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J2EE Interviews Question page10


  1. What is Java Message Service (JMS) ?
    An API for invoking operations on enterprise messaging systems.
  2. What is Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) ?
    An API that provides naming and directory functionality.
  3. What is Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) ?
    A set of packages that enable secure Internet communications.
  4. What is Java Transaction API (JTA) ?
    An API that allows applications and J2EE servers to access transactions.
  5. What is Java Transaction Service (JTS) ?
    Specifies the implementation of a transaction manager that supports JTA and implements the Java mapping of the Object Management Group Object Transaction Service 1.1 specification at the level below the API.
  6. What is JavaBeans component ?
    A Java class that can be manipulated by tools and composed into applications. A JavaBeans component must adhere to certain property and event interface conventions.
  7. What is JavaMail ?
    An API for sending and receiving email.
  8. What is JavaServer Faces Technology ?
    A framework for building server-side user interfaces for Web applications written in the Java programming language.
  9. What is JavaServer Faces conversion model ?
    A mechanism for converting between string-based markup generated by JavaServer Faces UI components and server-side Java objects.
  10. What is JavaServer Faces event and listener model ?
    A mechanism for determining how events emitted by JavaServer Faces UI components are handled. This model is based on the JavaBeans component event and listener model.
  11. What is JavaServer Faces expression language ?
    A simple expression language used by a JavaServer Faces UI component tag attributes to bind the associated component to a bean property or to bind the associated component's value to a method or an external data source, such as a bean property. Unlike JSP EL expressions, JavaServer Faces EL expressions are evaluated by the JavaServer Faces implementation rather than by the Web container.