Top 20 SEO Techniques for Google Search Ranks

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Top 20 SEO Techniques for Google Search Ranks

Google search rank is a concern across the webmasters, especially after the latest Google Penguin update, Google?s latest algorithm. Here we introduce some of the top SEO techniques for Google search ranks that can be truly effective in dealing with this changing scenario.

Google search rank is a concern across the webmasters, especially after the latest Google Penguin update, Google?s latest algorithm. Here we introduce some of the top SEO techniques for Google search ranks that can be truly effective in dealing with this changing scenario.

While Google penguin update as the latest algorithm to slash on websites with poor and questionable SEO is already creating enough panic among the webmasters, some of the good old SEO techniques have never been so important. Once again the focus is on the practices that are inclined in adding value to web experience for the user rather than so called backdoor tactics to hit search ranks. Though in presenting top SEO techniques for Google search ranks we are most likely to count on some key areas that always had been in good book of this search engine, we cannot look away from some of the latest developments in search engine tools and techniques. Here is our pick on top SEO techniques for Google search ranks.

  1. Appropriate search specific keywords
  2. Keywords are truly your key to search ranks in Google or for that matter any other search engine. Putting appropriate search specific keywords is a skill that pays you in the web business fairly more dearly than anything else. Depending on your site's specialty area and target audience you should research on the effective and most popularly searched keywords on the web. Google analytics and few other SEO tools can come to your aid in this regard.

  3. Balanced keyword density
  4. Balanced keyword density is not only one of the top SEO techniques for Google search ranks but it is the very basics of SEO principles. All Google algorithms so far have been fairly rude on content with keyword stuffing. So if you think you can get away with poor content and can hit the search ranks by stuffing your web page with keywords instead of naturally repeating keywords, you are risking yourself to down ranking or even a complete bloat out from the search page. On the other hand if you cannot appropriately repeat the keyword to a fair extent (at least 3 to 4 times in an article or blog) instead of writing a good content you stand fairly little chance of hitting the search ranks.

  5. Unique and purposeful content rich in insights and information
  6. After all these rounds of advocacies, advices and tips on how to hit search ranks with better SEO practices, the terminal and most important thing that stands out above all is the qualitative value of your content. Before posting content ask yourself whether the content is adding real value to the user experience or not. The content must be unique in presentation or providing information or in presentation skills or in offering readable pleasure or in providing all of them, besides it must fulfill any a degree of purpose that the readers are searching for. Above a quality content must have at least any of the two strong points as its backbone, good amount of insights based on the skillful explanation or a bucket of information that enriches the reading experience in the context of the topic.

  7. Qualitative and diversified link schemes
  8. If you think of any area of the top SEO techniques for Google search ranks that makes to the top priority after so called qualitative approach to content and related maneuvers then it is obviously the area of link building. First of all a quality link enriches the readers experience on your webpage. For instance reading on 'electric bikes' if a reader is guided to a link page informing him about smarter GPS solutions for cyclists it is certainly a good link and worth reading or staying in that page. On the contrary just think of tons of bad links that unnecessarily take you to pages that has no relation with the source topics except for business promotion. While quality of links is one aspect diversifying links to various web pages with the similar topics naturally show your dominance and connections. It has been observed that most of the top sites in any segment are also leaders in diversifying their links to many similar good websites or pages of related interest area.

  9. Stronger social media promotion
  10. Hardly anyone would have any doubt about the long standing and widely acclaimed role of social media in promoting anything online. But when it comes to promoting your website through social media referring techniques, it is increasingly being one of the most influencing areas for getting higher up the search ranks and consistent traffic flow.

  11. Encourage guest blogging
  12. Guest posting or guest blogging is increasingly considered to be one of the key areas that can fast make you reap quick results in search rankings. First of all guest posting or blogging elevates the content hungry user's experience fairly some notches higher and secondly through this you get those quality back links that really play a crucial role in hitting search ranks. The logic is even if your site is rich in content you must have a mutual and sharing relationship to some reputed sites, it is something akin to being friends with leaders, but as Google is particular about it you cannot do otherwise but to follow.

  13. Incorporate interactive attributes to your site
  14. While we are discussing on top SEO techniques for Google search ranks this much effective yet hugely underrated attribute must be given a special mention. More your site promotes interaction and sharing on the part of reader, higher the chances of being popular and getting up the search ranks. So letting the reader post comment, submit and publish reviews, post question and reply or engage in voting for the posted comments or content, are just not sidekicks but central to the website's popularity factors among the readers. It has been seen that a reader who engaged on your page in one or two activities is more likely to visit repeatedly and refer others to visit that site or that particular page.

  15. Strike a balance between being global and local
  16. While web space is without saying a predominantly global space, every time it reaches for the audience it must offer a local milieu and flavor as well to make a lasting or distinct impression on the user's mind. Just think of a educational site informing on management career, how can it be so dull as not to orient the advices and information on the specific context and requirements related to management jobs and education of that country? So whatever broad global community you address through your web presence every time it must be specific and rooted to local aspects as well.

  17. Make your site mobile device friendly
  18. Becoming more presentable on mobile devices is just not one of the top SEO techniques for Google search ranks but it is the need of the hour. All sales figure of computing devices and statistics on internet connectivity makes the trend hauntingly clear and sharp that in the days to come sleeker, slimmer, pocket grabbing mobile devices are going to take over the traditional desktops and laptops in popularity and use. So when the world goes mobile your site should also incorporate those changes that make it visible on mobile devices better and without common constraints of small screen and on-screen commands. It goes without saying that as you grow bigger and popular you can even think of coming with a mobile version of your site to enhance more traffic and better search ranks.

