Four Must-Visit Places in a Same-Day Mathura Tour

If you are visiting Mathura on same day tour then you should not miss there 4 places.

4 Must to visit places in same day Mathura tour

In India, tourism is largely inspired by the religious aspect unlike most of the other countries. People always prefer places which also have famous and revered abode of God, where they can go and pay their respect to the Almighty while enjoying their holidays. Mathura, a holy city where it is believed that Krishna, the Hindu deity was born, is a place frequented by the people throughout the country and specially Delhi. There are many attractions in this predominantly pilgrimage destination. For a day's visit and to make most out of it, the below-mentioned plan can be well followed:

Vishram Ghat: Traditionally, the start and end of Mathura's journey or Parikrama happens here. Centrally located amidst all the 25 Ghats of the City, the Vishram Ghat is also the most popular, reason being the myth that Lord Krishna took rest here after killing Kansa, his evil uncle and hence the name. Surrounded by temples, it is a place for taking sacred bath, worshiping and relaxation and boat ride across Yamuna. The evening Aarti that takes place here provides a spectacle to the tourists.

Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir: The beautiful temple traces the poignancy and exhilaration of Lord Krishna's birth in a prison on a very dark and heavily raining night. The temple complex possesses the prison cell or Garbha Griha, where Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was said to be born to the captivated Devaki and Vasudev at midnight. During Janmashtami and Holi the celebrations reach their peak and they are the best times to visit the sacred place.

Jama Masjid: Located adjacent to the Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir, this mosque is one of the principal destinations of Mathura. It was built under Abd-un-Nabi Khan, a Faujdar of Ittawa during Aurangzeb's rule, transferred to Mathura later. The construction of the Masjid displays impressive Mughal architecture with its intricately decorated minarets and the overall imposing structure. Due to the wonderful design and interesting location of the mosque, huge turnout is noticed here.

Government Museum: Another major tourist site, it houses some of the most interesting artifacts belonging to a period ranging from 300 to 1200 AD. The place holds great significance in the field of archaeology and is extensively used for researching and studying. Many incredible archaic sculptures belonging to Greco-Buddhist Art, Terracotta works, ancient pottery, paintings and coins belonging to Shungas, Kushanas, Guptas and Mauryas are preserved in this famous octagonal-shaped museum.

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