Top 50 Mobile Applications for Healthcare Professionals


Top 50 Mobile Applications for Healthcare Professionals

Today the use of smart phones and handheld computing devices are steadily increasing among the doctors, medical technicians, nurses and all other healthcare professionals in all clinical environments and mobile applications specific to their professional need and improvement is a key factor behind this trend.

Today the use of smart phones and handheld computing devices are steadily increasing among the doctors, medical technicians, nurses and all other healthcare professionals in all clinical environments and mobile applications specific to their professional need and improvement is a key factor behind this trend.

For the last few years the invasion of mobile and handheld devices in every sphere of life has amounted to unprecedented level thanks to wide array of user specific, professionally focused applications and many of these applications are designed to serve the need of today's professionals in diverse fields of expertise. Particularly some of the mobile applications for healthcare professionals are absolutely irreplaceable in respect of being updated with the latest medical knowledge, practice and precise information sharing in real time in a healthcare setup. In many ways these mobile applications revolutionized the healthcare environment and practice. Before mobile devices could come offer such profession specific applications medical practice was only IT enabled, but after such applications began to offer its seamless features for different practicing disciplines of healthcare we can as well say that medical practice came on the verge of going digital. Though there are array of mobile applications that equally benefited the healthcare consumers and patients, but these benefits went far deep and wide particularly in professional medical practice. Here is our pick of top 50 mobile applications for healthcare professionals.

  1. Medscape
  2. No single mobile application enjoyed such overwhelming popularity as Medscape and the phenomenon is already visible as it became the no.1 medical application in the Android market just within a few months of its release. Though the application from the expert makers of WebMD provides a great reserve of free content, but if you think that has something to do with its quality you are on the wrong side of understanding. Medscape get enriched with every new update and continues to be richer and more precise. With 7000 plus drug references, close to 4000 clinical references to diseases, more than 2,500 clinical images and videos and a truly comprehensive drug interaction tool checker, this is the best among the medical mobile applications for healthcare professionals to date.

  3. MedPage Today
  4. There are few online medical news sites that can claim to be authority in diverse fields of medical expertise. MedPage already famous for their online presence concerning latest medical news, expert articles on health matters, treatment and research is now available in a simple easy to navigate mobile application. Having partnership with the medical experts of University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine this is a dependable source to get answer of many of your medical queries. Apart from the huge reserve of medical articles on diverse topics there are a lot of videos and audio files to add value to your experience.

  5. Epocrates Rx
  6. Epocrates has many feats that make it unquestionably one of the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals. First of it is a great drug reference that is hugely popular among physicians and pharmacists alike. Secondly there are number of inbuilt medical calculators within it and lastly there is a comprehensive drug interaction checker tool to suit your quick need of guidance in diverse clinical environments. With so many things in just one application and that too with a very lite and easy interface made this application a hot choice among clinical practitioners or students alike.

  7. Micromedex
  8. By far Micromedex is widely acclaimed as the medical field's most trusted drug reference and guide. With the most comprehensive and complete drug listing along with tools for checking drug interactions this is a wonder application that any professional would let go of notice. Most important of all you Micromedex is available throughout the day offline irrespective of any connectivity issues. Presently it is supported only on iOS platform in both iPhone and iPad devices.

  9. iRadiology
  10. To develop skills as a professional radiology expert it takes years, especially for accurately reading and understanding the clinical test images. For the students of radiology this challenge can be mediated now by a surprising mobile application called iRadiology. Downloading this application you can gain access to more than 500 radiology cases for your detailed viewing and study. The application is built with the objective of offering the students of radiology and medical fields rigorous practice in studying the scanned images obtained from different imaging techniques such as CT scan, MRI, X-ray, etc.

  11. Unbound Medicine
  12. As the name is already indicative enough, this great application truly opens the gate to unbounded medical knowledge to the users. Unbound medicine is a wonder application with more than 20 million medical article abstracts from PubMed journal database. This is not just the end as it also provides respective links for each article in case you want to view the full text article online.

