What is Cloud Hosting?

What is Cloud Hosting? What is the benefits of Cloud Hosting?

What is Cloud Hosting?

What is Cloud Hosting?

In this section we will discuss about Cloud Hosting. We are explaining "What is cloud hosting?" and why it is so hot these days?

In recent years Cloud Hosting is in demand due to many features it offers. Features of Cloud Hosting include low cost of ownership, cost effectiveness, fast provisioning and easy backups of data.

These many companies are offering Cloud Hosting services which include many features such as Pay on hourly or fixed cost basis, easy addition/removal of resources in your hosting account. It supports almost all the operating systems and softwares. You can install windows, Centos, Redhat Linux, Windows XP etc... on your account. The technical team of Cloud Hosting companies will provide you round the clock technical support.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The Cloud Hosting is a type of web hosting where your server (Virutal server) is provisioned and runs on the Cloud Computing environment. In this type of hosting you can scale-up and scale-down your server instantly. It provides all the features of a dedicated server plus the feature of scaling-up and scaling-down easily. For example you have started with a small website and when your customer base increases; you can easily add more computing resources to your server to handle more users.

Here you don't have to buy or rent a complete dedicated server, you just have to rent the required resources from the cloud computing environment. You can scale your server at any time.

Here the benefits of Cloud Hosting:

  • Fast provisioning
  • Almost all the operating systems are supported
  • Easy scaling up of the server resources
  • Easy scaling down of the server resources
  • Pay only for what you use
  • In case of hardware failure, your Hosting environment will continue to run as it is the responsibility of Cloud computing to use another server without any downtime.
  • The cloud computing technology is highly scalable

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting:

The Security is the major concern in the Cloud Hosting environment. You will never know the physical location of your data in Cloud Computing environment.

Future of Cloud Hosting:

The future of Cloud Hosting is bright. People are using Cloud Hosting to host their websites and web applications. The Cloud Hosting is cheaper and can be provisioned quickly.