Top 10 Tech Devices of 2013

There has been number of innovative technologies and devices launched this year that can truly be considered as path breaking. Here we introduce top 10 tech devices of 2013.

Top 10 Tech Devices of 2013

Undoubtedly this year has really been a happening one in terms of new technology and gadgets and throughout the year we have been on our toes in anticipation of array of revolutionary tech gadgets. Picking up the most noteworthy tech devices of 2013 is quite a tough task considering the volume of tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, laptops, hybrids, cameras, audio visual systems, remote sensor products, wearable electronics launched all round the year at regular pace. While some of them are just the latest development in conformity with the coming up of continuing upgrading, some are endowed technology and features hitherto unforeseen. Here we are introducing the top 10 tech devices of 2013.

  1. iPhone 5S
  2. You can as well call it as the most irresistible smartphone in the market. The ace tech giant Apple just stormed the smartphone market this year with this sleek device that fulfills all the lacking areas that you previously experienced in other versions. Far better camera performance, Apple's iconic touch, more enriched wireless connectivity and most importantly, an all new technology of fingerprint recognition and scanning. Yes, while holding this device in your palm you can as well say yourself to be the owner of best hi-tech phone of your time.

  3. Nokia Lumia 2520
  4. This year we have seen a lot of astonishing products to come in the tablet PC segments and as for picking up top 10 tech devices of 2013 this powerhouse tablet is a must. Though you can find it a little expensive for its ambitious price tag this power packed tablet is really formidable with stunning 10.1 inch display, Qualcom Snapdragon 800 Chipset, Quadcore 2.2 GHz processor, 2GB RAM with 32 GB internal storage, 6.7 MP rear and 1.2 MP front facing camera and many more. On top of all the tablet is extremely light weighing just 1.36 pounds.

  5. Samsung Galaxy Gear
  6. When picking up the best tech devices of 2013 a mention of smart watches are must, especially the kind of smart fusion of phone and wristwatch features that we have seen in Samsung Galaxy Gear and couple of other products. Samsung Galaxy Gear is the android based smartwatch with1.63 inch screen size and 1.9 MP camera and with smart browsing capability and features that keep you updated on the go the device is extremely light with just 11.1 mm thickness and 36.8 mm width. The look is really smart with a metallic finish and you have only one button for power outside. The device can withstand splashes of water (like in shower) though is not waterproof to survive a dip in the water (wearing it you cannot take a dip in pool). There are not many smart devices launched this year to have similar countenance and performance.

  7. Microsoft Xbox One
  8. In this year we have seen a lot of gaming consoles to storm the market but the last quarter of the year was waiting for the biggest surprise in this segment - Microsoft Xbox One. This gaming console from Microsoft is an all round development of their previous gaming console and have many features that can make it perceived as an all in one entertainment gadget. From much faster and more powerful interface to side by side TV and streaming, much easier video sharing, wide array of third party games and many more make this one of the best entertainment gadgets of the year.

  9. Google Glass
  10. This year after much expectation Google finally came close to launching its ambitious Google Glass, a device that wearing like a spectacle you can browse, get information, take photo and HD video, track your movement on the go and many more. Operating the keypad when needed and otherwise letting the device run hands free with both visual and audio output - it is simply the smartest device to date opening possibilities of incorporating technology and smart applications in every sphere of life more than ever.

  11. FitBit Force
  12. Medical sensors and monitoring devices are nothing new, but this sleek and slim wrist hugging band is a wonder product with too many things to count, analyze and replenish you with updated information that further can help you to take appropriate health measures. The light and slim band goes well in your wrist even while you are going to bed and can accurately tell you how much you slept and even how well or deep your sleep has been. It also works fantastic as a real time calorie tracker and you can track how much calorie you have burned during the exercise just wearing this band. The band is a good activity tracker as well with alarms, information on your travelled distance, set goals on the jogging and track, etc.

  13. Nikon Df
  14. To name the fost formidable tech devices of 2013 we must come across some great cameras that are launched this year, but Nikon Df is simply the best of the lot. This DSLR camera from ace camera manufacturer Nikon offers an array of traditional external controls and that is the biggest draw of this camera. The camera is equipped with stunning features like 16 MP full frame CMOS sensor, ISO 100 to 25,600 which is expandable to ISO 50, 5.5fps continuous shooting, 39 point AF system with 9 cross type AF points, 3.2 inch 921k dot LCD screen and many more. The df reportedly stands for digital fusion and it justifies the epithet with perfect mix of digital with manual aspects.

  15. Leap Motion Controller
  16. The revolutionary Leap Motion technology with this small palm sized glass top aluminium device called Leap Motion Controller completely changed the way you interact with your computer. It is one step advance than so called touch, it is now your gestures of hand or fingers that is read by the infrared sensors and translated into cool applications. The application store and access to all sorts of applications across different areas of interest is to engage you more with the gestures.

  17. LG G Flex
  18. Flexible touch based display as a technology is in the news for sometimes and several brands are working on it, but LG Flex really proved to be the winner. LG Flex with its bending and flexible screen and auto healing technology is clearly the expression of most revolutionary innovation in smartphone market. With specs that make it comparable with top of the shelf smartphones LG Flex allows you to bend the screen or in case of any scratch or accidental marks the phone heals itself automatically.

  19. Google Chromecast
  20. Finally in choosing the most astonishing range of innovative tech devices of 2013 we have to pick Google's ambitious Chromecast. In plain eyes it is not more than just a small pen drive like device but when you connect it with your television you can watch all your favorite web contents right on your TV screen without requiring you to switch between different screens or devices. Moreover your own android or iPhone or other smartphones just work as remote controls while it is connected to your TV.