  13. ICD 10 HD 2012
  14. For medical coders and healthcare professionals ICD 10 HD 2012 works as the best ready reckoner. Just search through the updated list of thousands of medical terminologies and respective codes seamlessly on any android device. You can search by keyword, save browser history and save your preferences within this easy and user friendly application.

  15. The Oncologist
  16. The Oncologist is an acclaimed journal published by Society of Translational Oncology and is known for its important publication on latest oncology research, treatment and development. This application would provide the journals cutting edge knowledge base in the field of oncology in a most interactive manner. The application allows you to download articles from the journal for last 12 months, listen to article podcasts on the move and email and share on social networks on the contents of the articles.

  17. MedCalc
  18. Though this application is widely referred as a medical calculator application, it is actually a lot more than that. MedCalc 3000, the latest version of the application is actually a comprehensive tool set for different relevant medical functions. From different medical calculation tools to drug reference tool to providing medical formula to decision tree analysis tools, MedCalc is a single application with varied range of focus. Over the years it remained one of the pioneering applications for students and medical practitioners from diverse fields of expertise and consequently a must pick in presenting our top mobile applications for healthcare professionals.

  19. NeuroMind
  20. This unique application was designed by a Dutch neurosurgeon who also have been known for his proficiency in software development and neurological research. Based on the different aspects of neuro based pathologies this application is an irreplaceable tool for the researchers, practitioners and students. For different pathological situation the application provides you details of clinical factors, diagnosis tools and direction corresponding to treatment.

  21. Visual Dx
  22. Doctors and clinicians are increasingly depending on detailed medical images rather than texts while seeking help from any of the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals. Visual Dx is truly a gem as far as the visual guide on various health disorders is concerned. The application is unique in presenting any disease in variation of images corresponding to age, stage and skin condition. In diseases such as dermatological difficulties this application is a blessing as it provides detailed and discreet images to identify from different medical perspectives.

  23. Harison's Principles of Internal Medicine
  24. Harison's Principles of internal Medicine is long regarded as an authority in medical field and a lifelong companion for the medical practitioners. But more than the so called print version this application that make the whole material to appear in a more user friendly way can be a delight for the practitioners. The application would let you access the whole of print version plus 100 plus instrumental videos, a great reserve of interactive diagrams and 57 online only chapters with enhanced attributes. For a physician or medical researcher this is no less than a lifetime choice with a little haughty price tag.

  25. Mobile MIM
  26. Consulting medical texts online and through array of mobile applications is increasingly going to be outmoded with the onset of interactive visual dominated applications. Mobile MIM is such an application that can let you see, interact and show medical images for consultation with other professionals or to initiate therapeutic study. The capabilities of this wonder application include almost all types of medical images including ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI, Spect, Pet and others. The in-built functions enables you to see those images in detailed contours and graphics for reviewing and is equipped with features like DVH and isodose curves, 3D depth shading in images, etc. Moreover, secure and convenient data transfer make this application more sophisticated.

  27. Cancer.Net Mobile
  28. For a cancer specialist or oncologist a specific cancer guide and medical reference tool is sometimes crucial to render quality healthcare to the diseased. Among the array of so called mobile applications for healthcare professionals or clinical staffs this one is the best cancer specific application for specialists in the field. This application is equipped with state of the art guide on more than 120 different types of cancer, information on treatment, possible side effects and information on cost attributes and finally on aspects related to living with cancer. Being approved by American Society of Clinical Oncology this is a must have application for the practitioners of this field.

  29. New England Journal of Medicine
  30. Just think of a medical application that allows you access medical data and expert medical articles that worth 7 days of reading time and numerous videos and images of variety of medical conditions, you would agree that such application is not so easy to find. New England Journal of Medicine or NEJM is the typical mobile journal application that provides a huge medical article base covering virtually all medical fields and expertise. You can hear the podcast of the articles on the go as well.

  31. AHRQ ePSS
  32. This application rolled by US Preventive Services Task Force is based on the medical recommendations for disease prevention by this organization. This application is basically addressed to primary care physicians and provides easy navigating interfaces for different functional tools like screening, counseling and providing preventive medication services as appropriate.

