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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were first got its place in the map of great Greek mathematician, astronomer and geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus in the second century. The history of Andaman and Nicobar Island, the house of the Mongoloids and the Negritos, remained unknown till the British Survey of these islands has been executed in 1777.



Explore Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Where Beauty Mingles with History

History that Has Its Own Significance:

The history of Andaman and Nicobar Island, the house of the Mongoloids and the Negritos, remained unknown till the British Survey of these islands has been executed in 1777. These isolated islands were first invaded by the people from outside world in the 18th century. As per the period of seclusion and contumacious disturbances the history of Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be broadly divided into four categories :

  • The British Regime: A period of foreign transgression and settlement.
  • The Japanese Regime
  • The post independence period.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were first got its place in the map of great Greek mathematician, astronomer and geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus in the second century. The islands located near to the business route to the Far East, facilitated the trading in the ancient period. Though there were not many evidences about the Portuguese influences in those islands but certain activities of the Portuguese missionaries like preaching Christianity among the islanders were found in vogue. The Nicobarese language also showed some influences of Portuguese words in it.

Invincible beauty with Endless Thrill: The spotless beauties of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are often regarded as a naturalist's heaven and an indubitable Garden of Eden. The greenery, the crystal clear environment, the light air of these islands attracts bulks of tourists throughout the year. Wide ranges of plants, marine lives and animals are well nurtured by the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the tropical rain forests. Ornated with coconut palm these hilly islands are bestrewed with flat stretched beaches which are concave in shape. These islands are also popular for adventure tourism like trekking, snorkeling, island camping, SCUBA diving and other water sports. Above all, the assorted beauties of nature of Andaman and Nicobar Islands rejuvenate the tourists down the ages and thus draw a large number of nature lovers every year.

Visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Where Silence Reign

Must to Visit Jolly Buoy: This island has a great exposure to the under water view of marine life and coral. Located in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy has the great opportunity for sea bathing, snorkeling and basking on the sunny beach; a must to visit places of Andaman and Nicobar Islands .

Travel to Red Skin Island: Like Jolly Buoy this island also offers an exquisite view of under water life in Andaman Nicobar Islands.

Trip to Cinque Island: Along with the under water beauty this island is popular for the irresistible beauties of the heavenly two beaches which are joined by a sand bar. Water sports like swimming, SCUBA diving, camping and fishing are practiced here.

Tour to Barren Island: Just 135 km from Port Blair capital city of Andaman Nicobar Islands, Barren Island is the only active volcano in India. It rises about half km from the sea and 150 fathoms deep from the shore. This land of volcano can be accessed on board vessels.

Tours to Havelock Island: Situated 38 km away from Port Blair, the arcadian resort in the lap of the crystal clear beach is the main attraction for the visitors. Availability of camping facility near Radhanagar beach and the Dolphin Resort, the guest house of tourism department have made the island a must visited place.

Travel to Ross Island: The debris of Ross Island reminds the British power as well as the glory of being the capital of these islands of the ancient time. Smritika, the small museum carries with it the memories of British reign.

Trip to Chatham Island:Asia's oldest and biggest saw mill is the greatest attraction of this island. This saw mill is well connected over the stretch of water by a bridge. Mainland ; the island harbor and another harbor Haddo are situated here.

Viper Island: Visitors come to Viper Island to visit the oldest jail which has a scaffold at the top of the hillock to hang the adjudged prisoners.

Sun Kissed Beaches of Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

The sparkling beaches of these islands are popular for turtle nesting. The wide ranges of turtles are Leather Back Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, Green Sea Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle. Marine creatures like Water Monitor Lizard, Reticulate Python and Salt Water Crocodiles are also observed here.

Corbyn's Cove Tourism Complex: The nearby Peerless Resort, the Waves Restaurant and the Horn Bill Nest Guest House provide all types of facilities to view the exotic beauty of the blue water front as well as the beach. This beach is ideal for sun basking and sea bathing.

Tours to Radhanagar Beach: Vijaynagar and Radhanagar beaches are the ideal examples of the pollution free nature. Radhanagar beach is 7 km away from Dolphin Yatri Niwas.

Traveles to Karmatang Beach: Located at Mayabunder, northern part of middle Andaman, Karmatang beach is developed as a tourist complex. It is 136 km by boat and 240 km by road from Port Blair.

Visit to Harminder Bay Beach: This picturesque beach is located at Hut Bay Island and remains connected by Inter Island Shipping services. The distance of Harminder Beach from Port Blair is 100 km.

Ramnagar Beach: It is located at Diglipur Island and remains connected by two regular boat services from Port Blair and Mayabunder.

