Future of Cloud Computing

With arrival of cloud computing the conventional way of computing has gone for a sea change. As per some expert opinions, it is going to be the face of future cloud computing. And hence, the future of cloud computing seems very promising. Let us have a look on what is makes the future of cloud computing so bright.

Future of Cloud Computing

The Future of Cloud Computing

With arrival of cloud computing the conventional way of computing has gone for a sea change. And this new addition in the computing is not a flash in the pan as it is going to rule the roost in the future. As per some expert opinions, it is going to be the face of future cloud computing. And hence, the future of cloud computing seems very promising.

As per some surveys conducted by leading organizations, 70% of Americans will be getting benefited from cloud and it various applications in next decades for official and personal use. And this is not an overestimate or exaggeration, as we are already using cloud and its applications in one form or another. Using email and connecting to social media through smart phones, watching movies over smart phones and uploading and accessing pictures from websites like Flicker are common examples of cloud computing in our day-to-day life.

Let us have a look on what makes the future of cloud computing so bright.

  1. Presence of Internet will boost its future: The cloud computing will becomes all the more important with the omnipresence of high-speed, broadband Internet. Slowly but steadily we are getting closer. Even airlines are offering satellite based wi-fi services in flights. In a mass drive to connect every village with Internet wireless Internet services are offered through the help of satellite, although speed is a bit slow. This increasing presence of Internet is opening new vistas in educations and healthcare. With the help of cloud computing we can use these services at a little cost.
  2. No more software updates: Most of the computer professionals loose lots of their time and efforts downloading different versions of software so that they can access the various programs and data with little efforts. Most of the softwares are on the cloud servers so you don't need to down and install for little use. So, whether you want to access emails or go through spreadsheet, it has become fun with the arrival of cloud computing. As per some estimates a sizable number of softwares will be delivered through the Internet.
  3. Hardware optional: With the arrival of cloud computing it is no longer necessary to purchase hard drives with large storage capacity, as it can be stored on cloud. So keep the fear of loosing your data away. All your data with complete back up can be stored on the cloud. So with rising popularity the computers will act as an interface to communicate with cloud Computing.
  4. Entertainment unlimited: As hardware is no more mandatory, so there is no limit on entertainment options. Uploading latest software and buying games from the market is going to be things of the past. In the future, there will be mobile 3D games to entertain your kids.
  5. Medical treatments simplified: The future of cloud computing is not confined to entertainment and gaming options as it can contribute massively in the fields of medical sciences as well. As most of the contemporary treatment require computer assistance, as data have to be searched for various things like DNA samples and other biochemical procedures and hence cloud computing is going to play its part in the most of the therapies. In addition, it will make easy the task of data processing.
  6. Weather Forecasting: It is believed that with increased level of computing coupled with improved climate models it will be lot more easy makes weather forecasts.
  7. Education for all: With lot of educational institutions offering free course material for everyone over the Internet it is here cloud computing can play a great role delivering education on the doorsteps of learners over an interface. In addition, it will be a giant leap towards digitalization of education. So what if you have not secured admission at a reputed university, you can learn various things over computer with Internet connection.
  8. Freedom from Wallets: With the advent of mobile phones the concept of traditional wallets has gone for toss. Now everything right from your contact details to your shopping related needs and you air ticket for vacations to clicking the pictures of happy moments, everything can be done by you smart phone. The cloud has made it possible. It is possible in the futures that you can store all you valuable documents like driving license and voter identity with the help of your smart phone.
  9. Paperless society? Yes, it is possible.: You have seen pile of wastepaper in the offices or dustbins full of torn paper. Now these things are going to change. There is no need to cut trees for making paper as we can do most of the transactions and communications online. And cloud computing has certainly a role to play here. Now we can book mobile tickets for concerts and moving, as most of these things are available on the cloud.
  10. No need to rub shoulders: If going to a grocery store irritates you, as it is crowded don't go there. Just get to the Internet and add things to the cart and order. The product will be delivered at your doorstep. Nowadays the shopping has gone online and cloud computing has certain role to play in the business. Are you still doubtful about the future of cloud computing?
  11. Get your location: The location services offered by some social networking sites like twitter in US and Foursquare assist helps people to locate their family and friends. With the help of cloud computing, the locations services are going to be better for sure. Now it can be used in rescuing operations to finding the location of the victims.
  12. A boon to Digital media: Arrival of cloud could be a boon for the digital media. Now independent artists and creative writer can reach to more and more peoples and thus ending the monopoly of certain media organizations. The rising competition will open the floodgates of the creative writers and digital media content providers. If all the content is not for free the users can at least find out from where to by this music or a book and thus saving their lot of time and efforts. In the coming years, buying DVD from a market and endless cue at a cinema hall is going to be obsolete.
  13. Cloud Computing: The New Age lifesaver: It may appears ridiculous and exaggerated to many but with the arrival of computing one can store the medical records on cloud in a single digital repository and one can access it from the any part of the world. And you don't have to lament that you have left you all medical records behind. Do you think it is possible to ECG, X-rays and blood test report while you are heading for a vacation? Enjoy your life on the vacation and in the case of some medical emergency you can access it by pressing some keys on keyboard and clicking the mouse.
  14. A new age safety system: With the help of cloud computing, records of cars including number. Driving license and address detail of the owner can be stored on the cloud in case the car is stolen one and recovered by some security agency in far off locations, they can instantly inform the owner of the car. It also lessens the burden of the various police and security organizations in a given region. Like wise complete details of all the population of a county that including Fingerprint and DNA records can be given. It will help recruiters in doing background checks before giving employment to candidates. It will help reduces theft and misconduct in some cases.
  15. An efficient tool in disaster management: With improved location services the disaster management team find it easy to help the victims in the time of emergency. As we all know the golden hour is wasted in finding the locations of the victims. This facility will prove a boon in helping those in the need. Most of the times, when an aircraft meets an accident, it is hard to find the location of the wreckage of the aircraft. The cloud computing in conjunction to Satellite and aerial imagery can help find the location in a very short span of time and thus saving lot of time and effort of manual search done by security agencies.
  16. Now everyone is entrepreneur: With arrival of cloud anyone can turn entrepreneur. It provides easy solution to various IT problems faced by of new startups. For example if you have a particular skill on display you can give it on cloud and likewise the artist can give samples of their art on YouTube, where they can find numerous potential takers for their skill.

In addition, the role of cloud computing is set to increase in areas like warfare and new age gizmos and gadget in addition to various home appliances. Most of us often get trapped in traffic congestion on the road with improved technology one can find a path to avoid traffic snarls. Are you still cynic about the future of cloud computing?