  33. JEMS Video Consult
  34. This gem application is already considered to be one of the most benefitting one among the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals. The application allows the healthcare professional to view live medical consultation using his handheld device from anywhere. It even allows the practitioner to diagnose a person remotely. Although it needs a JEMS video server to function, it is nevertheless one of the most promising one in respect of mobile devices to shape future healthcare.

  35. Medical Radio
  36. Just think how enthralling you would feel as a medical professional if you can regularly come across most updated medical news through your handheld device. Yes, this is precisely the objective of Medical Radio which provides you satellite radio broadcast feeds corresponding to medical information from around the world. This wonder application let you become updated on the developments of your field in a regular manner and with convenient listening.

  37. Airstrip Cardiology
  38. Airstrip Cardiology is one of the few brilliant applications that although a recent one can outmode many of the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals. Working with General Electric, pioneering company in cardiology equipments, Airstrip Technologies launched this much appreciated mobile applications. This application is unique in many respects. Through the cloud database the patient's heart data can be accessed remotely through this application. Viewing real time ECG data concerning a patient from any locations would obviously result in better patient care.

  39. Skyscape Pocket Medicine
  40. If you are familiar with the typical medical teaching environment in some hospitals and medical colleges you can already understand the godsend efficiency of some of the most popular ready-reckoners and pocket handbooks. Skyscape Pocket Medicine is more than that. It is equipped with all the features of such pocket guides but beyond that is loaded with more user friendly tools like cross linking across different texts, interactive algorithm, etc. Most important of all it runs irrespective of internet connectivity and can be accessed with few simple touches, just any time you need to see it.

  41. Living Medical Textbooks
  42. Yes, finally there is a great application for accessing medical textbooks on your mobile screen. Living Medical Textbook is an application with different textbooks on different diseases. Presently the application offer only 5 textbooks on different diseases, most noteworthy among them is diabetes. But if you think this application belongs to the old world knowledge of static information concerning a disease you are on the wrong side of the perception, because this dynamic application automatically updates itself every time with latest medical breakthroughs, insights and news.

  43. Stat ICD-9 Coder
  44. Medical coding professionals are an integral part of modern healthcare environments. If you want to name a dedicated medical coding specific tool among the wide array of mobile applications for healthcare professionals Stat ICD-9 Coder is obviously to be there. There are in total 14000 codes and corresponding descriptions in the application with a easy keyword search option adding convenience to the user.

  45. QuantiaMD
  46. Just think of the best way to improve your accuracy, precision and improvement of knowledge corresponding to your field of medical study, research and practice and undoubtedly you would agree on the importance of interactive approach and need for engaging in case based interactive study and discussion platforms. That precisely is the object of this superb educational application for healthcare professionals, researchers and students. Physicians use QuantiaMD to engage themselves with their professional peers to gain insight on wide variety of case studies through responding in an interactive platform and all this happens just on your mobile screen using the simple application.

  47. LabGear
  48. Among the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals there is not much for the laboratory technicians and tests, but this one is specific to laboratory tests with an easy interface and navigation to go through different lab test results. This application is already a favorite among the students, physicians, nurses and lab technicians and now can be synced through iCloud.

  49. Quick LabRef
  50. As the name suggests it is a comprehensive medical application to work as continuous reference guide for laboratory professionals or other medical staffs. Quick LabRef enables you to quickly get in touch with the clinical laboratory values whenever you need to have a check. The application runs on android devices and is already a hot favorite among the medical lab professionals.

  51. DocBook MD
  52. This is another free communication, collaboration and networking tool for physicians and medical practitioners who are verified as the member of a recognized medical society. Through this application doctors and practitioners share their views, medical expertise, test results or send medical reports, X-rays, medical images and case studies to their fellow professionals to seek consultation. It also enables the physicians to engage in multimedia messaging for real time medical consultation and enriching quality of medical care.

  53. Doximity
  54. At a time when communication and collaboration among medical experts is regarded as a crucial factor to the development of medical expertise, this application can be considered a gem for the professionally certified doctors. Doximity is a professional interactive networking application for verified US physicians and with already 100,000 doctors on the network it is already a popular platform for sharing medical expertise and knowledge.

