Best Cloud Computing Applications for Small Business

Cloud computing for some years has almost become the buzzword that given the widespread publicity it received thanks to numerous hand-held computing devices and upsurge of applications seems almost a unstoppable force which is going to define many trends. Here best cloud computing applications for small business besides the much publicized benefits of cloud environment in cutting cost, developing more competent end to end customer service based on the real time access of data, etc.

Best Cloud Computing Applications for Small Business

Cloud computing for some years has almost become the buzzword that given the widespread publicity it received thanks to numerous hand-held computing devices and upsurge of applications seems almost a unstoppable force which is going to define many trends and bring forth great changes in the business use of computing. In relating here best cloud computing applications for small business besides the much publicized benefits of cloud environment in cutting cost, developing more competent end to end customer service based on the real time access of data, etc. we also should orient ourselves with some of the pitfalls of cloud environment like security flaws, lack of integration and less reliability. These pitfalls though are expected to be addressed in the coming days with comprehensive development in the cloud applications and technology at least for now in selecting some of the best cloud computing applications for small business we look as for where and to what extents these produce minimum vulnerability.


Many say that this cloud environment and wide array of computing applications is much more hyped than its actual performance, maybe true in multiple regards, but there are a few applications that always stood out to prove you wrong and Evernote is one of them. This simple, easy navigation friendly application that allows the user to store text, photo, voice and almost everything and access them from multiple device from anywhere with rapid synching, has already been widely popular and undoubtedly deserves to be named as one of the best cloud computing applications for small business.

Google Drive

Undoubtedly if you are considering versatile cloud storage with great synching properties between multiple devices Google Drive has no alternative. With a 5GB storage capacity this application is ideal for small businesses as it seamlessly synchs with all Google applications and various sources of data in a small organization can be accessed by seamless synching between devices and browsers of employees.


In spite of its famous limitations of supporting platform Apple Inc. is still considered to have a niche position in the cloud environment considering its superb synchronization and almost unmatched interface for and type of data access and computing. iCloud, Apple's all in one access cloud application can seamlessly connect your telephone data, photos, audio or other media files, unfinished notes or anything in a Apple device from other Apple devices or even from Windows desktop using desktop application or directly through web.

Adobe Connect

Though this cloud based application for web conferencing is costlier than many others in the same niche Adobe Connect offers widest range of features and tools to engage in conferencing that can suit both small business and medium category enterprises. This application is also considered to have most customizable conferencing facility for any enterprises or business establishments.

SalesForce Pro

Among the so called best cloud computing applications for small business certain applications have already considered having a niche segment and are more expertise driven than others. SalesForce is continuing to dominate the CRM segment with its most great offerings that cover almost all types of business environments ranging from SMBs to large companies. The professional edition is much more advanced with feature rich maneuverability that perfectly suits every enterprise. Some of the great features of this great application include custom dashboards, email marketing, sales forecasts, real time data sharing, business reporting and analytics and many more.


This web based file hosting service is already in popularity outnumbered most of the cloud application that provides easy file sharing depending on synchronization among multiple devices. From simple text files to big audio or video files all kinds of files can be shared through this application.


Can you imagine Windows administrator to be in the cloud to be accessible in multiple gadgets at the same time? Yes this great application is almost just like that. Exchange, Office, SharePoint and Service links all being at one place and managing a windows environment based on cloud perform, this application is bound to give you a unique windows experience that is easier yet more synchronized between different devices.


Small businesses or entrepreneurs do not always have the required infrastructure or dedicated professional to manage payroll of the employees and in that niche segment Payscale can offer a completely web based payroll service that can relieve the concerns over infrastructure and professional manageability of payroll service in small enterprises.


Among the best cloud computing applications for small business this human resource or talent hiring application is by far the best in its category. It is actually a one window alternative to applying all human resource tool for hiring a professional. From application processing to background checking to questionnaire to testing of candidates, you find all necessary tools at one place.


Isn't accounting one of the major area of continuous involvement and concern in small businesses and enterprises? There are plenty of accounting and billing applications for making the accounting convenient for small business owners, but no application is loaded with such quick and easy interface and features as FreshBooks. Through this application the access to your business data is available in a variety of devices and it features a lot of options like tracking expense, time, online payments, accounting reports and taxes. Late payment reminders to customizing invoices or managing profit and loss reports, this application can address all your diverse accounting needs in a small business environment.


For new start-ups, initiatives to advanced level businesses real time collaboration is very important, especially for project management and in this regard this great application can dutifully serve number of objectives that are crucial for short term or long term objectives of business project. Management of all To-do lists, files, messages, schedules, special dates, discussion to updating all can be done in real time through this cloud application.


There are tons of online video conferencing applications on the web all of whom have high claims on their easy to navigate interface and features, but truly if you consider a high definition video chat, conferencing application then GoToMeeting has no one to compare.


For small and medium sized business and enterprises managing work flow and jobs is quite an important as well as crucial task that determines their success in achieving business goals and this application with lot of business ready features allows employees and management to track time, schedule of orders, invoices and manage jobs in real time. This application also let you measure the productivity of your workforce very effectively.


There is no accounting application in the cloud environment till date that has been as widely popular as QuickBooks. This all in one bundle application provides for practically all accounting needs, ranging from creating invoices, tracking expenses to tracking cash flow. The application also came with advanced feature for more specific business needs.