The Cry of the Monuments of Andaman Nicobar Islands:

Visit to Cellular Jail Monuments of Andaman Nicobar Islands:

The Cellular jail which is located at Port Blair bears silently with it the pangs of the brutally tortured freedom fighters. As the name implies cellular jail is made of individuals cells for the isolated confinement of the prisoners. The seven pronged puce color building has been completed in 1906. In present times 3 out of 7 pronged are survived and is declared as a National Memorial.

After the first war of independence in the year of 1857 the penal settlement of the British has taken the freedom fighter to the Viper jail followed by cellular jail where they had gone through immeasurable sufferings. The struggle, the pangs and the cry of souls of freedom fighters are well exhibited in a moving Son ? et ? Lumiere inside the compound of the jail at 6:00 pm (Hindi) and 7:15 pm (English). It also has a Photo Gallery, a Museum and an Art Gallery which remains open for all from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Note: Monday the Cellular Jail Compound remains closed.

Entry Fees for visiting to Cellular Jail:

  • Entry fee: - 5/-
  • Camera Photo ? 10/-
  • Video ? 50/-
  • Light and Sound Show: - 20/- (adult); child ? 10/- (above 5 and below 12 years)

Tour to Ross Island: Once the capitol of Port Blair under British realm, Ross Island now stands as the witness of bygone time. It has stored the ruins of ancient buildings like Ballroom, Govt. House, and Chief Commissioner's house, Bakery, Press, Church, Hospital, Troop Barracks and Swimming Pool. The preserved ruins cover the area of 0.06 sq km and successfully attract a huge number of tourists in Ross Island. Entry fee is only 20/-

Travel to Viper Island: Most probably the name Viper has been derived from the name of the vessel in which Lt. Archibald Blair arrived to this island. This aesthetic island of Viper has an undercurrent story of the sufferings of the freedom fighters who had dared to violate the rule of the British Govt. after the penal settlement. Renowned freedom fighters like Nanigopal and Nandlal Pulindas had been shifted here from cellular jail as there they have started the hunger strike. The construction of the Viper jail was started in 1867 under the supervision of Major Fort. The gallows which was fixed atop a hillock were visible from every corner of the jail. Sher Ali, who found guilty of murdering Lord Mayo, was hanged here.

The harbor cruise is available from Phoenix Bay Jetty at 3:00 pm regularly to satisfy the quintessential urge of the visitors to take a look of the harbor.

Museums of Andaman Nicobar Islands: With All the Varieties

National Memorial of Andaman Nicobar Islands: National Memorial is the ultimate three pronged building of the cellular jail that speaks in silence the brutal activities of the British to the freedom fighters of India. Now it is a popular museum where people visit to pay silent tribute to the Freedom fighters of India.

Visit to Anthropological Museum:  It is located at Phoenix Bay and describes the lives of Paleolithic islanders. This museum also preserves the tools and the models of aborigines.

Museum remains closed in Monday and holidays.

Fisheries Museum: The wide typical marine lives of the Island are found here. It is Located near Andaman Sports Complex. The variety of marine lives of Fisheries Museum of Andaman Nicobar Islands is also found in the Bay of Bengal and Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Entry fee is rs2 for adults and rs1 for children. Video with focus light charges rs25.

Closed in Monday and holidays.

Tour to Samudrika:  The uniqueness of Samudrika lies in creating the awareness of the oceanic environment. Rare and quality corals, shells, some colorful fishes are displayed here. It is located opposite to Andaman Teal House, dalanipur. Entry fee is rs 10.

Time: - 8:30am ? 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm ? 5:00 pm.

Closed on Monday and Govt. holidays.

Zoological Survey of India Museum: Located near Andaman Teal House this museum cum research center is a house of quality sponges, butterflies, corals and centipedes and so on.

Trip to Forest Museum of Andaman Nicobar: Located at Haddo it displays different wooden work from the woods like Padauk, Gurjan, Satin Wood, Marble, and Peauma and so on.

Picnic Spots: Places for Enjoyment:-

Tour to Museum of Chidiya Tapu: Chidiya Tapu, the extreme southern tip of South Andaman is a popular picnic spot for the extravagant green mangroves, munda pahar beaches, dense forest and the sand. Located at the peak of a hillock, the forest guesthouse of Chidiya Tapu supports a marvelous view of the islands, corals and sun set. Conducted tours are available from Andaman, Teal House, and Port Blair.

Trip to Mount Harriet: This exotic picnic spot was once popular as the summer headquarters of the chief commissioner of the British realm. It is the highest tip on the South Andaman and provides ample opportunities for those who love trekking. A trekker can easily trek to Madhuban and can enjoy the natural beauty in all its aspect. Conducted tours available from Andaman, Teal House. Entry fee is rs 10.