  55. Nursing Central
  56. Unquestionably the top choice for nursing professionals with all professional attributes assigned in a single application that can be accessed from the handheld device on the go or in any clinical environment. With 5000 drug information, over 60,000 medical dictionary entries the application is a big warehouse for the nurses to consult on the day to day medical tasks in their workplace. With easy navigation tool you can also consult huge amount of descriptions of disease and corresponding information.

  57. Prognosis
  58. Prognosis is a diagnosis application for medical students, professionals and practitioners to gain access to the real world situations corresponding to different health problems. With easy navigation and interface the application allows you to search for various situations and disorderly problems that are elucidated in corresponding details. Every medical situation and disorders are presented through simulated characters and graphics to provide a comprehensive understanding. As a diagnostic tool it is truly a unique tool among the mobile applications for healthcare professionals we are discussing now.

  59. John Hopkins Guides
  60. John Hopkins University School of Medicine is a universally acclaimed name in the field of medicine and research and this application encapsulates their medical expertise and knowledge on diverse fields for the regular medical practitioners to consult as a guide. Being frequently updated on the web and iOS devices the application is a state of the art guide for great array of critical disorders including HIV, diabetes, cancer, heart disorders and a lot more.

  61. Epic Canto
  62. This is one great application for viewing electronic medical record in a healthcare environment. This application allows the iPhone user to access array of crucial medical data. Just through this application you can access to information like patient's medical record, lab results, clinical schedules and electronic prescriptions. If your healthcare facility already is a user of Electronic Health Record as a medical professional you can get connected to the data easily and can access all medical records as per your job requirement.

  63. Standard Dictations
  64. It is a basic but a very convenient application for the house staffs in a medical facility, particularly those dealing with patients and their overall data at the front desk. With this application you can access to treatment summary, admission orders, discharge summaries, numerous test results. There are very basic templates for different categories including different array of H&P formats for varying healthcare facilities.

  65. Eviti
  66. Decision making in regard to oncological prescription is a crucial area of consideration for the medical practitioners and staffs. Eviti, a typically designed mobile application for advising or providing supportive measures to decision making process by providing real time access to evidence based data and intelligence is a brilliant tool for clinical environment in a specialist oncology unit. It is equipped with a library of evidence based medication studies and insights that can be accessed as a ready reckoning tool for prescriptive decision making.

  67. Harvard School of Public Health News
  68. If you consider few world renowned educational institutions that contributed hugely to the modern medicine and healthcare then obviously Harvard School of Public Health is one of them. This open application of Harvard School of Public Health provides details on latest medical research, analytical and competitive data and latest output on various public health issues.

  69. Radiopaedia
  70. When talking of top mobile applications for healthcare professionals this comprehensive radiology guide is a sure choice to make to our list. Radiopedia is the online application from the radiology community and their website It provides a great reserve of radiological data and images from the practitioners of the field. The application is available both in lite and complete version. Though the lite version minimized to only provide selective cases, it can as well be a good example why this application is so popular among professionals of the discipline.

  71. PubMed Mobile
  72. PubMed is already a famous online destination for seeing medical news, research, expert articles on diseases, symptoms, treatments and risk factors and now with this easily navigating application you can enjoy the access to the great reserve of PubMed's medical knowledge and crucial information. For students and practitioners alike this is a great convenient application to keep medical knowledge at the fingertips while working on a clinical setting.

  73. Nimble EMR
  74. EMR or electronic medical records is the very basis of computerization in medical facilities and this mobile application allows you to see those medical records corresponding to patients on your mobile screen. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy increasingly being in effect this can truly be a great tool for a healthcare administrator or even for senior physicians. Through this simple to navigate application the medical staff can access information like medical charts, order and view lab results and electronic prescriptions. As far as being in touch with the electronic record in a healthcare setting is concerned this surely deserves to be one of the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals.

  75. Taber's Medical Dictionary
  76. For medical students, practitioners or researchers medical dictionary almost remains as a constant companion. Tabler's Medical Dictionary is way ahead of other online or printed medical dictionaries with at least 30% moe medical terminologies being contained in it. Moreover corresponding to every terminology it provides detailed medical reference for your understanding. In considering a mobile dictionary this one is the best in its category among the mobile applications for healthcare professionals.

