Tourism of Assam: Where Beauty Mingles with Human Warmth

Explore the beautiful land of Assam, offers mesmerizing natural beauty, rich culture, tribes, wildlife parks, pilgrimage spots and many more. The travel guide to Assam will gives you memorable holiday travel experience for ever.



Tourism in Assam: Where Beauty Mingles with Human Warmth

Assam one of the largest states in northeastern India is enriched with the natural hilly beauty, mythology and religion in order to create a mesmerizing atmosphere for the visitors. Wildlife tourism constitutes the very essence of Assam and the tigers and one horned rhinoceros', almost near to extinction, are worth watching. Mighty river Brahmaputra is the source of the natural wealth to the inhabitants of Assam. Due to rich biodiversity and high rainfall this state carries with it a huge number of rainforests as well as the floras and faunas. The exotic sight of eternal blue hills attract the visitors again and again. Moreover, the warm heartedness of the people of Assam steals the heart of the visitors forever.

Kamakhya Temple: A Shakti Temple and Tantric Peetha

Visit to Holy Kamakhya Temple, the seat of Tantra in India, is famous for its divinity as the yoni or vagina from Devi's corpse fell there. It relates the mythological story of Lord Shiva who was frantically moving with the corpse of Devi Parvati. Lord Vishnu, as a remedy cut Devi's body into pieces with sudarshana chakra and the places where the parts of Devi's body fell are believed to be the sacred one. Thus Kamakhya is popular as one of the most sacred places to the admirers. A large number of tourists come to Kamakhya to visit the temple and pray for the wellbeing of their family.

Majuli Island Tour: Natural Beauty Makes the Nation Proud

Majuli Tour, the largest river island in the world, is situated at the central position of Brahmaputra River in Assam. Apart from that 15 Vaishnava monasteries are also a part of attraction to the tourists.

Tour to Haflong: A Rare Beauty of Assam

It is an exotic hill station of Assam. Tourists can enjoy the pictorial sight of rainbow down below.

Tour to Sibsagar: Worth Visiting Shiv Temple in Asom

Sibsagar, a tank is located at the heart of a 200 years old historical city. It is a third highest Shiva temple of India and attracts many tourists from far and corner.

Trip to Kaziranga Wildlife National Park of Assam

Kaziranga wildlife National Park, one of the famous heritage places of Assam, is popular for rare one-horned rhinos and is considered to be one of the biggest national parks of India. Wild elephant, tiger reserve, barasingha and hog deer are also abound.

Visit to Manas Wildlife National Park of Assam

Manas Wildlife National Park situated 176 km northwest of Guwahati, is a reputed World Heritage Site and a project Tiger Reserve. The worth watching animals are hispid hares, tigers, one horned rhinos, gaurs and rare golden langurs. Dazzling selection of Avian life has made it a paradise for birdwatchers.

Different Cultural Festivals: The Core of the Culture of Assam People

Tea Festivals: -Tea festivals, celebrated in Jorhat, is one the most entertaining festivals in Assam. It is all about tea, merriment and music. This festival is an empathetic amalgamation of pleasure and business. The people go crazy with jungle safaris, golf, angling, tea garden visit, river rafting and shopping. The tourists will definitely gain something new and extra in the tea festival of Assam.

Elephant Festivals: - Elephant festival of Assam is initiated by tourism and forest department of govt. of Assam in the Kaziranga National Park in order to protect and conserve the Asiatic Elephants. This festival includes many cultural programs and domestic elephant oriented activities.

Bihu Fairs: -Bihu is one the most vivacious festivals of Assam. Assam as a whole participates in the festival irrespective to cast, religion, creed, faith and belief. Bohag Bihu, Kaati Bihu and Magh Bihu are the broader categorization of Bihu festival. Moreover, it attracts many tribes to participate in the festival like Bihu.

Other fairs like Ambubachi Mela, Me- Dum- Me- Phi, Baishagu, Jonbeel Mela, Rajini Gabra and Harini Gabra and many more are very popular and important to the tribes of Assam.

The scenic beauties of nature, the religious temples, an exotic wild life together created an aura of rare beauty. Moreover the tribal festivals have added the flavor of integrity and warmth to welcome the visitors with open hand.

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