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Professional Web Design Services For You Web Site


Seeking the services of a professional designer

If the content of your website is such that it requires art work then it becomes essential for you to consult a professional designer and tell him your requirements, he will in turn give you a rough sketch of the proposed work. However there are also some guidelines to the use of graphics on the web. If they are followed then it will definitely improve the readability and insure better user response for your website.

Some of the points that need to be kept in mind are as follows:

  • There should be a limited use of graphics especially those that are full page because the amount of time that they require to load on the page irritates the user easily.
  • The inclusion of flow charts and unique captions along with process diagrams gives the feeling of professionalism as well as well researched content which can be easily understood and used by the user.
  • The use of screen captures can make the product more user friendly and therefore their use is recommended.
  • It is always ethical and professional to add a note which explains that if a particular graphic is unclear or is not interactive then this screen has occurred due to some user action.

You can always consult any online guide to web styles also as there is a lot of information available which can also save you the cost of consulting a professional web designer but provided the fact, that you have the required software knowledge. If the graphics are precise and not too complicated then the user is bound to come back to your website for further reference definitely as he will be hooked on to your presentation style and capturing the user interest is always the primary aim.

When you seek a designer you need to keep a few points in mind. You should always check his references and the previous work he has done. Then also negotiate about the payment terms with him and fix deadlines and see that they are met by him.

Look into it that he consults you regularly with the rough designs he has prepared before finalizing anything so that you can always get the changes done according to your needs.

The basic points that need to be kept in mind about a website design are that there should be a balance between visual sensation and graphic information. The combination of shape, color and contrast is what is going to make the pages interesting

The basic constraints that you will encounter are the restrictions of HTML and things like access, slow modems, bandwidths etc. Thus the job of a good designer is to work around these hindrances and give you the final design which will convince your users that your website offers them timely, accurate and precise information that can be used by them.

There should be optimal visual and functional continuity in your design because that will simplify the navigation process and reduce all sorts of errors. Frames should be handled carefully as they can easily confuse the users who require the information to be printed or book-marked.

The page layout depends upon a lot of things in the web. This is because the web is a fluid medium unlike a printed document and should cater to the needs of various users. The layout of a page depends upon background color settings, resolution, display size, the height and width of the display window etc, available fonts, software preferences etc.

There could also crop up accessibility issues regarding the presentation of some particular type of content and also accessibility of your website for people with physical disabilities too. Especially those people who use assistive technologies to gain access to web pages. The most problematic thing for users who are blind is particularly the layout tables as they might be using software that reads out the content aloud or Braille display. The solution is to use CSS instead of layout tables and to control spacing and create columns.

These specifications are for those whose websites are catering to people from all walks of life, people with special needs too i.e. 

You can get the best from your designer provided you know your basics well and plan in advance and not make last minute changes which could directly affect the entire design of the web site.