How to Recover from Google Penguin Effects

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How to Recover from Google Penguin Effects

Google Penguin update, the new algorithm from Google is reported to be going deeper this time indicating heavier punishment for all devaluing and derogatory SEO strategies and more rewarding for the legitimate and enriching ones. Many websites have been de-ranked and abolished from search pages.

Google Penguin update, the new algorithm from Google is reported to be going deeper this time indicating heavier punishment for all devaluing and derogatory SEO strategies and more rewarding for the legitimate and enriching ones. Many websites have been de-ranked and abolished from search pages.

Probably you have experienced the greatest blow ever as a webmaster following the latest Google penguin update and its consequent effects on the search ranks and web traffic. Maybe you are already raking your brains out as how to recover from Google Penguin effects and trying to figure out what is still lurking in the horizon to decrease your web ranks and traffic further down. While the answer to such a situation cannot be given in black and white terms and a single aspect of your SEO campaigns or strategy cannot be held responsible for such disastrous outcomes, it needs considerable erudition and precision of judgment in regard to the new Google algorithm to come into terms with the reality.

If you are into certain Black Hat SEO practices for some time that this time Google is most furious about, you can take step by step measure to suspend these attributes from your website and get back to the legitimized way of making an impressive web presence through 100% White Hat SEO. Google's ultimate agenda is to promote White Hat SEO, so refrain from all those counseling that make you believe in Gray Hat SEO which is still on the wrong side of Google's webmaster guidelines. Let us discuss a few important way outs in regard to recover from Google Penguin effects. Remember creating a genuine value does not happen overnight, especially when you have to work doubly hard in replacing all those back door or devaluing practices pertaining to Black Hat or Gray Hat SEO practices with practices and aspects of genuine value for the web user. Naturally, such recovery may need a rigorous, systematic and meticulous approach rather than trying to rush in with quick tricks. Legitimate value adding web presence pays its due in a sustainable manner and that is what Google Penguin is driven at and so even if it takes months to recover from Google Penguin effects it would be truly rewarding for your web business in the long run.

Primary and Alternative Recovery Strategy

Let us now concentrate on the strategy in regard to recover from Google Penguin effects that help you to avoid search engine indexing and register some quick gains that can at least recuperate the lost revenue. Here we would only provide some gross strategies and directions that further you have to develop into practicing principles and exact result driven steps. Set your long term and short term objectives clear. We would rather advise you to have alternate strategies which can make you recover faster.

Firstly, to recover from the penalties your search ranks have been heavily subjected to, make a detailed plan to regain the lost positions on the search ranks by replacing all Black Hat and dubious components with quality attributes and value adding propositions for the users. This would certainly be the main strategy that sooner or later is going to recover your position. Second and another important alternative strategy can be concentrating on a relatively better domain owned by you to recover the lost traffic flow and revenue as much as possible. When one gets down, other can double up or at least grow several notches to make up the lost space and that is the alternative strategy. You can even create a fresh domain and build it up in strong White Hat tactics to gain good search ranks and traffic and then simply transfer it to the older site after a year or so.

Replace bad links with quality and relevant links

Google is categorical in its webmaster guideline about bad links and good links and the user experience today is much more influenced by the quality of your links offered and naturally all those link schemes that are devaluing and useless for the web user except for promotional objective or business interest of the website are sure to get punished, especially after Google penguin update this time. So to recover from Google Penguin effects the first thing that you are supposed to react with is fast replacing of some bad links in your web pages with quality links. Top ranked, content rich sites of your niche area are considered to be the best profiles for link building whereas links directing readers to sites of little or no relevance and offering no content are considered bad links. This time as the report goes Google is determined enough to punish bad links and reward sites with quality links and so even though you cannot offer a reserve of good links at least try to wipe out those irrelevant links before it let your search rank affected by Google indexing.

Use relevant guest blogging and guest post

To build and day by day increase a good link profile is not easy enough but undoubtedly you can do it faster with guest blogging or posting than other means. It has been observed that most of the benchmark sites in different niches or sites that grown real fast in traffic are mostly enriched with links from guest posting. Though it needs time to create such a profile, if you start now in the months to come definitely it would affect your search ranks and traffic.

Stop using exact match anchor text links

Web spam as we know is the most devaluing aspect for the user and all successive search engine algorithms are particularly serious about them. The new Google penguin update is no different and to punish sites with web spam this time it has come with a broader perspective. At the analysis of SEO aspects of web spam it has long been revealed that web spam can be tracked by indexing all exact match anchor text. So even though the exact match anchor text as part of your SEO strategy is not producing spam you have to replace them preferably with partial match anchor text. To recover from Google Penguin effects it is a must and irreplaceable to return on the good book of Google.

Be on the safe side at your rate of link building

While links are considered to be your strength, especially those with relevance in relation to your content and objectives, even the rate or speed at which you build up your link profile can generate question marks on you. As per the new Google algorithm heaping up huge amount of links in a quick succession can make Google skeptical about your link profile and the business interest of the parties involved pertaining to such link scheme. You know buying third party link is a strict no-no to Google webmaster guideline and so building a fat link profile in quick time can really be questionable and you risk of being indexed as Google verifies your link scheme.

Replace article spinning with unique and well written content

Maybe for a long time article spinning or creating article from bits and pieces from various web sources has seemed to you perfectly legitimate and only a Gray Hat practice that you were so contented about, but it can no more be so effective in relation to coming on the search ranks as Google is determined to let the truly unique content to come up the search ranks that instead of offering the same thing in a slightly different way enhances the reader's experience way in a genuine way. It s one area that you cannot hide yourself behind the so called clever skills for a long time as adding value to the web experience in one way or the other is a must after new Google algorithm update.

Reduce inappropriate keyword density or stuffing from content

Even though you are not straightforwardly practicing those deplorable open Black Hat practices like keyword stuffing even higher or utterly un-proportionate density of keywords in an article and blog can let your SEO campaign seem questionable and you can experience down ranking as an effect. So, to recover from Google Penguin effects come clear of this symptom by simply reducing all the heavy keyword density across your blogs, articles and posts.

Just abolish all those gateway pages, hidden content, etc.

When even a little slip from the Google webmaster guidelines in respect of content quality or link quality can produce such havoc outcome, how can you expect to get away with such openly deplorable backdoor tactics like getaway pages, hidden content, etc? No, you cannot and so the first thing that you should do as a priority is to abolish all of such tactics from your SEO campaign and if you are lucky enough to be not already indexed you cannot just postpone it for a day. Come out clear of all such Black Hat tactics and start afresh and it may take some months if you strictly follow the legitimate path to again hit the search ranks.

More intensive SEO campaign

Definitely bad time requires us to keep on our toe more than before and your troubled SEO in the post Google penguin update is no different from that. You have to work harder in both abolishing all those harmful SEO attributes we have discussed so far and at the same time replace them with qualitative aspects for which web users post their queries on search engine. Besides making extra effort in content and link scheme you also have to make huge effort for your SEO campaign to push through other routes influencing search ranks. More rigorous social network campaign, submitting blog and article posts to niche directories, searching top websites of your niche area and requesting guest posts, using befitting images and audio visual files wherever possible with articles, are some of the best effective attributes to that you can try intensively to recover from Google Penguin effects.