Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing

Import of Cloud Computing in Disaster Recovery of entire system.

Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing

Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing

In this section we are discussing about Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing environment. Business are using Cloud Computing environment to store the data. The Cloud computing environment provides ideal solution for data backup, data management, and data recovery in the event of disasters. It also provides fast recovery and multi-site availability of the software system at very minimal cost.

Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing

There are many advantages of Cloud computing:

  • Very cost effective
  • Rapid provisioning of the system
  • Scalability
  • High availability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast recovery of system
  • Easy deployment

Why Disaster Recovery is easy in Cloud Computing?

In Cloud Computing virtual servers are created using virtualization technologies, which makes it easy to copy the entire virtual server, including latest patches, data, setting and then move it to new server. So, in event of some disaster, the latest backup can be used to run the system.

Virtual servers are hardware independent, and it can be safely and accurately transferred from one data center to another data center. It provides very good solution to the business.

Virtual servers allows to copy the entire environment and run as it on another Cloud Environment.

If more processing power is needed, then more CPU's and ram can be allocated easily without any downtime.

These days data centers are providing complete solution for backup and fast recovery. Its also helps the companies to configure remote network backup of the production server.

The Cloud Computing provides tons for benefits in Disaster recovery.