  19. Make your content specific to your target audience
  20. Talking in the language of clients is a old marketing rubric that we are accustomed with, but when it comes to websites many of us are not enough habituated to think in such typical marketing terms and so without knowing why so called qualitative input of ours suffers on the search ranks. Remember at a time you can target one specific audience and interest groups and accordingly knowing your audience in regard to their preference, attitude, choices you content should be addressed. In offering dating tips you must be specific on the age group you are targeting, demographic information like cultural backdrop and also keep in mind what sex you are primarily attending to and others like economic affluence of your audience, typical lifestyle attributes. All would agree univocally that dating cannot be the same in Arab world and in Europe and so does your target audience and targeted content on the topic.

  21. Emphasize on bigger content
  22. Many people consider that bigger the blog is more trash or otherwise insignificant material it incorporates in the content but it is proved otherwise with the statistics available for many leading websites in different expertise areas. While presenting dry information and typical one liner or two liners won't make any real value for the reader to attend to, you will always need space to make an argument worth reading to facilitate understanding on a topic through good presentation skills. Trash or unrelated insignificant loose content can be everywhere; size is not a constraint to that. But you can always stand a better chance of producing a better reading experience with bigger content.

  23. Focus on the long trail keyword
  24. As the internet grown bigger competition in small and general keywords is huge and cannot give you your expected outcome. So for better search ranks long trail keyword with specific search categories is the key. A little bit of research even in targeting long trail keywords in necessary for optimized result, because more than the keyword length whether you could specialize in any sub category or query of demand or not that is going to be decisive for better search ranks and traffic.

  25. Different articles concerning one core topic
  26. Publishing variety of blogs and articles on every core topic is one of the top SEO techniques for Google search ranks that in the long run can fetch you a reputation of expertise. If it is a website on alternative therapies and you have different segments like Ayurveda, yoga, herbal supplements, etc, you can publish blogs and articles on each related topics starting from disease symptoms to clinical factors to herb description to medical trend and relate them to your core categories and thus slowly can build up an image of expertise in the mind of users.

  27. Well structured content with sub-heads, points and paragraphing
  28. There are thousands of articles and blogs over the internet that in spite of being informative, knowledgeable and truly insightful cannot add value to the site simply because they lack a presentation structure that helps the reader to cut through what is being delivered. A cluster of loose lines or couple of big paragraphs without proper sections, heads or sub-heads looks makes a heavier impression like a textbook page and most often it makes the reader leave the page faster than they arrive. So being unique and informative and superb in language skill would not produce any outcome unless and until you present them in a well structured manner that can easily make the reader interested with bold points and sections with sub heads and heads.

  29. Use a short, crisp and straight to the point description at the beginning
  30. There are tons of blogs and articles that straightforward get into the main body of the articles without feeling the need of a short, crisp and to the point summary that describes the objective of the article and the discussed points in brief and most of the time these articles and blogs do not impress the reader as people like getting informed quicker and faster. On the contrary articles with a neat and straight to the point description at the beginning enjoy more readership, traffic and consequently search ranks.

  31. Create a niche area of expertise
  32. There are millions of blogs and sites that constantly pursue different areas of expertise from time to time and the bottom line is that they never become able to enjoy a user loyalty to their web presence and that nevertheless reflects badly in their search ranks. So creating a niche area of expertise or instead of being expert on different areas focusing your strength in one area is regarded as the best content strategy and one of the top SEO tips and techniques for Google search ranks.

  33. Supplement your content with related and unique images and videos
  34. Opulent pictures and short and interesting audio visuals really can add immense supplement value to your content and make many web users stay on your page simply on the merit of these materials. But remember try to be unique in presenting them as originality of any content, whether it is text or audio visual or image is important in respect of search ranks. Moreover, a unique and interesting content can easily be a referring point for more traffic to rush in your pages.

  35. Update your website and web pages regularly
  36. However great array of expertise and uniqueness your content between the pages offer to the readers now and consequently let you enjoy top search rank, in just couple of weeks or in a month you can see a lot more informed web pages are constantly coming up in the search ranks forcing you to leave the Google 1st page in the same month itself. Such is the pace that internet develops and updates itself constantly. So coming up the search ranks is a result of constant hard work that never let your webpage look backdated.

  37. Provide a detailed sitemap as a guide for all your web pages
  38. Won't you find it satisfactory if in the entrance of a big garden with numerous things to see you are provided with a small guide map? Same is the case with our content rich websites with diverse range of articles and blogs. There should always be a detailed and updated sitemap that guides the reader about the array of content, services and other pages, so that readers do not get bored in finding their desired page that reflects in volume of traffic going down and search rank affected.

  39. Keep track of your site's statistics and performance regularly

A laid back and complacent attitude even can demolish the volume of traffic and ranking achievements of big names on the web. In web space only way you can survive is through constant find and check through your loopholes, shortcomings and scopes of improvements. Keeping track of site' statistics concerning comparison with others in the same niche and reviewing performance is just not one of the top SEO techniques for Google search rank, but an irreplaceable necessity.

Special tips:

Putting up all available insights in one place sometimes sounds unique

Content that takes their websites higher upon the search ranks cannot always be genuinely unique as every time fresh, unforeseen insights and information cannot strike to everyone. Agreeing on that constraint we can consider the matter from a different perspective. Content would always feel, look and sound unique that puts maximum available information and insights in one place and that can be truly a unique value proposition for sites concerned with top SEO techniques for Google search ranks. A thorough research through various sources and gathering as many as points and insights on one topic and explaining them in your own way can really pay you with better search results and traffic.