Top 13 Frameworks that Java Web Developers Should learn in 2020


Top 13 Frameworks that Java Web Developers Should learn in 2020

In this article we are going to explore the top 13 frameworks that every Java Web Developer must learn in 2020 and 2021.

In this article we are going to explore the top 13 frameworks that every Java Web Developer must learn in 2020 and 2021.

Programming Frameworks: Top 13 Frameworks that Java Web Developers Should learn in 2020

In today's environment where companies are using Big Data and Machine Learning for processing vast amounts of data, many technologies are being used to accomplish this job. So, it's very important to learn many technologies and also make yourself a quick learner. If you are in the field of Java Programming it's one of the advantages for you. You may work in a multidisciplinary environment and accomplish your job with the help of more than one technology. If you are into web development using Java then you must learn the top technologies described here to better perform in your job. Here we are listing top programming technologies that you must learn and master in 2020.

If you know all the technologies described here you will be able to quickly develop the prototype of your applications. Fast prototyping is very important if you are into web applications development. Before actually developing all the Functionality of your application you can just develop the prototype of your application and once it is approved by the client you can move on to the final application development.

Top 13 Frameworks that Java Web Developers Should learn

After learning all these technologies you will have much better job prospects and you might try to get higher paid jobs with much satisfaction.

Let's see the top technologies you should learn in 2020 if you are a Java, Big Data or Apps Developer.

1) Spring Framework

Spring is an open-source, Java-based framework that is used for the development of Enterprise Java applications with ease. Spring Framework is a very powerful framework that provides libraries and configuration for easy development of enterprise grade applications quickly.

Spring Framework

Spring Framework is a module framework and each module can be used independently based on the requirement of the business. Spring Core is the based module which runs all other modules in the Spring framework. Spring Framework is a highly used framework by Java developers around the world for the development of enterprise applications for their clients. There is very high demand for Java developers having experience in Spring Framework. So, Java Developers must learn Spring Framework in 2020.

The Spring Framework makes it easy to structure applications, manage business logic and provide data access using JDBC and the JPA. Spring also enables developers to customize components to their specific application tasks. In addition, Spring provides a rich set of tooling for customizing Spring applications for development and deployment. One can include plugins to create database views, to make database calls, etc. The Spring framework also provides tools to debug and test Java applications to ensure that errors do not occur where they are not expected to. To learn more about Spring, please visit our Spring Framework tutorials section.

2) Angular 2+

This is one of the highly used JavaScript frameworks for development of UI of web applications and you should learn in 2020.

Angular 2+

Angular 2 is an open source HTML and JavaScript based framework for constructing user interfaces for the web application. This framework is feature rich and used to develop highly interactive enterprise web applications. You can use any server-side technologies with Angular 2 framework. Angular is a very powerful frontend framework that provides the support for dependency injection, declarative templates, full support for Ajax, Jquery,JSON and Javascript, which makes web UI development much easier and faster. Angular 2 framework is used to develop feature rich web interfaces for the web applications. With all these features it becomes a must to learn framework for Java Developers in 2020 and beyond. Read more at Angular Tutorials.

2) Node JS

JavaScript is a very old and popular programming language for web applications development. It is used in almost all the web applications in one or other way. Now Node JS brings JavaScript to the server-side and this framework is used for developing the server-side of the application. If you are a JavaScript developer you can use your knowledge for server side applications. NodeJS is another great framework that every Java Developer should learn in 2020 and beyond. NodeJS will be a very popular framework in 2021, 2022 and beyond. So, you should spend time learning the NodeJS framework. Now let's see what is NodeJs framework and why it's so popular?

Node JS

Nodejs is a server-side JavaScript programming language which is using Chrome JavaScript engine for running the JavaScript programs.  Node JS is used to create server-side JavaScript code which can be used to generate the dynamic content for web applications. Node comes with a large number of libraries and many development tools for easy development of web applications. You should learn NodeJs in 2020 and supercharge your career.

4) Spring Boot

Spring Boot is an open-source tool based on the Maven projects management tool and Spring Framework for Rapid application development. Spring boot uses Spring Framework including all of its modules and then adds the dependency management layer along with application booting layer for quick development of enterprise grade applications very fast.

Spring Boot

You can get started with the structure of an enterprise grade application in a few minutes. Spring boot framework handles the project dependency management automatically which is a big task while setting up a new project.

The Spring Boot framework is a must framework for the Java developers and they should learn this framework in 2020.  Read more at Spring Boot Tutorials.

5) React or ReactJS

React is another popular open source framework for developing the UI of the web applications. This framework is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and individual developers. This another most used framework for User Interface development for enterprise grade web applications.

React JS

Read more at React JS tutorials.


6) Bootstrap

Bootstrap is CSS and HTML based open-source, front-end UI application development framework. Bootstrap is a very popular open source framework used for designing the presentation layer for the web applications. You should learn the basics of this framework. This framework is used by the web designers to design the front-end for the web applications.


