Benefits of Google Penguin Update for Web Users

With Google rolling out the latest Google penguin update 2.0, it has created a chaos among the SEO's especially the Black Hat SEO but benefits of Google Penguin Update for web users could never be ignored as they will now get rid of the non-relevant contents that eventually waste their time. Let us discuss how Google Penguin update will benefit the web users in detail.

Benefits of Google Penguin Update for Web Users

Almost everybody in the SEO and web community is suddenly apprehensive about the wrath of Google following the all new Google Penguin update 2.0. In this heightened clamor and chaos concerning how much this new version of Google algorithm is going to affect sites with some sort of questionable SEO practices, the benefits of Google Penguin update for web users are being much overlooked and less discussed an area. Everyone is too intent on telling how to get away with Google Penguin update if your site is already engrossed partly in some Black Hat SEO tactics. Across the sites and blogs discussing on this topic it is now almost a common agenda to let you know and suggest as how overcoming Google Penguin update and how to remain on the safe side. But we should understand one important thing, that is, how Google Penguin update can be a subject of fear if it is for the betterment of our web experience as a whole. That is what made us focus on the benefits of Google penguin update for web users.

  1. Bye-Bye spammers!
  2. You have long been bugged up by the unsolicited, unasked for spam links that make you lose your valuable time so often. But with Google being more determined and its algorithm Google penguin becoming more sophisticated to wipe out spam linked pages from the search ranks you can hope to see a end to it soon enough. Using search engines for business promotion through search tag specific spam or spamdexing as it is called technically is the primary target of Google Penguin update and the summertime blues for spammers are almost over, as the prediction goes.

  3. You see those poor content with stuffed keyword less frequently
  4. Just imagine how many times you have clicked on a page higher up the search ranks and then been guided to a page with very minimum information or content and in spite of that it could hit all the way to Google first page only because of its stuffing of keywords. But this is increasingly being uncommon to get Google search ranks with such a bizarre tactics and in the time to come it is going to be punished with a complete wash out from search ranks. That is just one way to exemplify the benefits of Google Penguin update for web users and Google's commitment to value adding content in the web.

  5. More websites with rich content reserve and less with promotional objectives in the search ranks
  6. That is a pretty awful think to see a content rich and least promotional web venture like Wikipedia to come way down the search ranks following sites that even if provide some poorly written content on the search tag they have business promotion as their prime target. With latest Google Penguin update this is going to be less and less common. Google not only is determined to punish sites with poor content but is equally geared to reward sites with great content in diverse topics. Just think does not this approach benefit us, the millions of web users who hit the web for being better informed and knowledgeable on the topic of their preference.

  7. No more links that take you to strange places
  8. Honestly avoiding bad links on the web pages is something that we always wished for and all that can expect is a great cut on these sites from coming to search ranks besides other benefits of Google Penguin update for web users. No doubt links are pretty smart way to let you access additional information related to the topic by being guided to other internal pages of the websites or external ones. But equally horrific are the bad ones. While you are reading a travelogue a bad link within the content can lure you to a strange place where holiday rental plans or travel backpacks of some specific brand names are on sale. This time Google is particularly strict on bad links, so much the better for web users.

  9. Ghosts of hidden content will vanish like smoke
  10. There are times when you thought web to be misguiding instead of praising its great interactive knowledge space to deliver whatever information or level of knowledge you search for. You no longer see those pages high up the search ranks that show you something you are looking for but just guide you elsewhere to carry on their promotional campaign or simply to augment traffic volume. Such tricks belong to the bygone era and after new Google Penguin update hit the web scene it is hardly possible any longer to use search engine with such backdoor, misguiding techniques.

  11. Niche sites and blogs will have better ranks
  12. Google's webmaster guidelines and algorithms are already focused on placing search results on the basis of expertise or niche area and in the time to come this will be more rigorous besides other benefits of Google Penguin update for web users to augment their experience in looking for rich web content. There are millions of sites without having any expertise or niche area. They publish content on multitude of topics on varying areas including tech, travel, medicine, healthcare, education, news, movies, books, finance, almost all and consequently they do not have a specialized panel of contributors for separate expertise areas and naturally content is of poor quality or just have the basics or commonsense material. So if Google is really serious about ranking niche sites higher than all-in-the-same-basket like blogs and sites it is sure to add value for the web users.

  13. No more coming across same article on different web address

Just think how many times you have come across the same article or a slight variation of the same on different web pages of the same site or across different sites. It's a pity that some sites still believe in such tricks to attract traffic. For some time now Google is stricter on such websites and in future it will only be more rigorous a process to wash out such sites from Google search ranks. Does not it sound better for the web users?


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