Key Features of Docker

Docker containerization tool comes with lost of feature that makes it one of the most used tool in industry. Here in this article we are exploring the top 10 Key Features of Docker.

Key Features of Docker

Key Features of Docker - Exploring top 10 features of Docker

Docker provides lots of features. These slew of interesting features have made the platform much  attractive to the users . Some are so exquisite that drags the attention of the developers in no time. Many of these features are likely to explain the key reasons behind the popularity of Docker technology.

Now, let's examine the key features one by one.

1. Configure easily in less time

This is a developer- friendly  feature of Docker. It  helps an user  to configure the system easily and gifts a  faster application time.

One  can deploy the  code in less time and without any  complication .  Docker can operate in a wide variety of environments,. This indicates that the requirements of the infrastructure are independent of the environment of the application.

2.  Productivity is high

It offers an  increased level of  productivity because of its easing of technical configuration and a fast deployment of application.Docker helps the application to be functional  in isolated environment . it has reduced the exploitation of resources.

3. Unique Application Isolation

Docker  containers are used to run applications in isolation environment. Since each container is independent to another it allows to execute any kind of application.

4. Swarm

Docker containers enjoy a  clustering and scheduling tool called Swarm.It uses the Docker API as its front end. This characteristic of the platform  opens the opportunity to use various tools to control it. It also gives the user a benefit to control a cluster of Docker hosts as a single virtual host. This is featured as  a self-organizing group of engines which  is effective in  enabling  pluggable backends.

5. Routing Mesh

It routes  requests to a container for published ports on available nodes .  Even if there is no task is running on the node the connection remains active for the feature.

6. Excellent services

To understand the state of the container inside a cluster,  Services reveals  a list of tasks . Each task caters to  one instance of a container and  should be running . The job of Swarm is to schedule them across nodes.

7. Security Management

This feature operates  to save secrets into the swarm itself . It also  chooses to give services access to certain secrets. It  supplies  some important commands to the engine like Secret inspect, Secret create etc.

8. Easily scalable

Since the Docker  containers are lightweight, the platform earns an easy  scalability.

9. Reduction in  infrastructure and maintenance cost           

Docker offers  immediate value to the business by decreasing the cost of  infrastructure and maintenance  of  the existing application portfolio.

10. Ability to reduce the size

Docker has a high degree of  ability to reduce the size of the development. The reason is , it can provide a smaller footprint of the operating system via containers.


This vivid introspection of these top 10 Docker features has unveiled the fact why this platform stands out from the crowd and has earned enormous popularity. However, Docker is an ever-evolving pathway. More magic is waiting at the doorstep to make it more spectacular.

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