Ways to make money


Ways to make money

This article explains the ways to make money online and offline.

This article explains the ways to make money online and offline.

Learn the ways to make money using spare time and little effort

There are many ways you can make money. There are some ways to make money through different business and also there are methods to make money online. This tutorial tells you about the ways through which you can make money through offline business and through online website and services in your extra time.

There many ways through which you can make easy money. People around the world are making money through offline and online work/business. This article gives you detailed information on making money online and offline.

Its easy to create blog but it takes time and effort to promote the the blog and attract visitors. Most of the people don't have time and patience to wait for long time for their blog promotion. So, many people are looking for the ways to make money quickly. Here comes the Indirect method of making money. You can earn easily and fast money through Indirect methods.

Indirect Methods of making money

There are many Indirect Methods of making money in your spare time. Here are the methods:

  • Consulting - Provide consultation to the needy business/persons.
  • Growing Offline Business - You can setup your own small business
  • Syndication  - This is also a good method.
  • Finding a Job - You can always find a good job and earn quick money
  • Work on freelance jobs
  • Help other people in their business and get paid
  • Work for some one else in your spare time
  • Sell goods in your area
  • Market some one else product in your area and earn commission
  • Provide Customer Service
  • Design and Sell T-Shirts
  • Be A Cater Waiter - This is one of the good option

Virtual Products

If you have a website or blog you can sale following products online or through emails:

  • Selling online courses
  • eBooks- Selling eBooks online through website or emails
  • Software/Plugin/Apps development - This is another good method of earning smart money if you have software development skills
  • Audio - Selling Audio track online.
  • Video - Selling Video track online through website.
  • Webinars - If you good no of visitors on your websites then you can run the Webinars and earn money
  • Running Ads on your newsletters

Physical Products

If you have website and huge no of people are coming then you can also sale physical products such as:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Books
  • Pens
  • Merchandise
  • DVDs
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Gadgets of general use
  • Sale promotional tickets

Continuity Programs for earning handsome money

Different types of users are coming online to search the information on internet. If your website is attracting tons of traffic then there is good change of selling many different types of program. Here is list of few programs:

  • Communities
  • Premium Content
  • Coaching

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing is also a good methods to earn good amount of money through online users. Here are the different ways to earn through Affiliate Marketing:

  • Marketing through Networks and social networking sites
  • Individuals Programs - Create individual network programs for marketing


Many people are earning handsome money through displaying ads on their blogs and websites. If you have website or blog with handsome traffic then you can use following programs to learn money.

  • Ad Networks - There are many advertising networks through which you can get ads on your website and earn money.
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM) - This is also a good option if you have targeted visitors on your website.
  • CPA - Lead Generation - Can be a good source of income
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) - Adsense is leading CPC network. You can display adsense ads on your website and earn money.
  • Sponsorships - Fixed Length - Also a good option for making money
  • Text Links - These days people are preferring text links as it helps in increasing the website page rank. Many people are earning good money by providing text links from their website.
  • Pay Per Post - Also a good way to earn money
  • Job Boards/Classifieds - You can work with them and get paid for your work
  • Newsletter Advertising - If you are sending newsletters to your user on regular basis than you can also place advertising message in our email and earn from your clients.
  • RSS Advertising - This is also a very good option to earn money


There are many services that you can promote through your website and earn money after doing the work.

  • Freelancing - You can find job suited to your skills and get paid after work completion.
  • Coaching - Coaching also fetches good money
  • Training - Online and Offline training is also a good option to earn money
  • Consulting - Many businesses and people are looking for the consulting, you can provide consultation and earn money.
  • Speaking - Public speaking for some one will also fetch money
  • Events - Organizing events for companies and individuals can be a good option to earn money
  • Design - You can sale your designing skills and earn money

So, there are many ways you can earn for you. Read more at Make money Online - Detailed tutorial on making money online.