Top 10 Technology Trends 2013

2013 has been quite a happening year in terms of new technology trends to surface. Here we introduce top 10 technology trends of 2013.

Top 10 Technology Trends 2013

As the year 2013 is going to end it is time to look back to some of the astounding technological leaps that the year presented to us and nevertheless most of them are going to shape our tech world and tech interactions in diverse fields of life in the time to come. To present the most important technology trends of 2013 in gadgets, public life and business it is really awesome task to choose from the myriad equally viable tech trends that we have seen to emerge all through this year. In nutshell the year 2013 has been quite happening in terms of not only new gadgets and devices but also in changing the way we interact with technology in daily life and also in terms of our expectations from technology and hi-tech environment of living. From the battle of mobile devices to replace traditional computing to personal cloud to wearable electronics and monitoring gadgets to mobile money to 3D printers to smarter and hi-tech city environment to Big Data analytics, there has been an array of tech trends that changed our tech mindset and expectation forever. Here we present top 10 technology trends 2013.

  1. Mobile devices outpace traditional computing
  2. Undoubtedly when considering technology trends of 2013 nothing comes as prominent to our mind than the tremendously evolving world of handheld devices. As predicted and evaluated last year end number of mobile devices already outpaced the traditional computers and the fast paced growth of mobile uses is continuing to shrink the traditional internet and computing devices in every sphere of life including business environments. With the launch of Windows 8 it is clear that operating system platforms cannot remain out of reach for mobile devices. In the time to come this trend is going to explode into a variety of operating system and interface maneuvers where instead of keyboard and traditional input touch and gesture based inputs will continue to don the trend in devices. Already mobile device is the most common web access device in the world outpacing PCs and as per forecast the tablets are going to outpace the laptops soon.

  3. Mobile apps are the gateways to reach client
  4. From mere ticket booking to shopping to education to entertainment to game playing to web chat to social network posts to accessing news to finding recipes of traditional Japanese cuisine to medical analysis or consulting drugs or physicians, almost everything can be accessed and done with specific mobile applications. Yes downloading an application on your tablet or smartphone screen and fulfilling your requirement through it is just few finger taps away and you are in touch with your favorite applications throughout the day. Naturally these applications present the new and most revolutionary gateways to reach the prospective clients by the business enterprises. While enterprise IT is going to focus more on applications, these apps are going to proliferate and penetrate every sphere of life.

  5. Personal cloud replacing PC and traditional storage
  6. Wherever you are your data does not leave you and whenever you want to access them they remain in the grasp of your fingers - that is precisely the benefit of cloud and personal cloud to access the data without being specific to device and consequent time and space is unquestionably one of the top 10 technology trends 2013. To access an important folder consisting your personal documents you no longer need to wait to access your PC or laptop or just to share your last trip photos with your colleagues you do not need to open your laptop, you can do all of these just on your mobile screen or any of your devices connected to your personal cloud.

  7. Internet of Things will connect everything to internet
  8. Internet is no more just about accessing web and web based applications but it is equipped to remain connected with all devices and usable things in our surroundings and that is specifically Internet of Things and in this year it came as one of the prominent technology environments in business and personal living. Through various image recognition technologies, embedded codes and sensors tracking any object through internet is as easy as operating television with remote and particularly with the widespread use of mobile devices it became easier than ever before. Latest remote sensor technology can let you track your pet dog to any object from just your mobile device. You can put your mind in perfect peace knowing that you can track the movement of your kids while you are at office just through remote signals on your mobile device.

  9. Big Data analytics going to replace so called business think tanks
  10. So called business think tanks that used to make billion dollar strategies are slowly going to be replaced by Big Data analytics. Yes, it is true that more than 80% of digital data in this world are created just in the last two years alone and with the rapid proliferation of mobile computing and widespread internet use and devices the volume of data is going to be overwhelming and this huge pull of data in every sector is going to provide really handy insights. From consumer behavior analytics to large scale economic transactions, from mere telephone use pattern judged from telephone billing information to deciphering social trends from social network posts, Big Data analytics has come up in a big way in the aid to smarter decision making.

  11. Concurrently running applications through in-memory computing
  12. In-memory computing is certainly one of the big tech leaps among the technology trends of 2013. Your computer memory is no longer just data storage to access as and when required for other applications. In-memory computing allows the memory to analyze your data and making the data analytics and results available for your running applications. While working with other applications your memory is concurrently at work to draw some analytical patterns, insights, models for speeding up your work. Memory is just not for memorizing only, but a lot more with in-memory computing.

  13. Enterprise social networks became a driving force in business
  14. Today majority of workforce, especially those who are in tech sectors are not only comfortable with social networking but it takes a lot of their personal time and so social networking for enterprising purposes with the motto of business value addition and sharing is extremely becoming important. Already enterprise social networks became a driving force in business in various sectors and going to encompass more in the time to come.

  15. Smarter hi-tech city environment with tech inputs in diverse fields of life
  16. To mention top 10 technology trends 2013 certainly certain evolving factors in hi-tech city environments must deserve to be incorporated here. A city where digital interfaces and simulated effects would be everywhere with smart displays, digitally maneuvered transportation systems, security alerts, real time market updates on every road crossing - is already in the making in many cities and it is just the beginning of the trend.

  17. Mobile money will continue to replace traditional transactions
  18. Replacing so called debit and credit cards with mobile based applications is already there and this year with the widespread proliferation of mobile internet and smartphone applications it is already on the way to be considered for serious alternatives as far as cashless transactions are concerned. The trend is just at its budding stage and waiting for a kick start very soon.

  19. Wearable devices will continue to proliferate
  20. Wearable devices or wearable electronics though is there for quite some time, considering the rapid proliferation of the trend in recent times it can be mentioned as one of the top technology trends of 2013. Medical sensors to watch the BP rate or BMI or wearable sensors for tracking movement is already popular and if these are just first generation brilliance concerning the concept of wearable electronics, latest range of smart watches incorporating a lot of smartphone features within this wearable wrist watch can serve as the best examples of how devices are going to be smarter to grace our skin.