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October 16, 2012

Hello Sir I am fresher to java so i need some help to clarify my doubts
December 24, 2012
print duplicates in arrayList

i want to see if an element is repeated in an arrayList (named error_dub) print it ONCE here is my code for(x=0;x<error_dub.size()-1;x++){ for(h=x+1;h<error_dub.size()-1;h++){ if(error_dub.get(x).equals(error_dub.get(h)) && x!=h){ out.writeBytes(error_dub.get(x)+" is a duplicate label"+"\r\n"); } } }
manas ranjan dash
April 7, 2013

A person is rich if following confitions are satisfied: His name should be of at least 10 characters not counting the spaces in the name. His name must end with one of the following: "Tata", "Birla", "Ambani", "Adani", "Mittal", "Oberoi" or "Gandhi" He should have atleast 3 cars from the following list "Mercedes", "Ferrari", "BMW", "Macbacth" He should have atleast 10 cars in total. His income Last Year should be more than 100 million dollars if he is a NRI. If he is a polititian, his income last year must be greater than 500 million dollars. His last months income should be atleast 20% more than the last year's average monthly income. Write a programming in java language.
yasabneh teshager
June 17, 2013

i have written multi-threaded java swing code to display images periodically but only the jframe (with no image icon )is displayed.the code is the following: ImageIcon img[]=new ImageIcon[3]; img[0]=new ImageIcon("/images/ball2.jpg"); img[1]=new ImageIcon("/images/image1.jpg"); img[2]=new ImageIcon("/images/image6.jpg"); for(int i=0;i<img.length;i++){ try { Thread.sleep(2000); } catch (InterruptedException ex) { System.out.println("Error"); } //System.out.println(str[i]); try{ JLabel imgl=new JLabel(img[i]); jf.getContentPane().add(imgl, BorderLayout.CENTER); }catch(Exception e){} kindly waiting for your solutions!!
June 21, 2013
Java program question

how do you solve this question, shown below The entry code for a room is 2 3 4. The user enters one digit at a time and may type in any number of wrong values, but as soon as the correct sequence is entered a â??door openâ?? message should be displayed. E.g. 2 5 2 3 4 and this what i done so far Scanner input = new Scanner (; int code1 = 2; int code2 = 3; int code3 = 4; int code = 0; for(int index = 0; code != code1 && code != code2 && code != code3; index++) { System.out.println("Enter code"); code = input.nextInt(); if ((code == code1) && (code == code2) && (code == code3)) { System.out.println("door open"); } else if ((code != code1) && (code != code2) && (code != code3)) { System.out.println("wrong code"); } }
December 12, 2013
readAndPrint Method

Create a class called LineReader within your examination directory. Add a public void method called readAndPrint() that attempts to open and read a text file called input.txt located within the same directory as the class (so do not hard code a path into your solution). You will find input.txt in your examination directory to use for testing. The readAndPrint() method must open the file and read the contents line by line. Each line containing text should be printed to the standard output (e.g. terminal window). If a line in the file is empty (i.e. has no text) then it should not be printed; instead the method should create and throw a new Exception and no further lines should be read or displayed ( do not catch the exception within your method, it must be thrown to whatever method called readAndPrint() originally).
April 21, 2014
java prgm

write a program to the following series 1+1.5+1.75+2+2.5+2.75+..500 ?
May 17, 2012
java programs

create a class named triangle_type and write a programe in java to accept three sides of a triangle. compute and print whether the triangle is equilateralor isoscelesor scalene triangle.
May 17, 2012
java programs

create a class named triangle_type and write a programe in java to accept three sides of a triangle. compute and print whether the triangle is equilateralor isoscelesor scalene triangle.