Will Java still be used in 2024?

Java is one of the most popular and used programming languages. Java is still popular. Let's see if Will Java still be used in 2024?

Will Java still be used in 2024?

Java is one of the most popular and used programming languages. Java is still popular. Let's see if Will Java still be used in 2024?

Will Java still be used in 2024?

Java Programming in Java 2024: Will Java still be used in 2024?

In short, Yes Java Programming Language will be still used in 2024 for the development of different types of applications. I have been using the Java programming language since 1998, when I was working on small projects for data processing. Since then I have seen the growth of Java as an enterprise language for complex applications development. Java is used to develop applications for Banks, Financial Institutions and in many other organisations.

Popularity of Java grew very fast after the release of frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, JPA and other open source libraries. Java is still a very popular language for Spring Web Services, Micro-services and many other others. So, I can say Java will be one of the most popular programming languages in 2024 and even after that. Python programming language will also dominate the programming and machine learning space in the year 2024 and beyond.

Java is not a new programming language, this programming language has been used for more than 20 years by the developers for coding programs. Both general purpose and enterprise applications are being developed in Java Programming language due to the features offered by Java Programming language. Java is in use for more than 20 years by the developers for applications development. Large companies, enterprises and other developers are using Java Programming Language.

Notably Java is platform independent and one of the best choices for development of cross-platform applications. In the year 2005 I used Java for developing highly secure swing based web applications for a few of our clients. In my programming career I used Java for developing desktop, web, server-side, scheduler and mobile applications in Java. Most of the developers prefer this language as development, testing and deployment is much easier in Java.

During my initial career I used various community resources, user groups and forms for learning Java. Learning Java was fun for me, I used a large number of Java programming API for developing varied types of applications. I used Java for developing Apache Spark programs for large scale data processing. I am still using Java for applications development in a cloud environment.

Apache Tomcat is the most used Application Servers by the Java Developers. Tomcat is a very powerful servlet container for running applications on the distributed cluster. You can even configure Apache Tomcat clusters to deploy your large-scale enterprise web applications.

In 2024 you will find the large-scale use of Java programming language for developing and running enterprise applications in a scalable environment very securely. So, its a good investment for the programmer to learn Java. Start learning Java from our most valuable programming tutorials at the Java Programming Tutorials section.

Let's see why Java will still be used in 2024 as the top programming language.

Will Java still be used in 2024? Understand the reasons Java popularity in 2024

How Important is Java in Programming?

Java is a high level programming language which hides the complexity of C++ programming language, yet powerful enough to create a variety of applications for enterprise. Java Object Oriented Programming language that comes with all the features of powerful OOPs programming language.

Java is a very important programming language as programs developed in Java can be run on almost all the operating systems. You develop your program once and package it, after that you can run it on Windows, Linux, Mac and other supported operating systems. There is no need to compile the program for each platform, which is one of the biggest advantages of the Java Programming Language.

Will Java still be used in 2024?

In the job market you will find many jobs for Java programmers having good experience. As a fresher you can learn Java and then join companies looking for the freshers. On the job you can work on Java based projects and keep updating your skills by learning new technologies. So, learning Java and preparing for the jobs in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and beyond is a good idea for the freshers. After learning Java you can learn other programming languages very fast.

Java is easy to learn, but requires consistent effort and a lot of practice to master the language. You can learn Java basics in a week but you have to practise a lot to master the language. You also have to learn JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Spring Framework and so on to become productive. Start learning Java at the Beginners Java Tutorials section. You may also check a detailed introduction to Java programming on our website.

What is Java?

Java is a popular Object Oriented Programming language first released in May 1995 at Sun Microsystems. First version of Java/JDK was released as JDK 1.0 on January 23, 1996.
Java is a high-level programming language which is based on the Object Oriented Programming principles. Java was developed to bring an easy to learn, high-level Object Oriented Programming language that hides the complexities of C++. Java is class-based, general-purpose programming that works on the write once and run anywhere (WORA) paradigm. Check the section: What are the prerequisites for learning Java?

Java is an interpreted programming language, Java code is written in a text file with the .java extension. This file is then compiled into bytecode by the Java Compiler. The by code (.class) file is finally executed on the host machine by the Java Interpreter. Check the working of Java Program at Learn Java Quickly tutorial page.

Why is Java Important?

Java is very important as a general purpose programming language which is used to develop applications such as Server Side application, GUI application, Mobile applications and other business applications. Initially Java was developed to create applications for the Internet. Java Applet was developed to write applications for running in a web browser. Although Java Applet is deprecated in Java 9 in 2017 and removed now from the main Java releases. Applet support is removed from the HTML 5 and due to this Java Applet API is not available in latest Java versions.

Java is a very popular programming language and it runs on more than 1 billion computers and 3 billion mobile phones. Java is used to develop applications for the mobile applications running on the Android Operating system.

Java is a very powerful language which is used to build applications for a number of devices and platforms. Java can be used to develop applications for computers, servers, laptops, embedded devices and for the cloud computing environment.

Java is also used to develop applications for data processing for Big Data and cloud environments. For example Java is used to develop programs that run on the Apache Spark framework. Apache Spark is an in-memory distributed computing environment, which is being used in the large-scale data processing.

Java Swing is used to develop GUI based applications for Windows, Linux and MacOSX operating systems. This API allows you to create GUI using forms, lists, tree, calendar etc for a business application. Learn to create GUI applications in Java at Java Swing Tutorials section.

Java is different from JavaScript: There is similarity in the name but Java is very much different from JavaScript. Java is object oriented programming language which runs on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JavaScript is a scripting library which runs in the web browser and is mostly used to develop the interactive web ui for the website. Learn JavaScript by visiting the JavaScript tutorials section on our website.