Bootstrap is a mobile first website designing framework which can be used to design responsive websites, which can run on mobile, tabs and desktop browsers.

Bootstrap is a CSS and HTML framework for fast and responsive website design for today’s web applications. It helps the website designers to create fast and responsive websites templates for their client which is really a great framework for modern web applications. Bootstrap is very simple to set up and an easy to use framework.

Read more at Bootstrap Tutorials.

What is the use of Bootstrap framework?

Bootstrap framework is the best and most modern CSS framework out there, with large numbers of developers and many active contributors from around the world. However, it is not only an amazing framework, but also a powerful tool to implement your own designs on the web or any other platform.

7) jQuery

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript framework for web applications and it runs in the webpage in a web browser. jQuery allows the developers to manipulate HTML components on the web page and create highly interactive UI for the web application. jQuery is able to perform HTTP requests with the backend server, post the data on the server, get data from the server and also validate your web page.


You should learn jQuery and JavaScript if you are a web developer or trying to make your career in the web application development field. What is jQuery Framework? Jquery is the JavaScript framework based on JavaScript programming language and it runs in the web browser. That's what makes jQuery so flexible and powerful, which is loved by a lot of web application developers. It's not a web application framework, but a JavaScript library which can be embedded in a Web-based website. This means you can easily write your HTML or JavaScript code and embed jQuery in it for using the features of jQuery.

Read more at jQuery Tutorials section.

8) Spring Security 5

Now we will see another very important framework of Spring stack and this is Spring Security.  This framework is very popular and used by Spring application developers to secure their Spring Framework based applications.

Spring Security

Spring Security is a powerful framework that is used for securing applications. This Java based framework is used to develop a highly customizable authentication and access-control layer for the web application. Spring security is the de-facto standard in the Java programming world for securing Spring-based applications.

Spring Security framework is used both for authentication and authorization in the Java applications. It is a must for a Java Web developer to learn Spring Security framework.

Read more at Spring Security section.

9) Apache Hadoop

Big Data is now becoming the central point in the industries for storing and processing large amounts of data. That's why it becomes really important for programmers to learn Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop in 2020 and in the coming years.

Apache Hadoop

Java developers are supposed to be able to work with Big Data technologies, which means that every Java Developer should learn Hadoop and its ecosystem technologies.

Apache Hadoop is a Big Data platform which is used to store and process large amounts of data which can’t fit into a single computer. Hadoop works in clusters where a very large number of community servers can be used and installed in a big cluster to handle huge amounts of data. Hadoop distributes the process logic on the node where data resides (data node) for faster processing of data. This way Hadoop achieves a very high parallel process of data.

Read more at Hadoop Tutorials section.

10) Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a very popular in-memory data processing engine for Big Data environment which tightly works with the underlying Big Data cluster and provides high performance while processing very high volumes of Data. Apache allows the programmers to submit the jobs on the Spark cluster, then Spark framework distributes the jobs on the executor nodes for parallel processing of data. Apache Spark also supports machine learning and AI model training on the distributed cluster. Apache Spark can also be used for the real-time inference of Data using trained machine learning models.

Apache Spark

Apache spark also supports SQL like workloads with the help of its Spark SQL library, which allows the developers to work with the large data set using SQL like query.

Apache Spark is another very popular framework that every Java developer should learn and at least master Spark Core & Spark SQL.

Read more at Apache Spark tutorials section.

11) Cordova

Apache Cordova is open source mobile application development which was formerly a product of Adobe named PhoneGap. This framework work was initially developed by Nitobi. Initially this framework was developed and maintained by Nitobi, later on Nitobi framework was purchased by Adobe Systems in 2011. After purchase of this framework Adobe rebranded it as PhoneGap for development of mobile applications. Finally Adobe released it as an open-source version of the software called Apache Cordova.

Apache Cordova

Now the project is developed and maintained by Apache foundation. The Apache Cordova is a highly popular mobile application development framework used by software programmers to build hybrid web applications for mobile devices. Developers can use CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript for development of applications.

Developers should consider learning Apache Cordova framework in case you have to work on mobile application development in near future.

12) Firebase

Firebase is another mobile and web application development framework from Google, which is used for development of both mobile and web applications. The Firebase framework platform was initially developed by an independent company founded in the year 2011. Google acquired this platform in 2014 and now this platform is offering mobile app development to the developers.


The Firebase application development framework provides a backend for Android or iOS applications. If you are moving for mobile application development then learning Firebase is very important in 2020.

Firebase is offered as a backend-as-a-service (or BaaS) that enables the developers to create mobile and web applications without having to set up their own blacked-end environment. Firebase manages its own infrastructure that developers can use for fast and easy development of their mobile/web applications. Firebase provides development toolkits that are highly scalable and capable to handle any size of load.

13) Xamarin

Xamarin is open source cross-platform mobile application development framework which is used to develop cross platform applications using C# programming language. 


You can develop applications using Xamarin framework in C# and then deploy the same application on Android and iOS devices.

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