What is Cloud Computing?

In this section we are describing Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

In this section we will understand the Cloud Computing. These days every one is talking about Cloud Computing and trying to implement the Cloud Computing to solve their business problem. These days businesses are moving their software on the Cloud Computing environment. They are now distributing the responsibility of managing the resources to the Cloud computing vendors. Cloud computing vendors are now responsible for management of hardware and software.

What is Cloud Computing?

The Cloud Computing is another revolution in Internet technology. In very simple terms Cloud Computing is delivery of pooled network resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage, Software over the web. These services can be rapidly provided and released on demand. These days hosting companies are providing cloud servers, cloud storage, software hosted on the cloud environment. Cloud computing helps the business to get the required computing resources at very minimal cost. Once the work is done you can release the Cloud resources. You will be charged only for your usage. This ways business can save lot of money.

The Cloud Competing is mostly used to provide the virtual servers to the client. The Cloud hosting services is good for small as well as big businesses. You can even go for hosted exchange, hosted email, hosted accounting services. You can purchase these services on demand.

You can use Cloud computing environment and pay on the basis of resource usage. The Cloud computing companies are also providing cloud resources and charging Fixed monthly costs.

Components of Cloud Commuting environment

Server Hardware

Most companies are using high end servers to make Cloud computing environment.

Cloud OS

The Cloud OS is installed on the hardware. Cloud OS allows the companies to distribute and manage the resources of the Cloud system. It also provides the control panel to see the status of the over all system.

Some of the Cloud OS are eyeOS, VMware Cloud Operating System, icloud, Cloudo, Cornelios etc...

Cloud Computing

With the help of utilities provided by Cloud OS you can create virtual server for your clients. Your client can login and use the allocated virtual server/resources.

You can increase and decrease the resource usage by client.

Cloud Computing is growing fast and companies are taking full advantage of the services provided by Cloud computing.