9 Attributes Common in Most Successful Apps

What are the 9 most important Attributes Common in Most Successful Apps?

9 Attributes Common in Most Successful Apps

To create a successful business app it needs more than a good idea. The other facet is that even the craziest idea can work wonders. The app market is undoubtedly the fastest growing market in the history, with millions of apps pouring in a span of few years and still no marks of slowing down. App market is working such wonders what Google and Yahoo did in the past. The App developers are needed to step forward to a creative endeavor to grow.

Here are 9 attributes common in most successful apps.

  1. Marketing plan
  2. Creating an app will not fetch you money unless you have an effective market plan. A budget for the promotion is extremely essential to create the first batch of users to test the metrics before continuing with more systematic campaigns. You need to be well versed with your competitors that they have in common and take an extension that will make your plan unique. Building up a co-operation between advertising and technology will create a proper amount of buzz. Press release and hitting up the targeted audience will create more followers.

  3. Faster loading time
  4. None of us like to move slowly in this world full of Bolt's ideals. Waiting for an application to load often ends up cancellation of installation. The developer need to aim at an installation program of 5-8 seconds to keep the users engaged and avoid complaints. Also use the tracking tools to measure what happens inside your app, the traffic sources and which sources brings in the best users.

  5. Thinking at future pace
  6. Do not be under the notion that future is far away. What could be best than being creative enough to think at future's pacing with applying the current technology. Some app ideas could be like development of apps like Vio that has an applicability of adjusting your tone and pitch even if you are not a good singer. This app will rage high in future. 'Snapshop' could be another example which is an augmented reality app which lets even the most ineffective planner to be the most fantastic interior designer. The app maintains a huge catalogue from some of the most hit home decor stores. The App should be original, improvement on other apps, solves a problem or entertain. It should be well designed both in terms of visuals and the user experience. If the app is good everything that follows would be easier.

  7. Target best smartphone features
  8. Targeting the best of the ever evolving smartphone feature to make your app compatible with can be the best idea proved. Flashlight, battery saver, optimizer can be some of them. But now it is time to act differently by creating a unique endorsement .playing with camera can be one of it as it is the most used feature and the time has made it so advanced that it gives a better click than some of the previously used handy cameras. Taking a 360 degree picture hands free or automatic replacement according to the landscape.

  9. Recording software
  10. Keeping official records and history are now on computers everywhere. But still medical industry lacks behind. They use the best of technology in diagnostics but the most outdated in record keeping. If all our medical history is on our mobile with an ease of access for your consulting it would be better for the doctors as well as pharmacies to better communicate around your health as medical records are still mostly in papers. Having a simple portable way of to access the medical history of the patient would make things much simpler.

  11. Connectivity with other smart devices
  12. Not just compatibility with your pc or laptop but thinking beyond is required now. Apple watch is one such smart device. Android market is still lacking such connectivity. Android is the most dominant platform with over 50% of market share. Start with IPhone but android should be a part of your roadmap. Developing apps that also works in your other smart digital devices can become one of the most successful ideas in the near future.

  13. Creating an app that almost never was
  14. Developers need to create something that would leave the world perplexed. The success of Shazam is one of the best examples in this category. The recognition of music and the fingerprinting applicability was something worth astonishing in the app market. The future developers will have high time competing with the old existing successful apps to make their recognition in the app world.

  15. Built-In Virality
  16. Incorporating some viral mechanism into the core functioning of the app would open up scope. Each app user potentially can attract a new network of users and hence building up a chain of users. It should be more engaging when users invite friends to use it. Instagram and WhatsApp are just for fun but have spread like epidemic all over, enriching the app with time.

  17. Make it free
  18. When cataloging doesn't help, use the magical word 'free'. This will play its part and will act like magnets in attracting even the people with opposite views. For a potential app users, there is a huge gap between 0.00$ and 0.99$. Monetizing your app with in-app purchases will also do so.


    You have to come up with your own brilliant idea.  Make sure you are well aware about the needed refinements due to consumers demand and competition. Focus on key areas to affectively market your app, allowing customers to discover and download them.