Qt Jambi

Qt Jambi is an application development framework that enables Java developers to create high-end, rich client applications.

Qt Jambi


Qt Jambi is an application development framework that enables Java developers to create high-end, rich client applications. Built on the foundation of Qt ? the standard C++ framework for high performance, cross-platform development ? Qt Jambi includes an intuitive API for end-to-end application development with Java, as well as integrated development tools that increase the efficiency of Java development.

Qt Jambi is Qt

Over 12 years and four major product versions, Qt has been proven by over 4,500 companies worldwide, including Adobe, Google? and Skype?. Qt's reputation as a solid, easy to learn and use framework has been brought to Java developers through Qt Jambi.

Qt Jambi Provides An Intuitive API 

The Qt Jambi API incorporates all the functionality needed to develop high-end rich client applications for all major operating systems. The Qt Jambi API includes functions for GUI development and layout, database, multi-threading, networking, XML, and much more. Intuitive and easy to learn, the Qt Jambi API shortens learning curves and produces highly readable, maintainable code.

Qt Jambi Includes Integrated Development Tools

Qt Designer, a powerful GUI layout and forms builder, speeds the creation of high-fidelity user interfaces, while Qt Linguist allows rapid internationalization of applications. And full integration with the Eclipse IDE enables you to utilize these and other Qt Jambi development tools from within your IDE of choice.

What Benefits Does Qt Jambi Offer?

These and many other features make Qt Jambi an ideal choice for teams developing advanced rich-client applications with Java. If Java is your language of choice, or if you want to incorporate C++ and Java components into a single project, Qt Jambi can offer the following benefits:

Increased Development Efficiency

Qt Jambi increases the efficiency of rich-client Java development, and speeds time to market. Through an intuitive, easy to learn API and integrated development tools, Qt Jambi enables rapid development of native, rich client applications.

  1. Shorten learning curves, speed development and ease maintenance through the intuitive Qt Jambi API
  2. Deliver more functionality, faster and with greater precision than what is possible with other Java tools
  3. Accelerate development through integrated tools like the Qt Designer visual layout builder
  4. Harness all the benefits of Qt from the Java programming language

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Qt Jambi

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