  77. Journal of Clinical Oncology
  78. For an oncologist the latest news and research publications on cancer is of seminal importance and that is why Journal of Clinical Oncology is so popular and widely acclaimed a publication in medical community. Now the same journal with its great reserve of expert articles on latest cancer research can be accessed on the mobile screen through this application. If you are either a iPhone or iPad user just keep in touch with the latest clinical researches in the foeld of oncology through this application.

  79. Merck Manual
  80. If you want to access the complete manual and its huge information base we would rather recommend the professional version. It is a complete medical manual with thousands of disease listing and their respective description as well as treatment procedures along with patient evaluation and respective clinical approaches. You can also email the topics as and when you want and get back to the history of your earlier viewed pages.

  81. Medigram
  82. In today's hyperactive tech driven medical world being in constant touch with the interactive knowledge and shared experience is sure to play a crucial role in the career development of the healthcare professionals and the qualitative measures of their professional development. Medigram is a mobile application geared towards such objective. It is typically a collaboration and communication tool for the healthcare professional to share relevant text and images while they need to consult.

  83. iPharmacy
  84. iPharmacy is equally a great application for healthcare practitioners who want a all in one tool for complete drug reference and for public who want to get detailed information on the prescribed drugs through a pill finder application on their mobile device. You can get quick clinical details on any number of pills with the touch of your fingertips along with prescription reference, pharmacy ratings and even discount options for specific medicines. Most importantly the application allows you to use the barcode to identify the prescription on the bottle.

  85. Medicine Central
  86. Sometimes a lite yet effective and faster application is all that a physician needs for a quick reference to medicines and medicinal interactions. Medicine Central is one such application that can be beneficial to students, nurses, clinical specialists, surgeons and practically all health professionals. It is an application that provides 5 minutes ready clinical consultation, an A-Z drug reference, drug interaction guide, guide to diagnostic tests and a pocket ready versions of medical journals right on your mobile screen.

  87. Psych Drugs
  88. Psych Drugs is typically an application for medical practitioners and professionals in the field of psychiatric treatment. This application allows you to search through all useful information concerning psychiatric medicines, tranquilizers, mood stabilizers, anti-depressants and array of other drugs used in psychiatric treatment.

  89. Monthly Prescribing Reference
  90. Monthly Prescribing Reference or as commonly referred MPR is one of the most commonly used drug reference by the physicians and specialists in any clinical environment. The easy interface that guides you to different set of disorders and common medicines under each category can be accessed with simple touch instructions from any handheld device.

  91. Pocket Body
  92. This wonder application is equally a favorite among the medical students, professionals and technicians. As the name suggests you can really expect to get detailed view of almost all the major organ and parts of the body with different layers of viewing. Moreover, every time you consult pocket body you do not need to be connected online as all the images are contained within the application itself.

  93. ICU Pearls
  94. Among the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals this is probably the only one to provide relevant situation based medical tips to ICU specialists. From scientific articles on different ICU attributes to fact based tips this gem application is a must have for all ICU staffs including physicians, medical staffs and registered nurses in critical care. The application is available on iOS devices and is updated regularly to incorporate recent developments in the intensive and critical care in healthcare facilities.

  95. Nerve Whiz
  96. Conceptualized and designed by a neurologist at the University of Michigan this application is must have for medical students of the discipline. One can see and know through this application the complex anatomy of nerves and their functions in different parts of the body.

  97. Dragon Medical Search
  98. Dragon is already popular as a dictation software application, but when it came to offer a medical application with similar features we can anticipate some unique features. Yes, this sleek application let you search your medicine and it comes with the wide ranging results from other prominent medical databases and applications. It seems quite exciting since here you dictate using your pronunciation.

  99. Your Medical Encyclopedia

Being in touch with the latest medical information and knowledge base is most crucial to the success of today's medical professional. Your medical encyclopedia is a great reserve of medical guides, therapeutic knowledge and terminologies with an easy to navigate interface. With the huge potential for a medical practitioner to be educated and be in touch with the medical expertise and information it is undoubtedly one of the top mobile applications for healthcare professionals and obviously a must have application.