Top 10 Cloud Applications for Students

Cloud applications thanks to huge proliferation of mobile internet and handheld devices are in use for multitude of purposes, particularly for accessing documents and files without depending on a fixed device and location. For study, entertainment or for communication, students are one of the major groups of users of these applications. Here we introduce top 10 cloud applications for students.

Top 10 Cloud Applications for Students

Top 10 Cloud Applications for Students

Students are the best receptors of any new idea and for that matter any new technology and so mobile applications penetrated their tech use and behavior so deeply and this is the precise reason here we focus on the cloud applications for students. If we are to name two aspects of our hi-tech environment in the recent times that changed the way we interact with the world outside, they are obviously Cloud computing and mobile applications and often they come within the same package. Most of the applications are now non-device specific and non-location specific, meaning they can be accessed from anywhere and from any device thanks to cloud based server backup. Among this array of applications that actually cover every area of our multitude of utilities ranging from professional ones to study purposes to mere delicate nostalgia concerning memory, also offers an array of applications meaningful for the tech savvy students of our age. Here are our picks on top 10 cloud applications for students.

  1. Dropbox
  2. This is an all-in-one cloud application that besides providing great file hosting service that let you connect to your email attachments, edit files, etc. For a student who requires sharing and editing notes and communicating with fellow students and professors every now and then this is really an invaluable service. Dropbox offers a 2 GB free data storage but more storage space can be availed with an extra fee. This application for its seamless performance between multiple devices and quicker, easier and smarter interface fast became one of the most popular cloud applications for students.

  3. Skype
  4. Skype is the most popular application ever to replace costly international calls and for real time video calls and conference calls there is no single application that can match with the popularity of Skype. With millions of users from every walk of life regularly using this application for variety of purposes hardly you can drop this from any list of popular applications. Having Skype means being connected round the clock through text messaging, video messaging, video calls or even through making calls in mobile phones at a reduced rate. For students living away from their family and friends for the study purpose often this application is the only means to remain connected with their heartfelt ones.

  5. Zoho
  6. To name top 10 cloud applications for students is simply impossible without this sleek, smart application that besides file hosting takes care of many aspects of personal productivity. This powerful application is best described as a fusion of Google applications and MS Office 365 and consequently it almost takes care of almost every purposive area of utility, from file editing, creating to file hosting, sharing, mail, books, notes, calendar, reminder and docs, almost everything. Though the very basic Zoho mail comes at free, every other successive application has a price tag, but once you begin to be coherent, convenient and confident with Zoho the price really seems not much compared to its encompassing package of services.

  7. SugarSync
  8. File hosting and sharing applications using cloud servers is not a new thing and there is multitude of applications to choose from in this category, but SugarSync is lot more distinct from the rest for many reasons. From music to video to photographs to docs, any type of documents and files can be stored, shared and streamed in real time through this exceptionally smarter application across all types of devices. Moreover, you can use this application to stream your music or video or photo or other files to fast upload to social networking sites using public links. The application let you upload number of files at the same time and stream media files and music at a faster speed. You can get 5 GB of free data storage initially and then according to requirement opt for more paying a little extra.

  9. Evernote
  10. How can a list of cloud applications for students can be complete without this world famous notes creating, notes saving and docs sharing application that adores almost every tech savvy student's device screen? Yes, the difference between using and not using Evernote is simply huge. As the application says of itself that it 'remembers everything' seems more than true when you can just save any of your ideas, notes, mails here under sharply defined categories and can fetch them whenever you need them. Nothing goes without a note when you have Evernote and so it is so popular among students, professionals, businessmen and even among elderly people indignant about their delicate memory.

  11. Hojoki
  12. As the cloud applications are progressing steadily to encompass our communication space and being sophisticated with every passing day to involve automatic streaming of contacts or connecting multiple contact platforms without violating the security concerns, certain applications are already trying to make them distinct with such fusion. Hojoki is a cloud based messaging application that can be mentioned under this distinct category. The application let you stream all your existing contacts and categorize and collaborate with the content and contacts in an organized manner. For students or professionals for whom remaining in touch with the contacts is part of the rigorous learning or development process, this application is a must.

  13. Box
  14. You cannot name many file hosting applications that are so exceptionally simple and effective to the boot. Truly just like its unpretentious name and simplicity using this simple application is a delight for everybody, particularly for easy-going people like students. If simplicity and user friendliness describes the application at its very core there is no doubt in respect of feature the application is not an inch behind its competitors. Storing all your files just as in a neat folder and sharing them with other Box users or sharing externally by creating links whenever and wherever you require them - is Box all about. The application is offered with a free 5GB data storage space.

  15. MediaFire
  16. In naming an array of cloud applications for students we just cannot leave a few applications that are popular among students for their typical appeal as entertainment stores. MediaFire is such an application which is particularly created focusing on the generation Y's (already Z?) entertainment mindset. MediaFire let you distribute unlimited number of files as long as the file size does not exceed 200MB. Most importantly, all uploads in this application are scanned with a BitDefender antivirus engine. The distribution process includes sending direct file links to social networking sites and emailing files through a variety of enlisted services like Outlook, vCards, etc.

  17. Flickr
  18. Sharing and storing photo files is one of the typical student specific priorities and there are lots of cloud based applications for this but nothing provides so cut to the purpose service like Flickr. With such awesome offerings such as 1TB of storage, full blown high resolution photo upload, ability to customize filters whenever you wish, professional editing tools and many more, truly Flickr is one of the best cloud based photo sharing application now.

  19. Spotify

Already with millions of subscriber's this cloud based application is way ahead of other applications that strive to offer round the clock entertainment. This is a huge music library with direct streaming from world's major music applications like Last FM, Pandora and its own Spotify radio desktop. While for listening to latest hits and all time preferred ones live streaming is the most popular option, this cloud based music library and radio application is just there to play your hot favorites and deserves a place in selecting a few cloud applications for students.