperors, the esteemed Buddhist University has gathered thousands of students and teachers from all over the world. The glory of the world's ancient university has been retained till the end of the twelfth century. The ruins of Nalanda University draw a large number of tourists from all over the world. The Surya Mandir, the Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, the Nav Nalanda Vihar and the Nalanda Museum are worth visiting.

Rajgir Tourism: A Place with Religious Significance

This tiny hill grit town once has been the capital of the Magadh Mahajanapad. The first Buddhist Council has been held in Rajgir. The important places of tourist attractions are Swarna Gufa, the hot springs, Griddhakuta Parvat and Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

Bodhgaya: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bodhgaya is the sacred place where Buddha has accomplished enlightenment. The Pepal tree under which the Buddha has taken shelter is famous as Bodhi tree and the place as Bodhgaya. 2500 years old Mahabodhi Temple a UNESCO world heritage site draws a bulk of visitors from all over the world. The city of Gaya is an earnest pilgrim to the Hindus who visit Bodhgaya for the salvation of the souls of their ancestors.

Tour to Vaishali: The Land that Has Given Birth to Lord Mahabir

Vaishali the ancient city of Bihar is considered as twice-blessed place as the place is contemplated as the birthplace of the Lord Mahabir, the Jain Prophet in 527 BC.

The second Buddhist Assembly has been taken place here. The prime tourist spots are the Ashokan Pillars, Vishwa Shanti Stupa and many Jain and Buddhist structures.

Travel to Vikramshila: A Renowned University of Past

The relic of Vikramshila University - unearthed by the excavations - attracts a large number of visitors every year. It was founded by Dharmapala.

Visit to Pawapuri: A Holy Place: - Lord Mahavir had breathed his last and cremated in Pawapuri. Today, there stands a marble temple named as Jalmandir, which collects the ashes of Lord Mahabir.

Trip to Sasaram: A Rare Concept

Located 148 km away from Patna, Sasaram is famous for the beautiful and grand mausoleum of Sher Shah. It is structured in a lake and gives the look of a floating mausoleum.

Patna Tourism India: The Deep Rooted History

Patna, earlier known as Patliputra, is one of the ancient cities of the world and carries with it the history of imperialism of Mauryas and Guptas. The glorious religious past of Patna has its own significance. Many visitors visit Patna to cherish the age-old glorious history of India. Nowadays it has its own significance as the capital of Bihar.

Thus the amalgamations of different world acclaimed religions have made Bihar a must-visiting place. It is rich with the places of educational as well as religious importance and carries with it the essence of Indian religion and culture of Bihar, which is deep rooted in its social & cultural milieu.

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