Here are the importance of Java Programming Language:

Java is Versatile: Java is a versatile programming language and it is used successfully to create a wide variety of applications for accomplishing different types of tasks.

Java write once run anywhere programing language: Java programming language and platform is very portable and once developed it can run on many different supported platforms. For example you can develop your Java program on Windows and after testing you can package your application to run on Windows, Linux, MacOS or any other supported platform. Read this article: 5 Reasons Java is Still a Great Language to Boost Your Career Prospect as a Programmer.

Java is Scalable Programming Language: Java can be used to develop small as well very complex applications to run businesses. Developers are using Java for large-scale mission critical web and server applications. Check Top 13 Frameworks that Java Web Developers Should learn for developing highly scalable applications.

Java is Highly Secure Programming Language: Java is Object Oriented Programming language and it comes with the highly secure features of OOPs programming concepts. Java comes with the access modifier such as private, protected, public and default. Such features help in developing the application with appropriate control of the data/variables and member functions. Java is the best choice by the developers for writing highly secure applications.

Large Community Support: Java is a very popular language used by a large number of developers around the world. Java is also supported by top companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google and others. You will find free online support 24x7. There are many forums where you can post your questions and you will get answers from the global community.

Where is Java Used?

Java is used in many different ways to develop applications of different types. If you have to develop the GUI for your application then you can use Java Swing API, for accessing the database you can use JDBC API. There are a large number of Java APIs for fast and easy application development.

Java is used in following ways to develop enterprise and general use applications:

  • Java is used as a preferred language for enterprise application development due to security and advanced features.
  • For development of mobile applications Java is also used as one of the best programming languages
  • Java is used to develop the backend application for the web applications. There are many jobs in the web application development using Java programming language
  • Game developers are also using Java for developing highly complex games
  • Researchers and scientists are using Java for scientific computing.
  • Java is used for the development of micro-services that can run on cloud and even on the Kubernetes clusters.

Is Java Still Relevant in 2024?

Java is still popular programming and due to its capability still relevant in 2024. Here are the highlights of the Java Programming Language for its relevance in 2024:

  • On the popularity scale Java is being used as the most preferred programming language in the world.
  • Developers are using Java for building a wide variety of applications for enterprises.
  • Java is actively developed and new features are being added to keep this programming language up-to-date.
  • The Java community is a very active community around the world.
  • Java is used for building cloud applications.
  • Java is also used for developing mobile applications.
  • Java is still popular among the Big Data and Cloud application developers.

Should I Learn Java?

If you have any of the following job requirement or you are planning to make your career in Java programming then you should still learn Java programming Language:

  • If you are planning to make your career in software development specifically in Java then you can learn programming language. You can start learning Java online from our tutorials at Java Programming Tutorials.
  • Java is used to make programs of various types. If you want to enhance the chances of getting better jobs then you should learn Java.
  • If you want to make a program that runs on multiple platforms then you can learn Java.
  • Java is used to develop highly scalable applications, in such cases Java can be used. If there are any requirements of development of highly scalable applications then you can learn Java and start developing your application.
  • Java is used to develop highly secure applications. You will be able to find many jobs having such requirements.
  • Java is a highly paid language and you should learn it to get the best paid jobs.
  • If you want to make career in complex application such as Banking/Finance applications then you should learn Java
  • Java is not going to be replaced with other programming languages, you should learn it if you want to make a better career in Software Development.
  • Java is also used to develop games, if you want to make a career in games development then you should Java also.
  • Java is also used for the development of applications for large scale data processing. If you want to make a career in Big Data then learn Java.

Will Java Programming Language be a popular language in 2024 and beyond?


Yes, Java will still be a highly used programming language in 2024, 2025 and beyond. Java is a future ready programming language which will be used by the developers in enterprise application development. Spring Framework is If you are planning to make your career in software development specifically in Java then you can learn programming language. You can start learning Java online from our tutorials at Java Programming Tutorials.a highly active project for Java Application development. Java and Spring framework is used in various types of application development. Java is heavily used in enterprise application development, Java comes with the features of development of highly maintainable application development.

Java is also used in mobile application development, in coming years Java is expected to be used in various modules of the games. There are many games which use Java for development of server-side applications.

Java is very popular for microservices development, due to recent advancement of enterprise applications, Java is being used for construction and deployment of highly scalable microservices.


Java is future ready Programming Language

With the rise of cloud computing, Java becomes a popular choice for the applications for the various cloud environments. Java is a highly portable programming language which allows the developers to develop applications once and then deploy on a cloud platform platform independently. Java is the top choice for building and deploying large-scale cloud applications.

Due to growth in mobile in recent years opened a new market for games and other mobile applications. Java can be used for the application development of Android based mobile phones. Java is also very useful for development of server side applications for mobile phones. Most web services are developed in Java for mobile applications.


Will Java still be used in 2024?

There is great demand for the development of highly secured applications, Java helps in developing such applications addressing all the security threats of recent times. Java is a good choice for secured applications.

Should I learn Java for making a career in 2024, 2025, 2026 and beyond?


Yes, you should learn Java if you are planning to make your career in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and beyond. If you are in college and doing your engineering then it's a good choice to start learning Java for making a future in software development.

  • Java is popular and future ready programming language
  • Java based jobs are highly paid
  • Java is cloud-ready and used for cloud applications
  • Java is popular in developing in highly secure applications
  • Java is used for highly scalable enterprise applications

Learning Java

Here are the best tutorials for learning Java in 2024, 2025, 2026 and beyond: