Top 7 Tips to Save You from Latest Google Penguin Update

Herewith, you will get top 7 tips to save your websites/portal from the latest Google penguin update penalty. If you follow the following tips, you will find the solutions to avoid penalty from the Google penguin 2.0 updation. These are auto search query, keyword stuffing, avoid hidden content, link scheme, duplicate content and say no to doorway pages.


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If you are already far deep into those SEO practices disapproved by Google webmaster guideline hardly any tips to save you from Google Penguin update can work so quick! But yes, you can always have a look at our view of how to get rid of the threat and play safe from this latest SEO algorithm. For the past few weeks there is enough noise on the possible threats that the latest Google Penguin update is posing for so called unsolicited back door practices to hit the search ranks without adding any value to the overall web experience. As the news spread on Google Penguin update going to penetrate deeper this time covering many aspects previously untouched it nevertheless made a significant portion of SEO community apprehensive of the possible onslaught. But being apprehensive of possible actions and going round the speculations won't mean anything until you get into action. Here is our top 7 tips to save you from latest Google Penguin update and its possible onslaught on some of your web practices.

Tips 1

Stop sending automatic search queries to Google

This is the funniest part of the back door tactics that thinks sending automatically generated keyword queries to Google will influence the page rank of their matching content and would pave the way for better revenue. It might have worked once or twice but this time you need to stop playing such tricks with world's most sophisticated search mechanism.

Tips 2

Stop stuffing your content with keyword volume beyond proportion

Keyword stuffing is the old tactics that long enjoyed good search results for many sites and blogs, but seriously there cannot be any better tips to save you from Google penguin update than just put a full stop to it. In a content of just 300 word length if you maintain a keyword density amounting to 50 or 100 words, your intention of hitting search ranks without creating any value is evident. Just stop playing with such high density keyword stuffing, this time Google is merciless to show you an exit from the search ranks and it can even be for an unspecified time.

Tips 3

Get your site immediately free from hidden content

Move the hidden content that has long given you misdirected traffic. Hidden content might have been very useful for directing the web traffic to a web address from where you are getting mileage for business promotion or internet marketing, but the dirty game already have been too well known to the SEO community and search engines. With new Google algorithm you have fewer chances to avoid the penalty if you are really into such tactics. Before it is late it would be better for you to wipe out those tricks and come out clean!

Tips 4

Make webspams out from your site's business strategy

Sometimes even a little back stepping proves too much helpful, especially when you have to altogether create better value with sustainable business goal and especially when Google is particularly targeting all sorts of spamdexing agenda which are geared towards search engine results. Make it a point to hit search engine with rigorous content development rather than webspams to have a detrimental effect on your reputation and to attract penalty from search engine webmaster.

Tips 5

Don't participate into link scheme solely motivated on business aspects

Even if you are to lose business volume stop participating in the unsolicited or bad link scheme and you cannot think of any better tips to save you from Google penguin update. Building links in your site can equally have beneficial and detrimental impact on your site depending on the quality of links, what is your fundamental motive behind the links and finally how those links can help to improve the user's experience in relation to the search topic. Say for example if your travel blog in spite of having some links to travel brands if equally can boast of few good links that guide the reader to informative pages on the searched topic, you are on the safe side, but on the contrary if you only prefer to participate in the link scheme just for some brand promotion or paid link or affiliate links the sole objective of which is business rather than adding value to the content, then just prepare for delivering the chin music with the shiver expected to come from Google latest algorithm. Coming out of bad link scheme may risk significant business but to avoid penalty that is the best way out.

Tips 6

Stop believing in Duplicate Content

Publishing duplicate content in multiple pages or domains or interlinked web addresses just to hit the search ranks one way or the other is already a worn out back door alley that made so many sites simply choked to death when Google down ranked them beyond page 10 or even beyond that or simply blacklisted them. Just move all those duplicate content except the original one. Even if you are late to come out clean it can always help you start afresh with a right image.

Tips 7

Put down the doorway pages created only for search engine

One of the crucial tips to save you from Google penguin update is to put down the doorway pages of your sites that long been your backdoor business means for coming onto search ranks on the web. For long sites with primarily promotional objective tried to fool Google by creating a doorway page intended only for hitting the search page and then as soon as you click on them you are guided to an completely different arena that has no relation to your search title and is eager to promote a product, service or some scheme.


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Top 7 Tips to Save You from Latest Google Penguin Update

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