There is not much 'one size fits all' type of applications in the cloud space that can provide comprehensive business solution through varied enterprise specific tools and features and this is precisely the reason why SageOne in just quick time became so popular an application. From invoice to tracking projects to expense management to workflow maintenance, it's a one solution for complete business process. With 5GB data storage facility the application is a must-have in small business environments.


Though by many it is considered as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, but actually it is even better than that. Basically it is a cloud based application with email and groupware functionality that also includes a VMware Appliance for much easier deployment on private cloud making it by many standards a unique application and consequently is considered as one of the best cloud computing applications for small business.



OfficeTime as its name suggests is typically an application that takes care of the rush office hours and it continues to record billing hours as you proceed in your work and based on the record produces invoices and reports. This application is unique in recording billable time as you continue your work making this application truly one of the best cloud computing applications for small business.



Until a few years back for small businesses customer service management with integrated all in one bunch process was rather a luxury, but in the era that followed with some of the best cloud computing applications for small business even small businesses or enterprises can option of real time communication with state of the art customer relationship management application like Zendesk. With online help desk platform and automated voice support Zen desk is really a great application for enterprise level, on demand customer service.


This mind blowing application which is backed by technology giant NASA is different from so called bulk lot of Cloud computing applications in many regards. OpenStack consists of two separate technologies, respectively as Compute and Object Storage. While the first one is basically to set up a separate cloud environment, the second one is to create the cloud based storage. This application by many considerations is much advanced and incorporates many elements that are yet not part present day cloud offerings.



This is not just one of the many accounting applications available in cloud environment, but rather an application that besides providing comprehensive accounting solution for small business establishments also caters to plan the resources of an enterprise to achieve specific business goals.



Ksshoo is a great accounting application to cater to diverse accounting needs befitting small business and enterprises. Some of the key features that made this application so popular include connecting and transacting online through bank accounts and credit cards, invoices, separate category of income and expenses, reporting of taxes and finally simple dashboards.


When in cloud based environment sharing information and access to data from multiple devices is increasingly becoming easier, security and integrity is a constant concern and with DocuSign that offers online signing of documents to manage authorship and comprehensive management of users, this concern can be far better addressed along with superb document sharing features on a cloud environment.



In many business process day to day use of forms and the management of the data filled in them is an area that requires considerable back office trouble and database management and for such business needs FormMobi is just the perfect solution on offer. FormMobi either both on web, android or ios platforms and on all sorts of devices can quickly create neat and well designed forms that perfectly address your requirement of set of information. Filling up forms quickly on a mobile computing device and sending them directly to a cloud based database can really provide many small enterprises great sigh of relief, especially those who depend heavily upon field executives and their filled up data.



After the phenomenal success of application for a comprehensive customer relationship management was rather uncontested for a quite long time, but this great application which by many standards is even better and is an answer to that uncontested area. This application which can run on multiple platforms like Linux, Microsoft, iOS, Android has a heavyweight client list like Coca Cola, Avis, Go Daddy, etc.


Name any application that is specific to the accounting requirement of ecommerce business and undoubtedly you would stumble upon this superb application. Keeping track of sales and finance with this simple accounting tool can even be managed by a half professional and naturally this accounting tool deserves to be among the best cloud computing applications for small business.



Bump is an example of how far a cloud based application coupled with today's light mobile devices can go in brilliance. Instead of sharing visiting cards or contact information this application allows the small business owners to share about their contact information and about business just through virtual visiting card. With Bump active on your screen just bumping two smart phones together the information is exchanged between two. Sounds obviously like a magic and that is precisely the reason that it is an invariable choice in selecting best cloud computing applications for small business.



Xero is a wonder cloud application that is endowed with some surprising features loved by small entrepreneurs of all categories. Xero apart from general accounting platform let you see the cash flow in real time. There is an inbuilt dashboard with this application that let you see the bank details, invoices, claims and expenses and surprisingly enough, all in real time.

Zoho Creator

Database management and customized database is always an area of concern for most small businesses as procuring professional database administrator and infrastructure like SQL server always comes with a premium on the running cost and this is the precise reason why cloud based database management applications like Zoho Creator are increasingly being popular among small entrepreneurs or business establishments. Zoho Creator is unique in many regards, especially because this feature rich application can be handled even by a non programmer professional to maintain database in a most sophisticated way.



Online marketing for small business owners is truly an important area of consideration and Localvox is an application to address that need. With this application you can seamlessly market your products and slowly can establish your brand name as this application enables you to release public news, events and deal announcements through many channels, social media, local search engines and directories, websites and newsletters.



This is a Google application that created lot uproar in small enterprise market. Talkbin is typically a simple yet effective application that provides a platform for anonymous sharing of opinions and feedback regarding a service and product. With this easy application small business houses can always intuitively be in touch with their clients as this application allows the customers to share their opinion regarding the service, product or any point of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a simple anonymous text massage.


Business travel tends to be more and more frequent these days, even for a small business traveler and in case of a very hectic schedule your travel itinerary should be managed in a more professional way and that is precisely what is done by the comprehensive on the go application of Tripit. Besides travel itinerary management it also provides weather updates, map and on-the-go directions to make your travelling experience lighter like a gust of wind.



This simple yet intuitively built application is a work management tool that not only takes care of work projects and information but also personal projects and schedule in a superb interface that is easy to navigate even for a beginner in such environment of cloud applications.