Ajax Whois

ajax whois

Ajax Whois

The Ajax Whois is a web-based tool; it follows the web 2.0 standard. Ajax Whois is used to find the availability of domain name provided by you.

URL of the Tool


Detail description

The Ajax Whois is used to find the domain name availability. You need to type the desired domain name and this tool shows you the availability in two below extensions:

  • .net (dot net)

  • .com (dot com)

Shortcuts of tool

The shortcuts are given below

  • CTRL+S: Save the current query to My Favorites

  • CTRL+. : Perform a WHOIS query on the domain name currently being searched (aliases: CTRL+1, CTRL+/)

  • ESC: When the WHOIS window is open, you can simply hit ESC to close it.


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Ajax Whois

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April 18, 2012

sir actually can u send me the full fledged knowledge program for Ajax