Places of Interest in Andaman:

Visit to Neil Island: Situated 36 km away from Port Blair; Neil Island with all its extensive green forest and sandy beaches often refers as the vegetables bowl of Andamans. Hawabill Nest Guesthouse provides all amenities to the tourists to stay here for long as they want to and to enjoy the serene village life. The prime tourist places are ? Sitapur, Bharatpur, Laxmanpur and Howra Bridge. Neil Island is connected with Port Blair four days a week by boat.

Travel to Long Island: Located 82 km away from Port Blair Long Island remains connected with Phoenix Bay Jetty four times in a week by boat. The virgin sandy beach at Lalaji Bay, the crystal clear environment, lush green forest is the greatest attractions of this island. The frequent dolphin convoys are worth watching. It takes 15 minutes trekking to reach Lalaji Bay from boat jetty.

Tour to Rangat (90 km by sea, 170 km by road): Rangat is the ideal place for those who find peace in solitude. The serene beauty of the village life not only impresses the tourists but also rejuvenates their body and mind. Cutbert Bay Beach is 20 km away from Rangat Bazars and is famous for turtle nesting. December to February is the ideal months for the visitors to view turtle nesting. Hawksbill Nest, the guesthouse of the directorate of tourism is situated near to Cutbert bay beach. Amkunj beach and Panchbati waterfall near Cutbert bay beach are worth watching.

Tours to Mayabunder (242km by road/ 136 km by sea): Located in the northern part of middle Andaman, Mayabunder is famous for the exotic beaches and scenic beauties. The prominent attractions are Beach at Avis Island, Karmatang Beach and Mangrove lined creeks. Swiftlet Nest guesthouse is located near to Karmatang Beach where people can view turtle nesting from December to February.

Diglipur Tourism in Andaman: Located in North Andaman Island Diglipur is popular for its rice, oranges and marine lives. Kalpong the only river of Andaman flows from here and Saddle Peak stands as the highest peak in the islands and also famous for trekking with natural trail. This island is meant for all types of tourists starting from water sports lover to trekking lover. Along with Kalipur beach Ramnagar beach is also famous for turtle nesting.

Ross and Smith, the twin islands, joined by a sandbar are worth watching. It will take only 30 minutes to reach there from Kalipur Water Sports Complex or Aerial Bay Jetty. The aesthetic beauties of nature are well exhibited here, far from the madling crowd of the urban life. Diglipur is connected with Port Blair twice a week by boat.

Little Andaman Island: The exotic beach near Butler, breathtaking waterfall and plantations of water palms has made this island worth visiting. It is generally inhabited by Ongo tribals and refers as the bowl of vegetables to the Nicobar group of the islands. It takes 8 hours to reach south from Port Blair.

Entry to the tribal areas is restricted.

Places of Attraction in Nicobar Island:

With an area of 1,841sq km Nicobar Island has plenty of coconut palm, pandanus and casuarinas. 28 islands of Nicobar have its own appeal to the visitors from far and corner. Nicobarese pigeons, giant Robber Crab and Monkey with long tail are abounding here.

Visit to Car Nicobar:

Car Nicobar, a flat loamy island, is the headquarter of the Nicobar district. The exotic views of the beaches with the array of coconut trees create a mesmerizing atmosphere for the visitors. The uniqueness of Nicobari huts which are made on stilts will definitely steal the heart of the tourists. It takes 16 hours to reach Car Nicobar from Port Blair by sea.

Katchal Tourism: It is a small beautiful island with exotic beaches like Jhula, West Bay and East Bay.

Great Nicobar: Indira Point, the southern most summit of India is situated in the southern end of Nicobar. The beach near Galathia is famous for Giant Leather Back turtle nesting. It takes 50 ? 60 hours to reach here from Port Blair by sea.

Port Blair Tourism :

There are different parks in Port Blair like ? Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Gandhi Park and Sippighat Farm. Chidiya Tapu, Mount Harriet, Madhuban are the ideal picnic spots.

How to Reach Andaman Nicobar Islands:

By Air: Port Blair is well connected with Kolkata and Chennai by air. In present times flights are operated by Indian Airlines/ Alliance Air and Jet Airways.

By Sea: Regular passenger ships are available from Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata to Port Blair and vice versa. There is a one sailing from Visakhapatnam and three to four sailing from Kolkata in a month. It takes 50 to 60 hours to reach Port Blair.

Thus the exotic, secluded islands and virgin beaches of Andaman and Nicobar take the tourists to another world where they find peace and happiness in the lap of the nature. Water sports, trekking rejuvenate their life while on the other the grim bloody history of the place also remind us of the sacrifices of our brave heroes for the freedom of India.

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