What you need to know about Docker?


What you need to know about Docker?

Are you new to Docker and looking for the common questions that you need to know about Docker then this post is for you. Here we are discussing top 10 common questions of Docker.

Are you new to Docker and looking for the common questions that you need to know about Docker then this post is for you. Here we are discussing top 10 common questions of Docker.

What you need to know about Docker? Common Doubts regarding Docker clarified

Docker is one of the most used tool these days in the software domain and its popularity is increasing fast. So, let's see the important things you should know about Docker and Docker container. This article will also clear common doubts regarding Docker platform.

The Docker is software system that is designed to run containerized applications in the system. Docker comes with the command like tool and a service to run the applications packaged in the Docker container. The process of creating, packaging and distributing Docker images and containers has undergone a great deal of evolution due to the need for containers for business and consumer-facing environments.

Q1) What is Docker and what is its purpose?

Docker is an open source stage which can be utilized to bundle, disperse and run your applications. Docker gives a simple and effective approach to exemplify applications (for example a Java web application) and any necessary framework to run that application. "Docker picture" which would then be able to be shared through a focal, shared "Docker file?. The picture would then be able to be utilized to dispatch a "Docker container" which makes the contained application accessible from the host where the Docker compartment is running.

Docker gives some advantageous instruments to construct Docker pictures in a straightforward and effective manner. A Docker container is a sort of light weight virtual machine with extensively less memory than an out and out virtual machine.

By empowering quick, helpful and mechanized operation, Docker has the impact of shortening the cycle between composing code, testing code and putting it into action. Then again, by giving a light weight compartment to run the application, Docker empowers exceptionally productive use of equipment and CPU assets.

Q2) Is Docker free to use?

Yes, Docker is free to use. But it should be kept in mind that only its basic features are available for free as for premium services that the software has to offer, one will have to pay. Thus professional developers will have to purchase the software. For its premium version, the pricing starts at 7 dollars per month.

Q3) Is Docker owned by Microsoft?

No. Docker is not owned by Microsoft but both the companies did join hands and entered into a partnership for the containerized applications to be adopted for the MTA program in Azure.

Q4) Is Docker like Virtual Machine?

Docker is not like a virtual machine as the former is based on container based technologies. While on the other hand, a Virtual Machine is based on kennel and user space of the framework of system.

Other difference is the fact that Docker can run numerous apps on one OS while a VM requires control over complete OS.

Q5) What are the prerequisites before learning Docker?

Before learning Docker, one should have good control over Linux Kernel. Since Docker was made initially for the management of Kernel. Basic experience with languages and technologies like Java, PHP, Python, NET Core or NodeJS would also be recommended.

Q6) Difference between Kubernetes and Docker?

A central contrast among Kubernetes and Docker is that Kubernetes is intended to be operated in a cluster while Docker runs on a solitary node. Kubernetes is more broad than Docker Swarm.

Q7) Which top companies make use of Docker?

Major companies that deploy Docker include: Business Insider, Oxford University Press, PayPal. Sage, Shopify, The Washington Post, Uber, Spotify, Yelp, ADP, eBay, Expedia, Groupon, ING, New Relic, The New York Time, IBM, Huawei and Stratoscale.

Q8) Why one should use Docker?

-It is a very efficient technology.
-Effortless to use and learn
-Offers wide range of tools
-Is a very compatible with software.
-Highly portable
-Gives more emphasis on application building.

Q9) Who owns Docker?

The software company was acquired by Mirantis back in 2019 with the aim of expanding Docker for "workflow of modern apps".

Q10) What is Docker Hub?

The Docker Hub is a Docker image registry with a high availability design which also facilitates the sharing of containers and docker images among many companies to work with.

Docker in Detail

  • Learn about Docker
  • About Docker
  • The team behind the project
  • What's Docker?
  • How does Docker work?
  • Docker's aim is to bring modern computing to everyone
  • How does Docker differ from other technologies?
  • Why is Docker so great?

Some of the benefits Docker brings

Now let's see some of the benefits that Docker brings into application development, building, testing and deploying into enterprise landscape.

  1. The open source nature of Docker allows developers to quickly hack things together to develop in containers, reducing any technical knowledge required.
  2. Docker encourages people to build from anywhere, even on a server, as it allows for collaboration and sharing, while encouraging the creation of applications that can run on any device.
  3. Docker allows users to do their own development in a safe environment. This makes development faster, easier, and more productive.
  4. Docker introduces the idea of "Dockerfile" in Python, allowing users to write applications that install everything they need to develop, just like a software development kit.

When and where we can install Docker?

Docker uses a Dockerfile which is self-contained and installs whatever is necessary to install docker. You can install Docker in Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, Mac any other version of Linux. Docker build is available for almost all the major operating systems available as of now. The easiest way to install one of these is to install Docker and then execute a Dockerfile.

You can also easily install Docker in cloud environment for running your applications in Docker container. Check more tutorials at Docker tutorials and examples.

Where can I download from?

The official docker website is here: http://git.io/Docker

The official Docker Hub is here: http://jenkins.io/releases/

Want to Contribute to Docker?

If you want to contribute to Docker in any way then then you contributions are welcomed here.

For bugs or questions please join our google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/docker-dev

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