Opening a URL from an Applet

This is the example of opening a url in same window from an applet.

Opening a URL from an Applet

Opening a URL from an Applet



This is the example of opening a url in same window from an applet. This program shows that how a url is opened in same document or browser window.

In this program you will see that many features have been used for opening url from an applet. This program is using two functions in which one is init() and another is actionPerformed(ActionListener ae). Function init() is self executed when the program is loaded on the browser. In the init() function a button labeled "Google" is created and it's action is performed using the statement b.addActionListener(this) which passes the object. And all the actions are performed in the another one function actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) which gets the object ae of the ActionEvent class. Object ae tells you about the source of the event through ae.getSource() which is stored in the Button type source variable after changing the type of the retrieved event-source object and source.getLabel() gives you the caption of the button.

AppletContext has been used in this program. In fact AppletContext is the interface defines the methods, that allow an applet to interact with the context in which it runs (which is usually a Web browser or an applet viewer). And getAppletContext() is used to the reference for the AppletContext interface. To get the AppletContext of the applet getAppletContext() function can be used. We have used the function  getAppletContext.showDocument(u,"_self") that loads the web page linked to the url. In the first case the applet page will be replaced. In the second case, _self is the target which can be :

  1. "_self"   - show in current frame
  2. "_parent"   - show in parent container
  3. "_top"  - show in topmost frame
  4. "_blank"    - show in a new, top-level window
  5. "string"  - show in a frame with that string name.
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class tesURL extends Applet implements ActionListener{

  public void init(){
  String link_Text = "google";
  Button b = new Button(link_Text);

  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
  //get the button label
  Button source = (Button)ae.getSource();

  String link = "http://www."+source.getLabel()+".com";
  AppletContext a = getAppletContext();
  URL u = new URL(link);
//  a.showDocument(u,"_blank");
//  _blank to open page in new window  
  catch (MalformedURLException e){

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