How to read a file line by line?

Today I am going to teach you the importance of reading a file line by line. This way of reading a file will actually help you in developing better program that take less memory and CPU power.

How to read a file line by line?

What is the benefit of reading a file file line by line?

If you are developing a program in Java to read a file then you should be careful as big file may crash your program. So, the better way is to develop the program in such a way that can handle text file of any size. You never know about the file supplied by your client in the actual production environment. The file given to program for processing might be of GB's in size.

What is solution to read such a big file?

Yes, programming languages are very smart and it provides the API for handling the small as well as big files. You can easily load the complete file in memory if the file size is in MB's but for a big file new approach is to be developed.

The best solution is to read the file one line a time and then process the data in the line. Reading a file one line at a time or simply line by line uses the less resource of the computer. So, the better way is to read file efficiently and in most of the case only one line at a time.

How to read file?

What are the API in Java for reading such file?

In Java you can easily use the FileInputStream, DataInputStream and BufferedReader classes  for this purpose and make your program very efficient. You can also use the Scanner class to read the file in Java.

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File management and manipulating the files in Java programming language is now a easy task. Developers needs to understand these wide set of file handling classes and interfaces in Java. Once you are aware of these classes you can find and use the appropriate classes for writing your program.