Cloud Server Hosting

This article discusses about Cloud Server Hosting.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

This section discusses about Cloud Server Hosting. You will understand the features and benefits of Cloud Server Hosting. After reading this article you will be able to find best Cloud Server Hosting services.

The Cloud Server Hosting is a type of web hosting which is done on the Cloud Computing servers. Cloud Server Hosting provides all the benefits of Cloud computing environment. Many people are using Cloud Server Hosting to run web site and web applications. The best benefits of Cloud Server Hosting is that it is highly configurable and client can specify the disk space, RAM, CPU, bandwidth etc. These days Cloud Server Hosting is affordable and can be provisioned quickly.

You can also take the backup of full VM and move to another server. Data backup and disaster recovery process is highly advanced and much easier in case of Cloud Server Hosting.

You can install any OS on your Cloud Hosting environment. All the hosting account support major hosting management panels such as CPanel, Plesk, etc. You can also install software of your choice in your VM.

Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting:

  • Powerful tools for manage hosting - Hosting account comes with powerful tools to manage the virtual server
  • Easily scalable - Server's can be scaled real-time.
  • Affordable - You can choose your server configuration based on your requirement. So, you will be paying only for the resource you use.

Technical features:

  • The Cloud computing environment consist of multiple servers. The processing load is distributed across the servers. So, it give high performance.
  • Load balancing of the servers, which provides high performance and data security.
  • High availability of servers
  • Fast provisioning of account using pre-configured OS

Configurable resources:

You can configure the following resources as per our requirement.

  • CPU Allocation
  • RAM
  • Hard Disk Selection
  • Operating System
  • Bandwidth (p/m)
  • Hosting panel
  • Antivirus

Since in Cloud Computing resources are shared among the hosting account efficiently, it saves lot of Electricity. So, it helps to keep the environment clean.